Diamond Program - Sela Software - Creating Top Developers


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Learn how to increase the talent of your software development team and reduce your cost of recruiting, training and managing those top developers.

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Diamond Program - Sela Software - Creating Top Developers

  1. 1. SELA Diamond Developer ProgramFinding the rare technical resources for your company! Dale Goff, Vice President Dalegoff@Sela.co.il 1-425-956-3433 SELA Software – Puget Sound Office 2018 – 156th Avenue NE, Bellevue WA 98007 www.SelaSeattle.com 1-425-748-5018
  2. 2. Executive Summary – SELA Diamond ProgramProblem Being Solved About SELA Finding & retaining strong software development talent. SELA helps companies adopt new technology quickly. With As it becomes increasingly more difficult to find and retain 30 top technology mentors and over 350 developers & testers strong software developers who understand the complexity globally, SELA has built a strong reputation for developing of new technologies, SELA provides you an aggressive high quality software, delivering on-time, transferring their program to secure and easily afford new top developers. technical knowledge & providing development service at a very competitive price. SELA development centers are located in Tel Aviv, Pune, Singapore, Toronto & Seattle.Unique Solution SELA provides clients with top developers (e.g. Java, Mobile, Technical Expertise .NET, Cloud) from our unique & intensive Diamond program. SELA Experts are sought after for their ability to balance a Here is how it works: company’s drive for technical change with a pragmatic team 1) Client defines the technology specialization & number of approach to software development. Additionally, each developers needed. expert actively educates new developers through SELA 2) SELA recruits, qualifies & gains commitment to the College & is responsible for real-world development projects. program from top potential developer candidates. This combination makes them exceptional technologists. 3) Client selects double the top candidates they require. 4) SELA runs students through an intensive 2-3 month Microsoft Honors program with real-world, hands-on technology training. SELA Experts author a good portion of the training Microsoft 5) Client selects top students they want as developers from program graduates. publishes to educate software developers globally. Based on a strong track record of delivery, SELA has been honored by Microsoft many times, including being awarded with 7 MVPs,Benefits to Client as a 2011 Partner of the Year Finalist, and earning 4 What’s different when you select top Diamond graduates? Microsoft Partner GOLD competencies. Faster Recruitment with Less Waste – Saves you time! Improved Talent Selection – Better development quality! SELA Contact Continuous Learning – With help from SELA Experts! Dale Goff, Vice President Dalegoff@Sela.co.il 1-425-956-3433 www.Developer-Staffing.com Slide: 2
  3. 3. How the Diamond Program Works? Our Solution – Finding the Rare Technical Talent  At it’s most basic, SELA increases your success of hiring top talent by intensively screening out mediocre hires.  SELA augments your normal screening process to include intensive, targeted hands-on training by Experts which separates the “book-smart” candidates from truly gifted & productive developers whom then become Diamonds.  Additionally, these top skilled Diamond developers are early in their career, so they bring tremendous energy to their assignments and tend to require lower compensation than developers with longer resumes.  This is a win/win business model as SELA provides this expert training & on-going mentorship free with commitment by client of contracting 6+ Diamonds to work on-site for 1+ years.1) Unique 2) SELA Recruits 3) Client Pre- 4) SELA Intensive 5) FinalRequirements Selection Training Selection •Based on •Focused on •Client reviews •SELA Experts •Based on actual business needs, specific client pre-screened train students on performance & client contracts requirements, candidates for client required SELA Expert SELA to build a SELA recruits SELA to enroll technology & technical Diamond and screens more students development assessments, development candidates for than they method with client selects team technical require, which performance top students to aptitude and allows top talent measures & become their enlists them to to prove they milestones onsite Diamond the Diamond are Diamonds shared with Developers training client The Process 1. Client defines the type & number of developers needed. 2. SELA Recruits, Qualifies & gains commitment from potential top developer candidates. 3. Client selects double the number of top candidates they require. 4. SELA runs students through an intensive 2-3 month training with real-world, hands-on technology training. 5. Client selects the top students they want as their on-site developers. Slide: 3
  4. 4. SELA Software – Unique QualificationsExpert Mentors Microsoft Honors SELA Experts are sought after for their ability to balance  Based on a strong track record of delivery, SELA has been the push for technical change with a pragmatic team honored by Microsoft many times, including being awarded approach to software development. with 7 MVPs, as a 2011 Partner of the Year Finalist, and earning 4 Microsoft Partner GOLD competencies. Additionally, each expert actively educates new developers through SELA College and is responsible for real-world development projects with clients. This combination makes them exceptional technologists. SELA Experts are author to a good portion of the training Microsoft publishes to educate software developers WW. For more details on SELA Experts, please link to: www.Technology-Adoption.com/SELA-Experts.htmlTechnology Expertise Global Clients SELA uses the best technology to solve each problem.  SELA has built a strong reputation for helping top Thus, SELA has expertise across platforms & industries. companies adopt new technology. Areas of Expertise: HTML5, Mobile (WP7, Android, iPhone),  By combining technical consulting, development, training XAML, XNA, Silverlight, Azure, .NET, WPF, RIA, MEF, C++, and mentoring, SELA proudly contributes in a unique way to C#, WCF, HPC, Network Security, plus use of Agile their clients. Methodologies & VS TFS to manage Development & Test.  For listing of Clients, please see appendix or link to: www.technology-adoption.com/sela-clients.html  Services offered range from:  Onsite Technical Staffing  Expert Training & Mentoring  Outsourced Dev & Test Teams  Architect On-Staff by Retainer Slide: 4
  5. 5. Diamond Program Benefits to You 1. Faster Development  SELA’s Diamond program saves your company time in several ways:  Reduced Ramp-up Time & Effort by your staff  Reduced Interview Cycles for your staff to find & train top talent  Increased Staff Retention due to less negative attrition churn 2. Improved Talent Selection  SELA’s Diamond program brings a higher quality of employee to your development team:  Focused & Intensive Technical Training with Measurable Quality Bars  Increased Retention through Contracts & Good Hire Rates  Select only the top talent from among all Diamond trained developers 3. Continuous Learning  SELA’s Diamond program keeps your staff competent on the newest technology:  Free Skill Enhancement from SELA Experts for your staff  Direct Technical Support for SELA Diamonds  Development Support to Client Organization Slide: 5
  6. 6. By the Numbers – Creating a True Win/WinAreas of Savings for Client How SELA bills New Employee Ramp-up – SELA Diamonds integrate  You determine the budget. SELA provides our and become productive developers for you within Diamonds to you at a pre-agreed cost and length of weeks verses months. contract (1-3 years) which is determined with you. Zero Integration Impact – As a result of their  SELA Diamonds work as onsite vendors for you, under training, client staff will require very little of their your direct management with SELA as technical work time to integrate Diamonds. mentors & support. Recruitment & Screening – SELA finds top potential  SELA allows you to hire our Diamonds at the end of candidates, recruits them into the program and their contract at a pre-defined fee to SELA; reducing screens them for experience and technical aptitude. risk even further, you will have first-hand knowledge On-going Mentorship – Through free access to SELA of each Diamond working on your staff. Experts, Diamonds tend to solve difficult technical issues much faster and help the entire team move Cost to the Students through development cycles quickly.  No cost to student – Through this unique program Wages – Diamonds cost are equal or less with design, SELA attracts top students and does not salaries known and stable for 2-3 years; however, require them to pay for their training. Diamonds tend to outperform most developers with many more years of resume experience.  This factor allows SELA to provide you free selection of top Diamonds to become your developers. Retention – SELA Diamonds commit to long-term  Note that students are obligated to repay the entire contracts, remain on assignment with a single cost of training if they break your contract or leave company and are commonly hired as employees. SELA’s program. Morale – As Diamonds tend to be new in their  The average retention for SELA Diamonds now career, they bring very positive energy and spirit to exceeds 3 years in these programs. their assignments and are often identified as top contributors by SELA clients.  SELA has placed over 1,000 Diamonds in client teams. Slide: 6
  7. 7. APPENDIX SELA Software Technical Specialization Grid - Seattle At SELA, we are dedicated to create more developers and stronger developers in Seattle. Our Diamond Developer Program is a highly targeted approach to finding top talent for your team. We begin our grid with the need of Seattle clients to identify the primary technical skills required to help them achieve their goals. SELA is using this information to better target the type of developers we will recruite and train to help local companies adopt new technology through the SELA Diamond & Accelerated Development Programs. Area of Solution Desktop Web Server Mobile HTML5, ASP, Win8 Metro apps, .NET ASP.NET, Silverlight .NET, Azure WP WPF, WinForms JavaScript HTML5, JavaScript, Java - Java related AWS, Java, J2EE Android technologies MacOS X Desktop Objective C - - iOS Apps Slide: 7
  8. 8. SELA Experts – Strength through Experience To view details on SELA Experts, please visit: www.SelaSeattle.com/ Slide: 8
  9. 9. Client List – Proven Delivery & ValueGlobal ClientsSELA has built a strongreputation for helping topcompanies adopt newtechnology.By combining technicalconsulting, development,training and mentoring, SELAproudly contributes in a uniqueway to these clients.Services offered range from:• Onsite Technical Staffing• Expert Training & Mentoring• Outsourced Dev & Test Teams• Architect On-Staff by Retainer Slide: 9
  10. 10. SELA Training – Sharing Knowledge by Experts  SELA College  SELA now educates 600-900 new developers each year.  SELA has graduated over 10,000 developers since 1998.  Applying a unique capabilities-based selection process and intensive technical training program, SELA graduates 20-30% of students as Diamond Developers through client- sponsored programs.  Continuous Learning  SELA developers are provided regular skills enhancement training to keep them knowledgeable, top performers.  To enhance learning, SELA provides an online community-based learning platform (SELA College Channels) for all SELA students and employees.  Microsoft Training Kits  SELA has been selected to author a good portion of the training Microsoft provides for Software Developers, which is all made available to our developers.  Microsoft Courseware  SELA is the largest author and contributor to Microsoft courseware for developers. This helps SELA keep their developers knowledgeable about the latest technologies. Slide: 10