Canadian clients moving to Arizona - Working with Canadians


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Canadian clients moving to Arizona - Working with Canadians

  1. 1. WORKING WITH CANADIAN CLIENTSWHEN YOUR CANADIAN BUYERS HAVE A QUESTION, HERES WHERE TO GO FOR THEANSWERS:INSURANCE - CLARK SANCHEZ is the agent to see for insurance on a vacation home or an investment home in Arizona. Experience counts I Clark has been providing for the insurance needs of Canadian (and American) owners in Arizona since 1980. Because his wife Charlotte, was born in Canada (Saskatoon), he has already helped hundreds and hundreds of Canadians with their Arizona insurance needs. Canadians think Americans are lawsuit happy, and maybe theyre right. Clark can give Canadians higher liability protection at a very affordable cost. Most Canadians jump at the opportunity to have $2, $3, $4, or even $5 million of liability coverage, for only a few dollars more. And, unlike some other insurance companies, no credit report is required or used and no USA social security number or TIN number is needed. Contact CLARK SANCHEZ at (602)803-2179 or Toil-Free From Canada: 1-800-705-9575HOME LOANS FOR CANADIANS - Many Canadian home buyers start by paying cash when they buy, but some would go with a traditional home mortgage loan if they could only find one. Others might prefer to purchase with cash, and then obtain a mortgage loan later, when there is no pressure to meet a closing date. The problem is, the majority of home fenders do not make home loans to Canadian citizens. The solution to this problem is KIRKANDERSON from BNC National Bank. Here is a Lender and Senior Mortgage Consultant with four decades of experience that can help. BNC National Bank is making home loans to Canadian citizens and KIRK can help with information and answers. Single family or duplex homes are "no-problem," but what if youre thinking about a vacation condo or townhome? KIRK has loans for most townhomes, patio homes, and condo units, too. Terms and conditions for loans do change, so it is always a good idea to talk to KIRK and discuss your plans early. Contact KIRK ANDERSON at (602) 508-3777 or Toll-Free From Canada: 1-877-262-4050 Ext 3777EXCHANGING THOSE CANADIAN DOLLARS INTO U.S. DOLLARS - Would your Canadianbuyer be interested in saving money? A dedicated foreign currency exchange trader can help.And planning ahead can result in a savings of possibly 1 to 4% in fees and expenses when yourbuyer exchanges his purchase money. If there were a 3% savings on a $250,000 home, thats a$7,500 savings. Think of the HERO youll be with your buyer ! ! FIRMA Foreign Exchange has 8offices across Canada with their headquarters in their Edmonton office. Maybe youve workedwith or know the name Dalibor Brkic? He has helped many Canadian buyers exchange theirmoney for an Arizona home purchase, but he is no longer with FIRMA or in that business. Hisclients and contacts in Arizona are now being taken care of by CINDY SEIDL. Cindy has beenwith FIRMA for years and is ready to answer questions and help you or your clients. Contact CINDY SEIDL at: or Toll-Free at 1-877-423-2217. And remember when calling, the time right now is the same in both Alberta and Arizona.