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A Primer on Vehicle Defects


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The Most Common Safety-Related Defects

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A Primer on Vehicle Defects

  2. 2. WHEN DRIVER ERROR ISN’T THE PROBLEM While most vehicle-related injuries are caused by driver error, it’s not always distraction or impairment that poses a threat to motorists. Vehicle defects have become a major concern for drivers, especially since the number of vehicle recalls has grown in recent years. In the pages that follow, we’ll look at the growing trend of recalls, examples of common safety defects and how manufacturers can be held accountable for selling defective parts. 972-426-2621
  3. 3. A TROUBLING TREND IN THE AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2016 was a record-breaking year for the automobile industry, but not in a good way. More than 53 million vehicles were covered in 927 separate recalls, representing a steadily climbing trend over the past several years. That number alone is concerning, but just as worrisome is the fact that nearly one-third of all recalled vehicles in the United States remain unrepaired. 972-426-2621
  4. 4. WHAT THESE STATISTICS TELL US ABOUT VEHICLE SAFETY There are many ways to interpret the massive increase in the number of annual recalls. Are our monitoring and recall systems more effective? Are vehicle manufacturers making less reliable vehicles? It’s also worth asking whether manufacturers are effective in notifying consumers of defects to make sure they get the necessary repairs. The fact that 30 percent of recalled vehicles go unrepaired is a strong indicator that they are not. 972-426-2621
  5. 5. UNDERSTANDING DEFECTS AND RECALLS Not all vehicle recalls are related specifically to safety, though the ones that make the biggest headlines, such as the Takata airbag or GM ignition switch recalls, typically carry the potential to cause harm to motorists. Likewise, a defective part isn’t necessarily part of a broader recall. A recall is often the result of several complaints, incidents of injury or death and reviews by regulators or manufacturers. In other words, when it comes to vehicle defects, recalls are only part of the story. 972-426-2621
  6. 6. COMMON EXAMPLES OF FAULTY VEHICLE PARTS  Tires  Brakes  Airbags  Steering mechanisms  Ignition switches  Headlights 972-426-2621
  7. 7. DESIGN FLAWS IN VEHICLES Sometimes it’s not a specific vehicle component that is defective, but the entire vehicle. A perfect example of this is the Ford Bronco II, a popular vehicle in the 1980s, which was eventually recalled because of the high number of rollover crashes. The rollover risk stemmed primarily from a top-heavy design that could cause vehicles to tip over even at lower speeds. Ford knew about the dangers of the Bronco II well before the recall but sold them anyway. 972-426-2621
  8. 8. CONSEQUENCES OF SAFETY-RELATED DEFECTS In the best-case scenario, a safety-related defect is an inconvenience, requiring a relatively painless repair. However, a safety defect can cause serious injury and death. The Takata airbag, for example, has been linked to 20 deaths as of December 2017. Even non-fatal incidents can have significant consequences, such as:  Spinal injuries  Traumatic brain injuries  Burns  Loss of limbs  Internal injuries. 972-426-2621
  9. 9. HOW TO FIND OUT WHETHER YOUR VEHICLE WAS RECALLED All vehicle owners should be aware of recalls pertaining to their automobile. To figure out whether your vehicle has been recalled, find your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and visit Not all recalls are covered by this search, but it is a good place to start. You might then contact your vehicle’s manufacturer to find out whether they have recalled your model. Unfortunately, not every vehicle defect has been covered by an official recall. 972-426-2621
  10. 10. HOLDING MANUFACTURERS RESPONSIBLE When a manufacturer designs and sells a faulty product, they can be held accountable when a consumer suffers injuries. A product liability claim offers consumers the opportunity to win compensation for damages related to the injury, which could include pain, suffering, medical bills and lost income. 972-426-2621
  11. 11. A PRODUCT LIABILITY ATTORNEY CAN HELP If you’re considering filing a product liability claim against a vehicle or vehicle part manufacturer, consider working with an attorney who has a track record of handling those types of cases. Not all attorneys handle injury- related cases, and even those that do might not have the experience or resources required to get you the compensation you deserve in a claim against a vehicle manufacturer. 972-426-2621
  12. 12. CONTACT GUAJARDO & MARKS TO LEARN MORE At Guajardo & Marks, our product liability attorneys have years of experience handling complex injury cases involving negligent manufacturers. We encourage you to put our experience to work for you and your loved ones. Contact us for a free consultation by filling out our contact form or calling us at 972-426-2621. 972-426-2621