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Introducing lifecycle BIM; Solving Data Integration & normalising workflows for the complete Asset Lifecycle Management; COBie the International Standards for Data Management; the various BIM Levels; what Asset & Facility Managers want to know; EcoDomus as a Solution; The Data Environment; Integration interfaces with Archibus Facility & Asset Management, also SISfm, IFMs Spatial Information Solution; the EcoDomus Platform; System Architecture of an Integrated Solution; the handover challenges; the mobile environments; EcoDomus, Archibus and SISfm.
Dale Ritchie -

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  1. 1. The Solutions Company
  2. 2. Introducing Lifecycle BIM Solving Data Integration and Normalising Workflows For the Complete Asset Lifecycle Management
  3. 3. Building Information Modeling Collaborative process of creating 3D geometry, connecting objects, and entering required information. Building Information Management Utilization and maintenance of models for optimization of building performance and streamlining of related workflows. Building Information Model Digital representation of a building. It may consist of one or more files in different formats and linked documentation. What is BIM?
  4. 4. Lifecycle Building Information Management • Application of Building Information Modeling to the whole lifecycle of facilities and related infrastructure • Includes use cases: BIM for Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, Cost Management, Life Safety, Risk Management, etc. • Lifecycle BIM (“visual database”) is the data foundation platform – it is the most complete information about your facility. DataGeometry
  5. 5. Design - BIM is created for visualization - Feedback from contractors and FM - Design-intent attributes Construction - BIM is updated to 3D as-built - Installation attributes - Linked documents to BIM Renovation - Planning renovations in 3D BIM - Enhanced condition assessment - Maintaining as-built models Maintenance - BIM for energy analysis - 3D visualization for work orders - Space optimization - Shutdown planning - Risk management - Improved spare parts procurement - Business process visualization - Tenants comfort management Facility Lifecycle and BIM
  6. 6. At the financial completion of a project, the construction manager typically delivers a truck-full of boxes (or CD's containing PDFs) to the facility manager. It is assumed that this information can assist the facility manager to maintain, operate, and track assets within the building. More often than not this information is delivered months or years after the building has been occupied and is ultimately placed in a storage room where it is never used.
  7. 7. Why? • Poor Organisation • Inadequate Communication • Poor performance man • Contractual Misunderstandings • Poor planning • Insufficient Risk Management • Limited Talent Management
  8. 8. Lifecycle Building Information Management (LBIM) Design Construction Operation & Maintenance Renovation WorkOrderManagement SpaceManagement BuildingAutomation ProjectManagement BIMAuthoring Programming Handover Handover Handover BIMUpdates Commissioning Analytics(Safety,Procurement,etc.)
  9. 9. Handover Data Challenges 10 Transfer of information after handover is a collection of various documents gathered in physical and digital files containing:  As-built drawings / models  Quality assurances  Product information  Technical specifications  Material schedules  Etc. Traditionally all relevant information has to be entered manually into an FM system. The task is huge for large projects and requires special tools and processes, like provided by EcoDomus.
  10. 10. UK Construction 2025 GOALS HM Government 2013 Industrial Strategy: government and industry in partnership Towards a Digitally Built Britain With 21st Century Assets A sector that is technologically advanced
  12. 12. UK’s BIM Level 3 – Instant Information for Analytics 13 • UK mandates BIM Level 2 on all projects from April 2016. • Level 2 BIM is about static BIM files delivered based on established protocols (including COBie). • Next stage: Level 3 EcoDomus
  13. 13. We are thinking about : Embedded sensors, Interface systems, Interoperability of Operating systems, Data Storage and Exchange, Ontologies, Integrated Contracts Level 3 – We now enter The Internet of Things driven by BIG Data
  14. 14. 15 What Facility Owners Want to Know? Few of these questions could be answered by a typical CMMS / CAFM / IWMS, since these are not major maintainable assets. In the past, the problem was to collect this information, hand it over to FM, and maintain it over the lifecycle. It was too difficult and expensive (even for the major assets). New technology, like EcoDomus, can solve this problem.
  15. 15. BIM for Operation and Maintenance 16 Benefits for Owners and Operators using BIM  Increase return on asset by increasing the useful life of the asset and its productivity throughout its lifecycle  Manage risk by meeting regulatory compliance requirements and ensuring public safety and access to accurate information  Improve operational performance by increasing infrastructure availability, shortening downtime and outages, and improving maintenance efficiency.
  16. 16. Each object has data associated with it: asset properties, documents, what building systems it is a part of, what other assets and locations this object is affecting, related work orders, etc. Search for locations and assets and see through the walls (use object transparency). Isolate individual items or whole systems, showing the rest in semi-transparent mode. Use game-engine-like avatars to walk/run around the building. EcoDomus BIM Interface 17 Jump to any location within the building using viewpoints. See the real-time and historical values from the corresponding sensors.
  17. 17. EcoDomus Common Data Environment
  18. 18. Building Information Model (BIM) Autodesk Revit, Bentley AECOsim, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Tekla, IFCs Geographical Information System (GIS) Cadcorp SIS, ESRI ArcGIS, Google Maps, Oracle Spatial, SISfm Enquiry Building Automation System (BAS) Honeywell EBI, Siemens Apogee, Schneider Electric StruxureWare, OPC, BACnet, etc. Maintenance Management (CMMS) ARCHIBUS, IBM Maximo, Oracle Unifier FMRE, FSI, TMA, AssetWorks, Anacle, etc. Integration of Information Space Management (CAFM) Oracle Unifier, TRIRIGA, ARCHIBUS, Planon, Manhattan, etc. Project Management (PM) Oracle Unifier, Procore, PMWeb, Trimble Proliance, Prolog, e-Builder, etc. 19 Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) ProjectWise, McLaren, Documentum, BlueCielo, Alfresco, Autodesk BIM360 Docs, etc. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Oracle Financials, SAP R/3, NetSuite, IFS, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, etc.
  19. 19. Web / Mobile Access / API Input Data (EcoDomus PM) Design & construction data processing, COBie, BIM, Quality Control, project management. Maintain Data (EcoDomus FM) Lifecycle Data Management via integration with other applications and operation processes improvements. Supply Chain (EcoDomus SC)* Process optimization for procurement, manufacturer- focused workflows. Data Analytics (EcoDomus DA) Big Data crunching, cross-app “mash up” reports (BIM+BAS+FM+GIS) EcoDomus Platform SQL Server Core API
  20. 20. System Architecture EcoDomus PM EcoDomus FM Client Service PM / FM Central Service PM / FM BIM Connector Revit EcoDomus Mobile (iOS, Android and Windows) Central SQL DB Client N Client 3 Client 2 Client 1 Revit / Other Design Applications Local DB BIM Files BIM Connector (Other) IFC Importer ESRI API, Google Earth API ESRI ArcGIS Google Earth Cadcorp SIS GIS DB BAS Protocols (OPC, BACnet, Modbus) BAS System Client BAS Document / Project Management System Construction Management Web Services Integration API CMMS / CAFM / IWMS CMMS DB 21
  21. 21. ARCHIBUS/FM Data Schema & IFM Document Management & EcoDomus COBie and SMART Building [Oracle – MS SQL Server] EcoDomus Core Application SISfm Enquiry Administrator APIs (Application Program Interfaces) IFM SISfm Enquiry Room Enquiry Map Enquiry Room Booking Move Manager People Manger Works Request Report Maker Map Mobile EcoDomus PM/FM BIM Connectors Project Management COBie Design Management FM Asset capture Lifecycle BIM Virtual Environments Energy Management BusinessIntelligence&Integration,Workflow ControllersandAnalytics Process Navigator IFM SISfm Enquiry Browser/Mobile EcoDomus PM/FM Browser/Mobile Integrated Solution Based on open Web Services architecture Archibus Web Central Browser/Mobile ARCHIBUS/FM Works & Maintenance Asset Management Space Management Project Management Lease Management Environmental Management OHS Management ARCHIBUS/FM Core Application General Student & Staff Access API Web Services (SOA) FM Staff Access Shared RDBMS Common Tables Modules and Functionality
  22. 22. Low level Integration between FM, Assets Works, Space (SAM), BIM, CAD, GIS Archibus FM Platform (FM Staff Access) IFM SISfm Enquiry (Public, Staff and Student access) EcoDomus FM (FM Staff Access) Spatial Data CAD, BIM, Plans, GIS , Mapping Cadcorp SIS Autodesk Revit Autodesk AutoCAD Archibus Modules • Space Management • Personnel and Occupancy • Space Chargeback • Strategic Space Planning • Project Management • Asset Management • Mobile Framework IFM SISfm Enquiry (GIS & Mapping) • Room Enquiry • Map Enquiry • Move Manager • People Manager • Works Request • Room Booking • Report Maker • Parking Management • Map Mobile EcoDomus PM/FM (BIM QA and Enterprise Viewing) • Project Commissioning • BIMCAD Lifecycle Integration • COBie Integration • Document Management Cadcorp SIS / Revit (Authoring tools) • CAD • GIS/Mapping • BIM IFM Web Based Integration and Software Solution Integrated Facility Management Solution Platform with BIM/Asset Lifecycle for a large Asset Owner. Integrated Software Solution EcoDomus PM (Cloud or Local) Contractor Access AEC Data. Creation and Handover OEM Manuals Assets BIM CAD Documents EcoDomus PM Validates CAD and BIM Extracts BIM Objects and CAD Blocks Into Asset Register/ / Validates against COBie/Omiclass/IFC Allows Project Management and Document Management Archibus, EcoDomus and IFM SISfm Enquiry utilise Shared Oracle or SQL database for seamless low level integration Archibus Mobile & EcoDomus PM/FM Staff/Contractors Mobile Application (IOS, Android) SISfm Enquiry Map Mobile Staff, Students, Public Mobile (HTML5) Desktop Tools
  23. 23. About COBie • Construction Operation Building information exchange • Open IFC-based international standard • Major facility owners require it • EcoDomus PM was the first middleware to get COBie-compliant (2009) • Looks easy to do at first glance (“we’ll just fill out that Excel spreadsheet”) – later becomes a four-letter word at some organizations Handover and COBie 24
  24. 24. What What data is required: asset types, attributes, document categories, system levels, zone types? What are the nomenclature rules for assets, spaces, systems, etc.? How How is the data prepared and collected: is BIM geometry adequate for data export? Are MEP systems connected? How to establish relationships between objects? Where Where is the data managed: in EcoDomus PM? Excel? Revit? Who Who provides the data and who checks and validates it (Responsibility Matrix)? Who updates the 3D model? Who collects field data? When What are the milestones, incentives and penalties for data checking? Typical Challenges with Handover Workflows 25
  25. 25. Handover Issues and Consequences 26 01 02 03 04 05 No Requirements: When facility owners do not specify asset types, attributes, documents, etc. as contractual requirements, their providers do not know how to price the job, and most of the time provide very little useful information. Wrong Processes: Most modelers disregard BIM authoring tools’ capabilities and produce good looking 3D models that are not information models, and do not provide much value to facility owners. Schedule Delays: When data validation milestones are not defined, all activities are pushed to the final stages of the contract, and often it is too late to find missing information, and the handover is delayed by months. Lack of Responsibility: Without Information Managers the quality of data is not guaranteed. Data providers are not held accountable for their quality of work which often results in missing data. Wrong Tools: Inexperienced providers, or those not incentivized by owners, try to use free tools and manual labor, resulting in higher total costs, poor data quality, and issues with data updates.
  26. 26. Addressing Handover Workflow Issues 27 What Data is Required Apply Use Cases relevant to the O&M/FM processes. Start with the end in mind. Each specified data point in EIR should have the need justified. How to Collect Data Utilize intelligent BIM: make sure the quality of the models is sufficient to export baseline data. Address the relevant errors and warnings in the BIM authoring app. Integrate Project Management tools (i.e. Oracle Unifier) with Handover tools (EcoDomus PM). When to Check Data Specify realistic milestones. Link the milestones to construction schedule. Create incentives and penalties for data providers. Use automated data checkers (EcoDomus PM Reports). Who Provides and Validates Data Data should be provided by those who originate it, at the time of the data creation. Information Managers, working for the facility owners, should diligently validate the quality of the provided data. Where to Manage Data Manage geometry in BIM authoring apps. Manage metadata in data management apps (EcoDomus PM). Minimize the use of Excel. 01 02 03 04 05
  27. 27. EcoDomus COBie QC Report 28
  28. 28. EcoDomus Virtual Reality for FM 29
  29. 29. Access BIMs anywhere you go: Tablet PC such as iPad and Surface, or Android phones offer full 3D view and finger-friendly interface. All your digital documents library at the tip of your fingers. Split responsibilities between field personnel and back office staff. EcoDomus Mobile BIM 30
  30. 30. Scan Barcode Find Asset Review Documents Add Work Order Attach Photo of Receipt Review Work Orders Mobile Work Orders and Barcoding 31
  31. 31. IFM SISfm Enquiry
  32. 32. Public, Student and Staff Access through IFM SISfm Enquiry IFM SISfm Map Enquiry with EcoDomus
  33. 33. Most Staff and Students access Floor plans
  34. 34. Select FM Staff and Contractors Access EcoDomus from IFM SISfm Map Enquiry Site Map from Web/Mobile 35
  35. 35. 1. Creating BIM requires well thought out data collection rules and stringent Quality Control – otherwise it’s all just nice 3D pictures, no business value. Software Tools should be used for data collection and quality control, the more enterprise the better 2. BIM Lifecycle tools provide an easy-to-use, visual (3D/2D) access to the complete set of data about physical structures (buildings, civil infrastructure), equipment/locations and their interdependencies. 3. BIM Lifecycle FM acts as a platform enabling integration of all facility systems – BAS, CMMS, CAFM, GIS, ERP, HR, etc. providing significant savings via improved data flow and analytics.
  36. 36. Sydney Opera House Asset Lifecycl e Project BIM 4 FM
  37. 37. • Condition assessment, analysis of performance of materials with the SOH stated goal of lasting a thousand years. • Enterprise access for all staff and contractors working on SOH offering a ‘single point of truth’ for all Building and Project information. • All contractors will use EcoDomus standards to work on SOH contracts. • All Work Orders will have Photos and laserscans taken before and after. • GeoFencing and Timeout added for Security Project • An iconic global heritage structure. • Models and databases are integrated within EcoDomus to provide data analytics for Operation & Maintenance. 38
  38. 38. Begin with end in mind
  39. 39. BIM and CMMS: EcoDomus Viewer Embedded
  40. 40. Tim Goring E-mail:

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Introducing lifecycle BIM; Solving Data Integration & normalising workflows for the complete Asset Lifecycle Management; COBie the International Standards for Data Management; the various BIM Levels; what Asset & Facility Managers want to know; EcoDomus as a Solution; The Data Environment; Integration interfaces with Archibus Facility & Asset Management, also SISfm, IFMs Spatial Information Solution; the EcoDomus Platform; System Architecture of an Integrated Solution; the handover challenges; the mobile environments; EcoDomus, Archibus and SISfm. Enquiries: Dale Ritchie -


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