Gain insight and make decisions - Build Big Data Strategy


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Gain insight and make decisions - Build Big Data Strategy

  1. 1. Build a Big Data Strategy Gain Insight and Make Decisions Joel Waterman
  2. 2. 2 3 4 Five compelling big data use cases IBM’s unique value for client success Recommendations on how to get started Agenda for today IBM’s viewpoint on big data and analyticsIBM’s viewpoint on big data and analytics1 © 2013 IBMCorporation2
  3. 3. PRETTIER
  4. 4. Big data has been around for a while © 2013 IBMCorporation4
  5. 5. PRETTIER
  6. 6. Agenda for today 3 4 Five compelling big data use cases IBM’s unique value for client success Recommendations on how to get started IBM’s viewpoint on big data and analytics Five compelling big data use cases 1 2 © 2013 IBMCorporation6
  7. 7. Mobily selects IBM campaign management and predictive analytics to combat churn Need  Quicker GTM  Decrease customer churn  Increase ARPU Benefits  Increased Offer Acceptance Rates  Higher Service Levels  Competitive cross sell offers  Single view across sales channels © 2013 IBMCorporation7
  8. 8. Nedbank monitors social media to gain competitive advantage Need  Understand social media sentiments  Integrated system to be used by in house social call center Benefits  Change in business process  More personal and personable response  Switching opportunities  Easy to use software © 2013 IBMCorporation8
  9. 9. Ufone reduced churn and kept subscribers happy, helping ensure that campaigns are highly effective and timely Need  Ensure marketing campaigns targeting the right customers before they leave  Keep higher usage customers happy with campaigns offering right services/plans Benefits  Improve campaign response rate from about 25% to at least 50%  CDRs analyzed < 30 sec (vs 1 day)  Reduce churn by approximately 15-20% © 2013 IBMCorporation9
  10. 10. Dubai Statistics Center Delivering insights to policy-makers faster and more frequently Need With Dubai’s population growing rapidly and more businesses looking to invest in the region, DSC wanted the ability to publish its data more frequently and broaden access to the statistics it provides Benefits  >200 Users from >50 Agencies can access the data  Monthly automated updates to statistical data allows for more accurate decision making © 2013 IBMCorporation10
  11. 11. Why BOEING does BI Need  Connect people across many remote locations  Compress reporting timelines  Gain new insights across all data sources Benefits  Internal 'Customer' Self Service  Proven, enterprise-class capabilities that can be deployed quickly and are simpler to manage  Single year ROI (estimated 10:1 ratio !) © 2013 IBMCorporation11
  12. 12. Every Industry can Leverage Big Data & Analytics Insurance • 360˚ View of Domain or Subject • Catastrophe Modeling • Fraud & Abuse Banking • Optimizing Offers and Cross-sell • CustomerService andCall CenterEfficiency Telco • Pro-active Call Center • Network Analytics • LocationBasedServices Energy & Utilities • Smart MeterAnalytics • DistributionLoad Forecasting/Scheduling • Condition Based Maintenance Media & Entertainment • Business process transformation • Audience & Marketing Optimization Retail • Actionable Customer Insight • Merchandise Optimization • Dynamic Pricing Travel& Transport • Customer Analytics & LoyaltyMarketing • Predictive Maintenance Analytics Consumer Products • ShelfAvailability • Promotional Spend Optimization • Merchandising Compliance Government • CivilianServices • Defense & Intelligence • Tax & TreasuryServices Healthcare • Measure & Act on PopulationHealth Outcomes • Engage Consumers intheir Healthcare Automotive • AdvancedCondition Monitoring • Data Warehouse Optimization Life Sciences • Increase visibilityinto drug safetyandeffectiveness Chemical& Petroleum • Operational Surveillance, Analysis& Optimization • Data Warehouse Consolidation, Integration& Augmentation Aerospace& Defense • Uniform Information Access Platform • Data Warehouse Optimization Electronics • Customer/ Channel Analytics • AdvancedCondition Monitoring
  13. 13. Agenda for today © 2013 IBMCorporation13 4 Five compelling big data use cases IBM’s unique value for client success Recommendations on how to get started IBM’s viewpoint on big data and analytics IBM’s unique value for client success 1 2 3 © 2013 IBMCorporation13
  14. 14. IBM Big Data & Analytics Momentum 1100Business Partners 1640Business Partners 2215Business Partners 9thAnalyticsSolution Center Opens in Ohio 170Big data Clients 85Info Agenda Engagements 730Big Data Clients 860Info Agenda Engagements 1040Big Data Clients 2,300Info Agenda Engagements 1550Big Data Clients Source: IBM. Note: Allnumbersusedare cumulative.3/31/2013 30,000GBS Information and AnalyticsEngagements 3,810Info Agenda Engagements 10,000Big DataUniversity Enrollments 40,000Big DataUniversity Enrollments 70,000 Big DataUniversity Enrollments 2010 2011 2012 2013 40, Members
  15. 15. IBM - holistic and integrated approach to big data and analytics Smarter Analytics Data Warehouse Big Data Platform Accelerators Stream Computing Data Warehouse Hadoop System Information Integration and Governance Application Development DiscoverySystems Management Content Management Data Warehouse Stream Computing Hadoop System InformationIntegrationandGovernance BIG DATA PLATFORM SYSTEMS,STORAGE AND CLOUD ANALYTICS Content Analytics Decision Management Risk Analytics Performance Management BusinessIntelligenceandPredictive Analytics Big Data Analytics Content Analytics Predictive Analytics Decision Management Social Media Analytics Analytics Integration and Governance
  16. 16. © 2013 IBMCorporation16 Agenda for today Five compelling big data use cases IBM’s unique value for client success Recommendations on how to get started IBM’s viewpoint on big data and analytics Recommendationson how to get started 1 2 3 4
  17. 17. Fuel all decision-making with powerful Analytics Content and text analytics Entity and predictive analytics Trend, pattern and temporaldeviation Natural language processing Specialized visualizations Reporting & Analysis Operational Systems Systems of Engagement Model Development Data Media Content Machine Social Result Sets Real-time Scoring Decision Management Find what is relevant Inform and automate Social network analytics expert intermediate novice
  18. 18. Broaden Analytics Adoption without Silos Unified analytics Data Media Content Machine Social Consistent analytics authoring Unified workspace Centralized management Unified data access
  19. 19. Customer next best action Asset predictiveasset optimization Fraud anti-fraud,waste, andabuse Accelerate business value with solutions Analytic skills Marketplace experience Innovation Products Social SocialMediaAnalytics
  20. 20. 2 New Upgrades = Foundation of your Analytics strategy 2x faster Dynamic Cube performance 25% improvement in batch execution 20%+ faster interactive response time 10x more data in Active Reports 1/3 of Price compared to Oracle 6x faster Burst execution 3x faster mobile report retrieval & execution 18x Faster Cube Load 20x Faster Db Query 10-15x Improvements not uncommon
  21. 21. IBM DB2 BLU IBM COGNOS 10.2.1
  22. 22. QuickStart + Fixed Price Services = Accelerate your Analytics strategy - Operational Risk Management Implementation - Enterprise Reporting and Disclosure Management QuickStart - Business Intelligence QuickStart - Financial Close and Consolidation Implementation - Enterprise Planning Health Check - Social Media Analytics JumpStart - Predictive Maintenance and Quality Solution Implementation - IBM Cognos Planning Migration to TM1 Assessment
  23. 23. Forums,Training, Examples, and more! ? ! .com Download software Forums,Training, Examples,and more! ? ! .com
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