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  1. 1. Foreign Culture Influence on Cambodia Fashion Sense Institute : Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Course : Communication Skill 2 Class : 2E Group 6 : Tann Vouchlin Thay Polyta Van Linda Reported to : Ms. Rolitess Galam Hourng Date : 19 July 2016
  2. 2. 1 1. Foreword This report is going to present about fashion sense in Cambodia and the purpose of this report are to describe how unique and also how foreign culture influence on Cambodia fashion sense which it is important for us to know where our design originally come from and how it get the other influences. In an additional to that, this report will also emphasize how to improve Cambodian fashion uniqueness. To successfully do the report, we had conduct our research on fashion sense in Cambodia by the internet researching, literature researching and also through interviewing for more detail on the famous influencing on fashion design and also for the reason that influence fashion sense in Cambodia. Furthermore, we interview 2 people who are a veteran in a fashion design field in Cambodia to give us some opinion on fashion sense in Cambodia. This report is dedicated to our lecturer, whose name is Ms. Rolitess Galam Hourng, to future researcher,to people who interest in fashion in Cambodia and also student who major in fashion design.
  3. 3. 2 Table of Contents 1. Foreword 1 2. Introduction 3 3. What are the reasons that influence the fashion sense in Cambodia? 4 3.1 The rise of Social Media 4 3.2 Stylish and easy to wear design 5 3.3 Importation of Foreign Fabric and Thread 5 3.4 Limited promotion of Local products 5 3.5 The appreciation of foreign culture in our culture 6 3.6 Interviews 8 3.6.1 Profile of the owner of Elite Laga fashion shop 8 3.6.2 Profile of the Fashion Stylish of AORM’s Tailor 10 11 3.6.3 Profile of Fashion Department’s student of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology 11 4 Conclusion 13 5 Recommendations 14 6 Reference List 15 LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1 all types of Social Media 4 Figure 2 dresses from Elite Laga Fashion Shop 7 Figure 3 Elite Laga Fashion Shop 9 Figure 4 AORM's Tailor 10 Figure 5 Fashion Stylish and Head tailor of AORM's Tailor 11
  4. 4. 3 2. Introduction Cambodia Fashion nowadays which has many developing and gotten influence by foreign culture for long time. This prove Cambodia Fashion sense more effective to people who want to be fashionable and feel so high by many reasons for all the increasing technology (brand name), stylish, and the founder ideas of fashion in the world wide including Cambodian as well. This report going to tell you about how the rise of social media affected the influence, how stylish and easy to wear foreign design is, how limited promotion and lack value of Khmer local fashion products. We are exposing about the decreasing of fashion sense which make our uniqueness fashion be more down by how much foreign design affected us according to the interviewees whom got interview by us about the fashion in Cambodia and the issue of fashion has happen nowadays in order to find and establish what we can aid our fashion uniqueness to be more increasing and develops to become better and better. This report can be useful for future researcher and people who are interest in fashion in Cambodia. We take the important information that might help the research from database,useful and trustful website, books and magazine, etc. As well as take note from what the interviewees said. Nevertheless, there’s also some recommendation to persuade and encourage our local designers to enhance more ideas and creative more styling to fashion style and promote or spread out to Cambodian and the foreigners who like fashionable things to support our products that we make and be appreciated to our designer’s hard working to prove our fashion industries to be worldwide by our own uniqueness. All in all, we have as well as the figures to show the increasing of fashion, local brand name which giving the value of making distinctive style by our local designers with very long and full of experience and their ideas of fashion in Cambodia.
  5. 5. 4 3. What are the reasons that influence the fashion sense in Cambodia? 3.1 The rise of Social Media The social media also effective to our life style when people want to buy any production they usually order through the internet. It saves time for people who don’t have any time for shopping they can make pre-order and after next week they can get the product that they want. It easier for them, before they buy the product they can check it in the picture and can make a good decision. Nowadays in the first twenty one century social media is very popular to the people like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The rate of follower has increasing day by day. For advertising the fashion style on social media it can help to promote our product and make it to be famous. We can also post the picture for promote new production or some special discount offer to customers that they can know and come to our shop to help our marketing. And people can easier to check and know some information about us like make pre-order they can find the location, address,and phone number as well.1 Social Media is an effective wayto promote the product. It cause a little money, just be patient with time and the product will be famous just as you advertise in a good advertisement company.2 Figure 1 all types of Social Media3 1 (Koo) 2 (Padar,2016) 3 (social media today, n.d.)
  6. 6. 5 3.2 Stylish and easyto weardesign The crucial of fashion is style, considering Khmer style nowadays has also hybrid of foreign style and Khmer style. Cambodian tends to choose traditional outfit for only wedding ceremony and formal events. People are updating their life and need so much they need more casual clothing like foreign influence clothing. The traditional clothing is too uncomfortable for everyday activity so people demand trendy and easy to wear clothing which mostly inspired by foreign design. People now want an elegant style, not complex, comfortable to wear and interesting to look.4 For intend different types of fashion style, designer can actually design the best choice consumers prefer.5 3.3 Importation of Foreign Fabric and Thread Before 1960s, Cambodia had opened our own cloth and thread factories. But then we fall into the civil war, the factories never recovery and operate since then. Since, there are development, our expectation and needed raise every day, too. To meet the expectation and needed, we have no other choice but to imported the cloth and thread for foreign country. But something you to need to know, it is not just the cloth and thread that coming but so is the foreign culture. Their style and design has come a long with the cloth and thread. From Ministry of Commerce have report that Cambodia had taken in 1.5 million dollars’ worth of fabric and thread from China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.6 3.4 Limited promotion of Local products The promotion of our local product can be also the reason make foreign culture influent to Cambodia fashion scene. There are a lot of our Khmer production that our Khmer Designers establish by their own hand or we can call “Handmade” and most of those quality productions are equalto some foreign production, however, our production is still lower than the foreign production and most of their production is well spread out than ours due to their advertisements are really strong and well known by the world-wide. They have many ways to advertise their production by using the social media, use of famous stars and also in some TV to spread out. Moreover, the brand name of their production also effect to the customer that’s why their advertisement and promotion are really fast and noticeable for people to notice quickly in the world, while our Cambodia Fashion Production marketing in industry is still too narrow because most local producer have little knowledge about marketing and Cambodian 4 (Bonnell,2009) 5 (Clothingtrends in Cambodia,2015) 6 (Sophal,2010)
  7. 7. 6 consume the local product is still tight contrast to the foreign product advertisement. 7 The limited of promotion is still stand as an issue of developing Cambodia Fashion scene due to the lack of advertisement and not well spread out by industry. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have all of that, there are also the advertisement and promotion in some of them in the social media and also the magazine, but still all of those promotion of production are still lacking. The import production from foreign country in our fashion industry imported from other country and most of the big shop also sell clothes from our countries use bigger advertising like famous Television station and Billboard, etc. Furthermore, there’re also some designers idea such as the designer who is the owner of Elite Laga said that she doesn’t to spread out in wisely by using social media or using the model to advertise, she just want her customers spread out by themselves about her quality of her shop.8 Nevertheless, like our Khmer designers who design the traditional clothes, most of them said that the advertisement has to spend more money and they just get some profit that cans not effort their advertisement. That’s why the promotion of our production I still in a limit and unable to spread out well. 3.5 The appreciation of foreign culture in our culture Foreign culture nowadays for instance American’s culture or Korean’s culture has become universal and people know about it worldwide. People from foreign culture tend to travel a lot just like one of our interviewees said so they take their education and expertise along with them in many aspects.9 In additional to that, people love to try new things even Khmer people. Especially in Fashion aspect alongside with many other countries, Cambodia is one of them all because we try to take it in, observe it, learn about it and combine with our traditional style. Most designer will try to take to introduce the growth and innovation of design to make people feelelegant and look elegant by mix and match our culture with foreign culture that we cansimply appreciate it a lot. For that case,we talk about how people wearnewdesign of mixing foreign look and traditional look for wedding reception atnight. It like there are many appreciation of foreign culture in our culture but this always come with advantage and disadvantage. So please appreciate the advantages and deny the disadvantages of foreign culture.10 7 (Quarles,2016) 8 (Laga, 2016) 9 (Sinoun, 2016) 10 (Makara)
  8. 8. 7 Figure 2 dresses from Elite Laga Fashion Shop The purpose of this photo is to show that the clothes design in the shop is inspired by foreign culture.
  9. 9. 8 3.6 Interviews We have conduct our research by having to interview some of well-known fashion shop, tailor and our senior in our university. We asking question surrounding our purpose.  The main question: What are the reasons that influence the fashion sense in Cambodia?  The second question: What style do you think that Cambodian people mostly prefer?  The third question: How much foreign culture influence our fashion design?  The last question: How much our local designer promote the local product? 3.6.1 Profile of the owner of Elite Laga fashion shop Elite Laga is a fashion shop that located in Phnom Penh Thmei Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This shop is owned by the beautiful and talented young lady. It is shame that we couldn’t get her name because she wantsto keepit private. It is classified as the high end shop. Her design in the gown is fit for a ball, formal party, traditional wedding ceremony, dinner party and modern wedding reception. From our interview, she said the clothes design in her shop is mostly inspired by famous foreign design and also based on the customer preference but she also said strangely her customer seem to prefer a little bit foreign style even it were to put on a traditional dress.She also said the design that she design is also depending on age and also depend on different people. The young generation seems to fall toward to for more foreign design which the design is more vibrant and the older generation seems to lead to more traditional style which the design is much simpler. Moreover, even that her design get foreign culture influence, she still try to bring out her own uniqueness. Her own uniqueness is that the foreign style to too sexy so she makes it less sexy and the base structure of the dress is still traditional. She make her design really easy to wear where the outside look beautiful and the inside is comfortable to wear. Lastly, from her point of view, she said even in a traditional ceremony where people have to dress traditionally, there are still some people that sneak foreign design into the traditional dress. And she tells us that it is a business, she has to design base on her customer preference where she can give a little consultation to make the best.
  10. 10. 9 Figure 3 Elite Laga Fashion Shop
  11. 11. 10 3.6.2 Profile of the FashionStylish of AORM’s Tailor AORM’s Tailor is a tailor that located in Pasteur Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is also the shop that marks as high end too. This shop is owned by the famous TV host and TV personality. Her name is Yok Chinda. We get to interview with her fashion stylish who are a veteran in styling, work in fashion field for many years and also a head tailor in the shop. From our interview, unlike Elite Laga fashion shop her clothes design is mostly inspired and based on the traditional design with a little bit of foreign influence and the factor that just like Elite Laga is that she also design base customer preference. Her design is focusing for people to attend wedding rather than just formal party or a ball. Her design is basically lean toward to fit at the traditional wedding ceremonywhere people tend to dressmore traditionally and also to fit modern wedding reception where people wearforeign influence gown. She said there no doubt that people will chose to wearmore traditionally during the wedding ceremony in the morning and dressmore foreign in the wedding reception during the night. She said it is kind of mix and match of foreign culture and Khmer culture. The base of her dress is traditionally forming fitting to look traditional and she give a gives a little bit hint of a foreign feeling. For instance, even that she use foreign design but the fabric that she uses have a traditional Khmer pattern.People feelthat foreign design give more interesting look to the gown that is why people follow the foreign influence more. She also said that before people would like more simple texture but nowadays people would like to use more complicate and rough texture. She also gives that fact that there aren’t any big fabric manufactories. So they got no choose but to import fabric from other country. That’s why the design from foreign country tagged along. Figure 4 AORM's Tailor
  12. 12. 11 Figure 5 Fashion Stylish and Head tailor of AORM's Tailor 3.6.3 Profile of FashionDepartment’s student of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Sinoun is a student of Fashion Design department in our university. She is our senior. We have asked her few questions about how the foreign culture influence on our fashion sense. She gives us the idea of how the influence got in and she also gives us some recommendation. The main reason that she talk about is the promotion of foreign culture become so worldwide and that foreigner especially white people seems to travel a lot. It is the moment they take their culture into our culture. She added that even the foreigner don’t force their culture onto us but there are still some people who admire it and think it is fashionable and different then take to our culture because people nowadays like different, fashionable, stylish and elegant things. She also think that social media has an really big impact on the influence because socialmedia is widely known and used for all class that it take the promotion of something to another level. Secondly, from her opinion, she thinks Cambodian people nowadays seem to prefermore modern and foreign design. She tells us that if the design of a cloth is simple, modern, fashionable and not too foreign not too traditional these products will likely to sell out more. For instance, Cambodian people nowadays prefer to wear clothes design from Thailand because of the casualness, stylish and reasonable price. Thirdly, she said our Cambodian pretty much gives a lot of value to our own design even it get foreign influence they still got traditional structure and pretty much look traditionally fit for traditional wedding ceremony and formal party. She also recommend that we should try not to look too much modern but try to bring out the traditional unique design to surfaces thenthe design
  13. 13. 12 could attract people even foreigner to try our design meaning to try fashionable, stylish, elegant and different design.
  14. 14. 13 4 Conclusion Everyone loves fashion sothey always create the new idea to make the cloth become modern. Cambodia fashion has influence by foreign culture for long time it prove and effective to people who love stylish, brand name, fashionable, and the founder ideas of fashion in the world wide including Cambodian as well. Material hasalso imported from other countries, the price is lower than our local product and this is affected to our local product. The important thing is style, considering Khmer style nowadays has also hybrid with Europe style mixed Khmer style. These clothes are very popular for wearing in night party or join wedding ceremony in Cambodia. Toward almost Cambodian want to be high-class they copy their fashion style similar to original .They startedto change from Khmer custom Clothes to used Khmer material with foreign style or sometime on the top Khmer style and bottom with the foreign style. In an additional, emphasize to Cambodian fashion uniqueness design in the gown is fit for a ball, formal party, traditional wedding ceremony, dinner party and modern wedding reception for that the foreign style to too sexy so makes it less sexy and the base structure of the dress is still traditional, the design really easy to wear where the outside look beautiful and the inside is comfortable to wear. That is why people feelthat foreign design give more interesting look to the gown and they follow the foreign influence more.Moreover, the limited of promotion on local fashion also importance side and we also have to prove on it in order to make our fashion sense be more effective.
  15. 15. 14 5 Recommendations Although the foreign culture has influent in Cambodia fashion sense has many positive side and it’s also help our fashion industry to become more develop, however,there’sstill has the negative impact which we have to change and improve our Fashion to be more effective and develop like fashion in other country. To most our fashion designers they recommend that our Cambodian people should be reduce to use foreign clothes little by little and especially in the big event that we must wear our traditional clothes or the clothes that made by our Cambodian designers in order to spread out how beautiful and high value of our fashion sense and also give the credit to our designer on their clothes. Moreover, to become more widely known investor should study the value of local culture and it also gives the respect and support to the designer to have more idea for their creativities in Fashion Industry. And for the customer, they also give the recommend to prove our fashion be more effective that the designers should have their own creative not the plagiarism from other designers of our countries because we should had our own unique style of Khmer design. Furthermore, for the seller who opens the collection shop or online shop should import less a lot of production from other countries because we also have our great production to invest in their business. Nevertheless, the designers have to enhance their advertisement and their promotion of traditional aspect wisely in order to let the world know that we also have a lot of designers and unique style not only for Cambodian people other foreigners come from other country also can wear our clothes and share to others as well. There are also the ways to create our Khmer brand name to improve our fashion sense and reduce the import product from other countries.
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