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Ford Digital Marketing Strategy


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An idea for Ford and how they can move towards marketing in the social media world and how they can be better than their competitors.

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Ford Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Digital Market Strategy
  2. 2. Big Idea  Viral Video Campaign  (Social Media Programs)  Ford Giveaway  (Free Car, Gas Gift Cards & More)
  3. 3. Target Audience  Targeting everyone across the world  Main Focus: 18-35 years old  (Frequent Social Media Users)
  4. 4. Digital Strategy  Social Media (Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc)  Internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine optimize)  Mobile Apps
  5. 5. Goals  Our Main Focus:  Brand Awareness #FordMission  Winning a new Ford of their choice  (1 winner per month)  Giveaways Weekly
  6. 6. Tactics & Strategy  Partnering with GoPro  (Using GoPros to promote)  Reward System  (Promoting those who draw attention)  (Staying in touch with winners)  Following Media Traffic  (Staying aware as to who is sending the traffic our way to evaluate the rewards they can receive)
  7. 7. Tactics & Strategy  KPI – Key Performance Indicator  Measuring Performance is key  With this promotion, we should see sales increase by 10- 15%.  Tracking your points  (Keeping up with your points)
  8. 8. Budget  Balancing out our budget is key to success.  Based off of our 2014 revenue, we will budget for ¼ of the companies expenses to help the cost of the digital strategy.  Hire fifty employees to help maintain and communicate with our contestants  Budgeting the reward system
  9. 9. Conclusion  Understanding our strategy  Knowing how our target market will have a long impact on the company  Maintaining our relationship with our customers  Social Media is where we need to be
  10. 10. Thank You