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Why we explore mars


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With this project we are trying to awaken curiosity for knowledge of the people towards the exploration, the presentation will be done showing the because of why we have an interest in the exploration of Mars, giving multiple reasons and expanding the knowledge of the people of mars.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Why we explore mars

  1. 1. For millions of yearsthemankind had theneed to explore theirsurroundings
  2. 2. We can start by talking about Pythagoraswho had a fascination for the cosmos
  3. 3. Pythagoras compares society with an Olympicstadium
  4. 4. Where thereare three typesof people
  5. 5. 1. TheAthletes:Who are the people trying tochange the world.
  6. 6. 2.The sellers:Who are the people who are onlyinterested in themselves.
  7. 7. 3.Theaudiences:Whoarethosethatjustobserve.
  8. 8. BecausetheyaretheoneswhochangetheworldIthinkthatmostpeoplewanttobeathletes
  9. 9. The man wants to explore, learn from thesmallest to the biggest thing
  10. 10. Here we see from quarks
  11. 11. To universes thousand times largerthan ours
  12. 12. But, Why explore Mars?
  13. 13. Mars is 75 million milesand its something that seemsdifficult to achieve
  14. 14. But now it’s possible
  15. 15. If we travel to Mars, we achievemuch more than what people 100years ago could ever imagine
  16. 16. And if we explore it we can seewhat we can do with it
  17. 17. Like turn it into a storeroom forthe garbage
  18. 18. Or adapt it for living because wehave to accept that eventually weare going to need another planet
  19. 19. So…