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Welcome to our School in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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  1. 1. AISProject by Laima and Damen
  2. 2. What our school may offer• Our school has many opportunities:• Art• Music• After school activities• Good equipment• Library• PE• Students of different nationalities
  3. 3. ART• Great art room, filled with thumbs and art supplies.• Very big• Very talented teacher, Ms. Rajput• Assistant Camilla
  4. 4. Music• Many different instruments (guitars, pianos, drums, saxophones, trumphb one• Huge room, a lot of chairs• Natural light (many windows)• Sound proof• Risers
  5. 5. Music Room
  6. 6. After school activities• Basketball• Soccer• Volleyball• Tennis• Fitness• Tutorials (upgrade grades, extra work, etc.)• Dances
  7. 7. Equipment• Projectors• Smart boards• Workout equipment• Computers• Laptops• Mobile computer station• Scientific equipment
  8. 8. Library• Big variety of books• Dewey Decimal classification system• Quite calm reading space• Children’s reading area• tV’s, dVd’s• Computers• Destiny catalogue to search for books
  9. 9. Student of different nationalities
  10. 10. Turkey
  11. 11. Kazakhstan
  12. 12. Saudi Arabia
  13. 13. Latvia
  14. 14. South Korea
  15. 15. Lithuania
  16. 16. Canada
  17. 17. USA
  18. 18. Holland
  19. 19. AIS has 13 buses
  20. 20. Come and study in our amazing school !