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Jack and the beanstalk


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Story time

Published in: Education
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Jack and the beanstalk

  1. 1. Jack and The Beanstalk By: Dalia C Barraza-Lopez
  2. 2. Once upon a time, on a little farm there lived a mother and her boy named Jack. They had been living alone after Jacks dad had past away, and they were slowly running out of food. Then one day……
  3. 3. One day Jacks mom asked him to take their old cow molly to the town and sell her since she was not giving milk out anymore, and they needed the money for food.
  4. 4. So off to the town Jack and Molly walked.
  5. 5. As they got closer to town an old man named Tom stopped and asked Jack where he was going, and Jack replied “to town to sell my cow Molly, my mother and I need money for food.”
  6. 6. Then the old man said: “well I don’t have any money, I can trade you the magical beans in my pocket for your cow.” What do you do you think? Wow Magical beans! YES!
  7. 7. After Jack got his magical beans he rushed home to show his mom.
  8. 8. When Jack got home and showed his mom the magical beans she was so sad and upset with Jack. That Night Jack planted the beans hoping that the would do their magic
  9. 9. The next morning a big beanstalk grew outside Jack’s house. And Jack decided to climb all the way to the top.
  10. 10. As Jack walked in to the Giants house he saw a beautiful gold goose, who laid golden eggs and decided to take them home. The next day Jack went back to the Giants house.
  11. 11. And he found a beautiful golden harp and he took it home with him. But then the Giant WOKE up! And noticed that his beautiful Harp was gone he looked down and saw a small boy climbing down the big beanstalk.
  12. 12. The Giant came down and mad he said little boy you have stolen my things and that is not very nice I am taking them back with me. Jack was so sorry and told the Giant he would never steal again.
  13. 13. The End.
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