Paying college athletes


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Paying college athletes

  1. 1. Michael Kauvaka
  2. 2. College Athlete A college athlete is defined as an amateur level athlete that is not paid in salary but provided for by scholarships.
  3. 3. Scholarships Average around $200,000 per year Pays for:  Food  Housing  Tutors/ Extra help  Travel  Tuition  Books
  4. 4. The Question What would happen if the NCAA allowed college’s to pay students?
  5. 5. NCAA Rule on PayingAthletes2. Amateurism – All Sports. a. You are not eligible for participation in a sport if you have ever: (1) Taken pay, or the promise of pay, for competing in that sport. [Bylaw 12.1.2]
  6. 6. Athlete Problems Athletes complain that their scholarships are not enough to cover the cost of attendance. Athletes think that there are not compensated enough for what they do for the colleges.
  7. 7. Scholarship-Not Enough Most athletes get close to $200,000 a year from their scholarships. It doesn’t cover all the necessities because most money goes towards tuition. Athletes end up going to coaches for food or money.
  8. 8. Marketing Compensation Athletes want to be paid for people wearing their jerseys. The athlete brings value to the product, therefore the athlete needs to be compensated.
  9. 9. Time Athletes cant get a job because football is their job. Athletes spend about 44hours a week on football and 40 hours on in school or studies.
  10. 10. Scholarship Is Enough A scholarship is covers everything an athlete needs to survive. Athletes use extra money for useless things.
  11. 11. Its In the Contract In a athlete’s contract, it states that the school owns their image and may market it in anyway they want.
  12. 12. Stop Whining Athletes are there to play football and go to school. They agreed to the terms and shouldn’t complain.
  13. 13. Chaos If colleges could pay athletes, it would not only be with the athletes that attend there now, but also for the athletes in high school There would be a giant race, with unfairness to schools with less money, in basically hiring high school athletes.
  14. 14. Possible Solutions Pay athletes for the cost of attendance with there scholarship to help living conditions Compensate athletes for their image. No one owns someone else anymore. Athletes wont need time to earn more money if you pay the cost of attendance. Keep the NCAA rule about not paying or promising pay for students.
  15. 15. Final Thoughts Athletes have the right to be compensated for their own image, it would basically count as a side job. Strict limits on how much athletes get need to be placed so athletes can spend money wiser. Athletes shouldn’t get paid money to play, they should get paid in education so that the make a living some day.