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  • Welcome to the Annual Report of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society . . .
  • While I can’t tell you what number this annual meeting is, I do know we are beginning our 42nd year ( and we should start planning for our 50th Anniversary!)
  • The 2012-2013 Board of Directors had a big job ahead: hiring and moving on with a new Executive Director after 10 years, as well as a relatively new Archivist and several years of active but insufficient fundraising
  • Our mission is clear and a valuable asset to the community—we are the keepers of history, the guardians of the past, the documentarians and we hold the keys to the past, which must inform the future.
  • We have, as Sherry Roosth always says, many “treasures”—documents, letters, movies, artwork, religious objects, personal and business papers—and we need to find a way to throw open our doors and show them to the community. We also need to encourage community members to bring us their treasures and leave them with us. That requires us to be able to take good care of them and make them accessible to others.
  • For me, the photographs have been the most enchanting aspect of rooting around in the archives and computers—we have so many that are unidentified, that represent the faces and places that make up Dallas Jewish History. We need to find the best way to publicize them and make them accessible online for the best chance of identification and ultimately long-term storage. Again, that requires a sizeable investment of time and money.
  • Review the points
  • We don’t often remember to take their pictures, but we do have people come into the office to work in the archives, look for information, or volunteer for us.
  • This was a great program that introduce these teens, who meet on Sundays for post-Confirmation studies, to the alphabet soup that is the Jewish community. In addition, we talked about Oral Histories, and had them practice interviewing their staff as well as one of the participants. We all had a great time!
  • Finally, we participated in the KCC!! Our ambition was high and Rivka Altman talked her mother into shopping and cooking, along with her husband, some friends, friends of Jim, my friend Margie and of course our board members: Liz, Stuart, Lori and Ginger. With the help of Pauline and Ruthie, we attempted an Oral History project that was better in concept than execution, but we’ll find a better way next year to accomplish it. Thanks to everyone who braved those cold, cold winds!!
  • In the end it was very worth it!!
  • Pauline has a lot to be proud of and it’s no wonder she won the 6-Word Contest to help think about who we are. One of our most important functions is the Oral History Project, which now has approximately 400 individual oral histories recorded. 1. LearningFest workshop, 2. Roots to Boots, 3. Scott Farber & Generations—next slide
  • A most exciting new program and I’m thrilled to have Joan come on board. A labor of love, this has been meticulously planned by Joan, Esme, Lynette and Marc and we are thrilled to host this venture. We expect this to be just the beginning of reaching out to specific populations in the Dallas Jewish community.
  • DJHS has long been known for its quality programming, and after the death of Harold Pollman, we were not certain how we would continue to maintain that level of quality. Fortunately for us, the Andres Family understands the importance of what we do. Ruth and her children not only provided the funding, but allowed their name to be attached to inspire others to emulate them. We have had a grand year, most especially due to the hard work and creativity of our program chair, Elya Naxon.
  • Dr. Jeanne Abrams, a nationwide authority not only on Jewish Women in the West, but on a wide variety of topics having to do with the Jewish movement west for health and financial reasons, gave a delightful presentation. Her stories and slides showed the opportunities that moving west provided for all women, Jewish women included.
  • As soon as we contacted Dr. Kay Goldman, she jumped at the chance to speak in Dallas. Dr. Goldman, the winner of the Rodenberger Prize in Texas History and Literature, was just completing the editing process for her book on the Frankfurt Sisters of Dallas & Page Boy Maternity. She allowed us to display Elsie Frankfurt Pollock’s original scrapbooks, with photos even younger family members had never seen and told many stories about the Frankfurt sister and their revolutionary effect on the maternity-wear industry. Best, of course, was the opportunity to see Louise “Tootsie”, who was surrounded by many old friends.
  • Last, but not least, our third event was a replacement idea for a program that just wasn’t coming together. Thanks to Elya’s persistence and some word of mouth from Morton Rachofsky and other artists, this program grew like Topsy and exceed our wildest expectations. Some 250 people showed up to hear Nancy Cohen Israel give a fabulous presentation on Jews and the Arts and to enjoy the work of our 19 local Jewish artists.
  • The artist themselves were thrilled to participate and are discussing beginning a group of their own, a Dallas Jewish Artists Collective.
  • Our crowning achievement this year was the Ann Sikora Humanitarian Award luncheon, chaired by Andrea Weinstein.
  • The event committee: Jim & Suzy Schwartz, Lori Ordiway, Liz Liener and May Sebel worked as an amazing team with Andrea to make certain everything was just perfect.
  • Our Host committee, including friends and family of Craig and Angela, and our Honorees themselves, worked hard to get attendees and donations.
  • This resulted in our meeting and slightly exceeding our fundraising goal. It was a wonderful event.
  • Our exhibits are our public face at the JCC and give us an opportunity to tell a story about some aspect of Dallas Jewish History.
  • Since the Veterans exhibit had been up for nearly two years, we were thrilled show off our new exhibit, Dallas Jewish Merchants, filled with photos, books and artifacts—including a number of specialty items from the collection of Enid Klass, former secretary to Stanley Marcus.
  • Membership—it’s our life blood, as in any organization. Our Trailblazers honor us by their exceptional contributions and our task continues to be to grow this giving category. Thank you!
  • All of our members are important and each contributes to the health and well-being of the DJHS—we are grateful for everyone at any level, but we must grow our membership by showing our value to the community.
  • It has been an exciting year—for me, 10 months. I want to leave you with the idea we tried hard to promote this year—You are all Dallas Jewish History—it doesn’t matter if your family came in the 1800’s or last year, if you’re the most important and involved volunteer or the guy next door—Dallas Jewish History gets made every day and we must capture it and cherish it and put it out there for your family, your congregation, your community, the world to see. As I say to Jim all the time, I LOVE MY JOB.
  • Annual meeting 2013 js2

    1. 1. Dallas Jewish Historical Society 2013 Annual Meeting & Installation of Officers
    2. 2. 2012-2013 Board of Directors OFFICERS Jim Schwartz President Stuart Rosenfield 1st Vice President May Sebel 2nd Vice President Elizabeth Bendalin Secretary Joel Litman Treasurer Lori Ordiway Parliamentarian Andrea Weinstein Past President BOARD MEMBERS Rivka Altman Pauline Graivier Angela Horowitz Frank Hytken Judge Randall Isenberg Liz Leiner Esther Meyers Sarah Yarrin Harriet Gross Sherry Roosth Elya Naxon PAST PRESIDENTS James Alexander Ruth Andres Roz Benjet Rachel Bortnick Reid Heller Ginger Jacobs Mark E. Jacobs Sara R. Levine Joel Roffman Mark Schor Michael Waldman
    3. 3. OUR MISSION It is the mission of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society to preserve and protect collections of written, visual and audible materials that document the history of the Dallas Jewish community, and to make these materials available to the public and researchers, and to keep the past as a living legacy for our community.
    4. 4. OUR ARCHIVES The Dallas Jewish Historical Society serves as a repository for the entire Jewish community of Dallas. In its holdings are personal and family papers, recorded oral histories, artifacts, and records of the various organizations which comprise the Jewish community in Greater Dallas.
    5. 5. Photo Archives The DJHS has over 4000 photos in our collection, many of them unidentified. We began posting photos on our website (,, and Pinterest in hopes of getting help from members and friends. Current photos posted include:
    6. 6. OUR GOALS 2012-13  GROW by defining the scope of what we accept, but not the scope of we DO here.  INTEGRATE different populations—not just natives who know who’s who, but newcomers and different ages—we are all part of being history makers.  EXPAND our definitions—what we mean when we speak of Dallas Jewish history; what Oral Histories look like; what, where and how we exhibit what we have; what items and programs and people make sense for us to pursue.  INVIGORATE committees that work for the good of the agency and the good of the volunteer leader.  MARKET AND PROMOTE--Getting our name and materials and faces in front of the public to give them a reason to support us, including social media.  COLLABORATE AND ENGAGE with other organizations in our work.  DEVELOP financial resources and sound financial practices.
    7. 7. Year in Review • July 2012 – Membership mailing and Trailblazer kickoff, NCJW continues to use archives for 100th Birthday event • August 2012 – DJHS hires new full-time Executive Director, Debra Polsky • September 2012 – weekly staff meetings begin, Board of Directors meeting, new sponsor secured for Annual Lecture Series • October 2012 – 2nd Membership campaign begins, Oral History committee begins meeting , Sikora event committee begins meeting, Roots to Boots conversation begins, first volunteer Intern from Volunteer Center of Dallas, Board of Directors meeting, Visit to Temple Emanu-El archives • November – DJHS participates in the CJE Community Conversation, initial meeting with Oral History partner Scott Farber, DJHS presentation to JCC Seniors group • December – Executive committee meets, participation in JFGD co- Marketing group, first Andres Lecture Series event
    8. 8. • January – Board of Directors meeting, DJHS named a recipient of Tiferet Israel Kosher Chili Cookoff proceeds, DJHS presentation at Legacy Preston Hollow, Staff attends Texas Volunteer Management Conference • February – DJHS presentation for local Chavurah, Oral History committee presents workshop at LearningFest, Board of Directors meeting, Community Scan meeting, Sikora Host committee meets, NCJW luncheon, JFGD Women’s event • March – Andres Family Lecture Series event, Chili Team & Oral History participation in the Kosher Chili Cookoff, DJHS presentation to ‘Discover Dallas’ group, Board of Directors meeting, DJHS presentation at Legacy Willow Bend, DJHS program and presentation at ATID • April – JFGD P & A presentation, begin Oral History weekly taping with Scott Farber of “”, Ann Sikora Humanitarian Award Luncheon • May – Nominating Committee begins meeting, AJC dinner/Communities Foundation of Texas, Andres Family Lecture Series event, Tiferet Israel KCC check presentation, Roots to Boots kickoff, received Kravitz grant from DJCF • June – JFS Intern begins, meeting with Dallas Holocaust Center on co-op programs, JCC Film Festival co-sponsorship, JCC & JFGD Annual meetings, DJHS Annual Meeting
    9. 9. NCJW Members at work with their archives
    10. 10. Presentation at Academy of Torah in Greater Dallas (ATID)
    11. 11. Kosher Chili Cookoff Team at work Liz Liener, Stuart Rosenfeld, Ginger Jacobs and Chairperson Rivka Altman (our chief chef, Debbie Linksman and other team members not pictured)
    12. 12. Receiving the KCC check! Ed Jerome, KCC Chair; Debra Polsky, Director; Jim Schwartz, DJHS President; Bill Roth, Congregation Tiferet Israel President
    13. 13. Oral History Project Under the leadership of new DJHS board member, Pauline Graivier, the Oral History committee began meeting and its members renewed their efforts to capture as many interviews as possible as well as recruiting new volunteers. Projects this year include a LearningFest workshop, a partnership with Scott Farber of and Roots to Boots: South African Jews in Dallas
    14. 14. • Esme Jacobson • Errol Jacobson • Dr. Dean Jacoby • Karl Kahn • Renate Kahn • Hanna Lambert • Raymond Lambert • Milton Loeb • Martin Mintz • Dr. Neil Morrow • Reva Morrow • Randy Pearlman • Debra Polsky • Stan Rabin • Morton Rachofsky • Jo Reingold • Myrna Ries • Larry Barzune • Dolores Barzune • Craig Budner • Rosalee Cohen • Sam Fagin • Idarene Glick • Sharan Goldstein • Alvin Golman • Marilyn Golman • Carol Greenberg • Jack Greenberg • Joan Gremont • Boris Gremont • Liz Hirsh • Jim Hogue • Angela Horowitz • Clint Risner • Connie Rudick • Hermine Salinger • Rabbi Jonathan Schick • Renee Stanley • Karen Stern • Helen Stern • Rosie Stromberg • Beverly Tobian • Shirley Tobolowsky • Helen Wilensky Tracy • Mickey Warsaw • Loren Weinstein • Ronnie Weiss • Lois Wolf • Rhea Wolfram ORAL HISTORIES RECORDED IN 2012-2013
    15. 15. Roots to Boots: South African Jews in Dallas Thanks to the efforts of Joan Gremont, Esme Jacobson, Lynette Rakusin and Marc Jacobson, a new program idea was brought to the DJHS Oral History committee. The idea for the project grew from a desire to ensure that future generations know about the lives their ancestors lived in South Africa, their move to Dallas and what their grandparents and great-grandparents brought with them on their journeys—traditions, cultural and ethical values and Yiddishkeit. Roots to Boots: South African Jews in Dallas began with a survey to collect demographic data about South African Jews, currently or formerly living in Dallas. In addition, participants are being given an opportunity to participate in the Oral History project and have their stories recorded and archived.
    16. 16. Andres Family Lecture Series The continued generosity of the Andres Family, who stepped in when our previous benefactor, Harold Pollman, passed away, make it possible for our outstanding lecture series to continue without interruption. This year’s series, planned under the guidance of our Program Chair, Elya Naxon, assembled a varied group of programs and presenters that all fit under the large tent that is the Dallas Jewish Historical Society.
    17. 17. “Jewish Women in the West” Dr. Jeanne Abrams, Professor, Faculty of Penrose Library and the Center for Judaic Studies, University of Denver Our first program featured Dr. Jeanne Abrams, Director of the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society and Beck Archives of Rocky Mountain Jewish History. Based on her book, Jewish Women Pioneering the Frontier Trail, Dr. Abrams spoke about the distinct & and very important roles Jewish women played in developing the American West. Attended by nearly 100 participants and held in the Mankoff Learning Center, this event gave us a great start for the program year.
    18. 18. “Designing Women, Texas Style” Dr. Kay Goldman, Texas A & M, Author , Dressing Modern Maternity: The Frankfurt Sisters of Dallas & the Page Boy Label. Speaking to a packed audience of 150 people, Dr. Goldman related the stories of Elsie, Edna and Louise and their ground-breaking enterprise— Page Boy Maternity. In addition, the audience had the opportunity to see Louise, the last remaining Frankfurt Sister and meet members of the extended Ravkind and Gartner families.
    19. 19. Edna Frankfurt Ravkind, Elsie Frankfurt (Pollock) and Louise Frankfurt (Gartner)
    20. 20. In the Eye of the Beholder: A Sampling of Jewish Artists in Dallas Our third event in the Andres Family Lecture Series ended the program year with a bang! Nearly 250 guests enjoyed a lecture by art historian Nancy Cohen Israel, then took the opportunity to view the artwork of 19 local Jewish artists displayed in Zale Auditorium.
    21. 21. Nancy Cohen Israel
    22. 22. George Tobolowsky Esther Ritz Robin Sachs
    23. 23. Enjoying Cynthia Schneidler’s textile work Morton Rachofsky & Fans
    24. 24. Veronique Jonas & Julie Meetal Jan Ayres Friedman
    25. 25. Jerry Skibell Veronique Jonas & Renee Stanley Ludwig Schwarz
    26. 26. 2013 Ann Sikora Humanitarian Award Luncheon
    27. 27. Honorees Angela Aaron Horowitz Craig Budner
    28. 28. EXHIBITS • This exhibit included photographs, documents and artifacts providing a glimpse into the military lives of our Jewish men and women from all branches of the armed forces. • The exhibit featured men and women serving in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp. Medical Corp. and Chaplaincy. They served during WWI, WWII, and Iraq. • The collection included photos of the men and women in uniform, medals, promotion certificates, discharge certificates, military support event souvenirs and programs. Honoring Our Veterans
    29. 29. Dallas Jewish Merchants: Building an Economy Our current exhibit provides a look at myriad Jewish merchants from past to present that have participated in the growth of Dallas. The products were varied and vast, as were the men and women behind them, but all contributed to the tapestry of the Dallas scene. The railroad came to Dallas and with it came the opportunity to provide retail services along Elm Street and beyond. The exhibit includes photographs and artifacts from and , books about Sanger Brothers, Zale Jewelers, Ben Morris Jewelry, Wilonsky’s Pawn Shop, Goldin’s Grocery, Kosher Meat Market, Julius Schepps Bakery and Confectionary, Ben Ablon Produce & Poultry and more.
    30. 30. MEMBERSHIP Giving Clubs 2012-13 • Adventurer $2500+ Andres Family • Explorer $1000+ Carol & Steve Aaron Joe & Bryna Funk Philanthropic Fund Mark E. Jacobs Ginger & Mike Jacobs Elya Naxon Leslie & Howard Schultz Andrea & Loren Weinstein • Pioneer $500+ Roz & Merv Benjet Alan Folz Louise Gartner Philanthropic Fund Sherry & Ken Goldberg Lisa & Neil Goldberg Sharan & Lynn Goldstein Harriet P. & Fred Gross Liz & Robert Liener Drs. Carmen & Ludwig Michael Janine & Charles Pulman Sherry Roosth Andrew Schultz Suzy & Jim Schwartz Leslie & Fred Wagner Natalie & Michael Waldman Jolene & Harv Weisblat TRAILBLAZERS Our Trailblazers membership provides necessary financial support for the Dallas Jewish Historical Society—our archive, our office, our staff and our outreach into the community. THANK YOU!!
    31. 31. • PATRONS $250+ Marilyn & Don Schaffer Jeanne & Sanford Fagadau Lisa & David Genecov Marion & Bennett Glazer Ynette & Jim Hogue Angela Horowitz Carol & Mark Kreditor Esther & Michael Meyers Elaine & Trevor Pearlman Rabbis Nancy Kasten & David Stern Carol & Louis Wadel Jackie & Steve Waldman Helga & Gerardo Weinstein • SPONSORS $150+ Edward Ackerman Rivka & Brad Altman Elizabeth & Ron Bendalin Laurie & Zola Blicker Linda Davidsohn Michelle & Marshall Funk Susie & Joel Litman Arlene & Louis Navias Lori & Trace Ordiway Rita & Mitchell Rasansky Nancy & Joel Roffman Terry & Bert Romberg Andrea & Stuart Rosenfield Beverly & Cary Rossel May Sebel Mrs. Helen Stern Shirley Tobolowsky Sarah Yarrin & Jack Repp Pauline Graivier • FRIENDS $100+ Richard Albert Frances Blatt Brenda & Stuart Brand Carol & Royal Brin Joni & Bob Cohan Carole Gene & Howard Cohen Naomi & Fred Dunn Dia & Barry Epstein Helen & Charles Feldman Cynthia & Robert Feldman Patti & Howard Fields Ann Folz Monica & Gabriel Fried Frances & Robert Gardner Berta Goetz Roz & Gordon Goldstein Michael Grantz Irma & Irwin Grossman Ethel Gruen Bill & Barbara Gutow Zelda Hantz Harvey J. Bloom JWV Post #256 Marcy Helfand Deborah Hersh Mona Hersh-Cochran Margaret Hopkovitz Hal & Janine Jayson Hylton & Veronique Jonas Ann R. Kahn Karl & Renate Kahn Irene & Sam Kogutt Lynn & Leonard Krasnow Barbara & Carl Lee Sharon & Charles Levin
    32. 32. • Friends (cont.) Zeck & Marilyn Lieberman Joanie & Milton Loeb Betty & Jay Lorch Julie & Michael Lowenberg Carol & Stuart Morse Cindy & Mitchell Moskowitz Jody & Mel Platt Leah Pollman Hannah & Harlan Pollock Robert Pollock Morton Rachofsky Ann & Marc Richman Myrna Ries Jaynie Schultz & Ron Romaner Shirley & Erv Rovinsky Peachy & Morton Rudberg Elaine & Morris Rutchik Hilde Schwartz Mrs. Marvin Shwiff Mark & Linda Siegel Fabienne & Heinrich Sinnreich Alexis & Steve Spiritas Florence & Howard Shapiro Karla & Lawrence Steinberg Phyllis & Ron Steinhart Norma & Donald Stone Nita Mae Tannebaum Arthur Ungerman Nancy Ungerman Miriam & Max Vernon Polly & Alex Weisberg Ethel & Gene Zale • Basic $72+ Suzanne & Ansel Aberly Pepper & Stephen Aronoff Edith Baker Ziona & Edward Balaban Kitzi & Myron Ball Dolores & Lawrence Barzune Estelle & Sol Barzune Diane & Jerry Benjamin Charlotte & Harry Benson Roberta & Rabbi Murray Berger Ken Blatt Rowan Blatt Julie Bleicher Denise & Bart Bookatz Cynthia Schneidler & James Brodsky Cathy & Joel Brook Betty Chaiken Sheila (z"l) & Jeffrey Chapman Lilli & Vincent Cirillo Yolanda Clark Bernard Cohen Stephanie & Jim Comfort Gerry Cristol Patricia & Martin Davidson Pauline & Amon DeNur Karen Prager-Eaves & Greg Eaves Jeff Smirin & Melinda Fagin Robin Sachs & Robert Farkas Nancy & Ron Fellman Jackie & Sheldon Fleschman Robert Folz Doris & Sol Freed Cliff Friedman Hannah Galerstein Karen & Glenn Garfield Gail & Allan Gilbert Idarene Glick Ruth Goldberg Sharon & Eric Goldberg Abraham Goldfarb Larry Golman S Susan & Martin Golman Sylvia & Marvin Greenberg Suzi & Jack Greenman Betty Gross Carole Ann & Jay Hoppenstein Irene & Mark Jacobs Nancy & Jay Kanter Beatrice Kaplan Debbie & Bruce Katz Michele & Herb Kesner Betsy & Mark Kleinman Ruth & Harold Kleinman Mimi & Mark Kogut Kay & Daniel Krause Harold Krom Annette & Howard Lackman Arlene Leibs Elaine & Melvyn Lerman Shirley Levinson Hilma & Walter Levy Ruth & Bernard Levy Gail & Peter Loeb Julie Golman & Robert Melendi William Mexic Bette & Bennett (z"l) Miller Peggy & David Millheiser Cynthia & Allen Mondell Rita Newman Marilyn & Harrell Pailet Joy & Jeffrey Phillips Jacque & Morton Prager Shirley & George Quint Helene & Ronald Raphael Clint Risner Phyllis & Rabbi Kenneth Roseman Rachel & Sheldon Rosenberg Sharon Ross Ann & Howard Rubin Donna & Byron Rubin Shirley Rubin Susan & Joe Schackman Elaine & Robert Scharf Tara & Jeff Schiller Norma Schlinger Carole & Louis Schlipak Mark & Ruth Schor Susan & Lawrence Schor Nonie & Melvin Schwartz Lauren & Mickey Seidenstein Lisa & Charles Siegel Zelda Siegel Rena & Bud Silverberg Edith & Paul Singer Ruby Smolinsky Linda Steinberg Barbara & Edward Stone Phyllis & Philip Stoup Adrienne Svidlow Marilyn & Harold Sweet Marilyn & Robert Taubman Victor Trubitt Corinne Tycher Rachel Andres & Benjamin Tysch Sam Utay Sol Wald Julie & Michael Weinberg Bea Weisbrod Rhea Wolfram Patricia Zilberman
    33. 33. Thank you to all our supporters!