Mazars presentation november 2011 (tjk)


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Mazars presentation november 2011 (tjk)

  1. 1. from auditing to global business advice –service that makes sence for our clients
  2. 2. Table of Contents3 A global firm4 An Integrated International Organisation5 Mazars Service Lines and Client Sectors Matrix6 A Fast Growing International Organization7 Mazars is represented in the International and European regulatory authorities8 Mazars presence in the region9 Mazars team in Asia Pacific region10 Mazars team in Asia Pacific region11 More than 450 Listed Companies Trust Us12 Recognized Signature in Asia-Pacific13 Mazars in Tajikistan14 Our Values15 We offer16 Our Clients17 Management Team
  3. 3. a global firmMazars is a global professional services firm with aunique integration model. Drawing on the knowledge and skillsof more than 13,000 professionals in 61 countries, we buildrelationshipsby providing services based on quality and integrity.Mazars is also a member of Praxity Alliance, which enablesMazars to operate in 22 additional countries with additional14,000 professionals.The people of Mazars around the world are united bya commitment to quality and excellence. To that end, we havedeveloped commonmethodologies, processes, knowledge bases, and technologies,and we continue to rework and refine them. Our firm is comprisedofa worldwide group with a multidisciplinary skill base and deep expertisein financial and business affairs as well as a shared dedicationto common value and ethics. With Mazars strong value, we are organised todeliver consistent quality wherever our clients do business.
  4. 4. An Integrated International OrganisationA transversal organisation which reflects our willingness to adapt our services to the sizeand specificities of our clients ►International Services Lines • Public Interest Entities (PIE) • Owner Managed Business (OMB) • Tax • Law ►A technical and commercial process coordinated by service linesA member of Praxity Global Alliance: ►Jointly created by Mazars and the main American members of the former Moores Rowland International network in 2007 ►Through this alliance, we serve our clients in 75 countries with a total of 25,000 professionals
  5. 5. Mazars Service Linesand Client Sectors Matrix
  6. 6. A Fast Growing International Organization MAZARS GROUP USD1.05 Billion * Per Sept 2009
  7. 7. Mazars is represented in the International and European regulatoryauthorities  IASB/IFRIC - International Accounting Standards Board  IFRIC - International Financial Reporting Interpretation Committee  EFRAG - European Financial Reporting Advisory Group  IFAC - International federation of accountants. Within IFAC, a Mazars partner is member of TAC (Transnational Auditor’s Committee). This committee represents the members of the Forum of Firms and answers to their needs  FEE - European Federation of Chartered Accountants, where Mazars represents France.
  8. 8. Mazars presence in the region
  9. 9. Mazars team in Asia Pacific region 2500 Experienced teams with full Comprehensive range of services 2000 Offices experienced in dealing with international clients French Desk in most countries 1500 Harmonised methodology and tools (AUDITsoft) across the region 1000 Regional coordinated training approach 500 Regional coordinated business development 0 June 2005 June 2008 апр.10
  10. 10. More than 450 Listed Companies Trust Us
  11. 11. Recognized Signature in Asia-Pacific
  12. 12. Mazars in TajikistanAt the Annual Conference that held in Prague in December 2010 Mazars partners from the five continents approvedseveral partnership growth operations. Tajikistan was among them.After passing integration process, Mazars in Tajikistan now provides a full range of audit and consulting services tolocal and international clients and shares the same obsession for all Mazars team members - technical excellenceand a common determination to go beyond existing technical and ethical standards. Highly skilled staff which nowreached 25 shares the same values and develop a strong understanding of our clients’ business processes andissues.As part of Mazars, significant growth opportunities emerged as exhibited by number of recent contracts, some beyondTajikistan. Significant note is assistance of Mazars Tajikistan with regional support led by Indonesia, to The GlobalFund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund). We assisted the OIG of the Global Fund with audit ofRepublican centre of HIV/AIDS and National centre of TB, Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan funded by GFATM. Asone of the worlds largest financiers of anti-AIDS, TB and malaria programs and at the end of 2010 has approvedfunding of USD 21.7 billion that supports more than 600 programs in 150 countries. We have successfully providedUN Coordination Unit and UN Executive Committee Agencies in Tajikistan with provision of Micro Assessment of theImplementing Partner’s Financial Management Capacity. More than 40 Implementing Partners all over the Tajikistan.We received accreditation from Regional Inspector General of USAID for conduction audits of USAID Awards inCentral Asia. Saddleback Corporation Limited with part of Kaisun Energy Group Limited, a listed company on HongKong is also in history of our company.Mazars in Tajikistan is investing more resources in Banking and Financial Sectors, for further development andexpansion in this direction. Chosen an auditor of 2 commercial banks and number of microfinance banks.
  13. 13. Our Values
  14. 14. Our ServicesMazars provides industry-focused services for public and private clients aimed at enhancing their value and allowingthe clients to perform in the dynamic and challenging environments in which they work. Outsourcing and accountingFinancial reporting audit advisory services  Legal audit • Consolidation and reporting  Contractual audit • Accounting and financial supportConsulting • HR services  Strategy • HR support  Operations Tax services  Finance • Business tax compliance  Organization • Tax advisory services  Governance & Risk Management • Corporate tax  Sustainability & Development • International taxFinancial advisory services • Employment tax  Corporate finance • Corporate structures  Due diligence • Expatriate tax services  Forensic, litigation and arbitration Legal services  Business restructuring  Tax Services 14
  15. 15. Our clients 15
  16. 16. Management Team in Tajikistan Director of Mazars in Tajikistan – based in Dushanbe. More than 12 years of progressive experience in development sector and fund accounting, three of which in regional and global settings. Solid experience in setting up financial systems and procedures, the internal audit process, financial management and Donor reporting. Strong experience in finance, human resources and administration management. In 2007 he established and led a start-up auditing and consulting practice to grow into the top five firms nationally. Firuz has earned his postgraduate Diploma in Economics from the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Service of Dushanbe (1999) and is currently pursuing a distant MBA at the Durham Business School, University of Durham UK.Firuz SaidovDirector 16
  17. 17. Farrukh is Managing Partner of Mazars in Tajikistan. Has more than 10 years experience in the field of public administration reform, with specific practical experience conducting functional reviews in Tajikistan. Postgraduate Diploma in Economics & Taxation, Tajik Tax and Law Institute. Postgraduate student on Macroeconomics, Institute of Economics under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan. Excellent knowledge and proven experience dealing with the public administration system of Tajikistan, as well as a strong track record working with various line ministries and senior officials in Tajikistan. Highly skilled and experienced Professional with over 5 years expertise in Procurement and finance management. Has reviewed the institutional, organizational and functional arrangements at a local and central level, and provided recommendations for improvements to the system.Farrukh MuminovManaging Partner 17
  18. 18. Elena leads financial sector Mazars in Tajikistan. Has extensive experience (more than 20 years) in accounting and audit. During auditing activities participated and leaded the audits in several largest banks in Tajikistan, such as: JSC Fononbank, ZAO Kafolatbank, as well as many of the leading microfinance institutions. Has long term experience as auditor in commercial structures. Good knowledge and understanding of tax regulations of the Republic of Tajikistan. Systematic participation in development of methodological recommendations on introduction of IFRS within working group of the Ministry of Finance of Republic of Tajikistan.Elena SimonovaPartner 18
  19. 19. Mavjigul joined Mazars in 2010 and currently she leads Mazars Legal Aid. Has strong experience in economy legislation, banking legislation, labour and social legislation, housing legislation, corporate right, judicial contests, legal defence in court. Has over 10 year experience of working in public prosecutor bodies, was in charge of supervisor of implementation of legalization in the ministries, departments, enterprise, facilities, organizations, execution of laws in civil cases in courts. Has wide experience of working in largest companies in Tajikistan such as SUE “Tajik Aluminium Company (TALCO), over 13 years, one of the leading banks of country “Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston”, 2 years.Mavjigul ShaymardanovaPartner 19
  20. 20. Mazars LLC Tajikistan734025, 45 Mirzo Tursunzoda Street401 office, Business Centre “Poytaht ”Dushanbe, TAJIKISTANPhone: + 992 (44) 640 41 41 + 992 (44) 640 51 51Email: