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Find out what your approach to change may very well be missing. This is how you can really make a difference with Continuous Improvement. If you want sustainable change you wont get there without People Power!

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People Power

  1. 1. WelcomePerformance through Engagement
  2. 2. WelcomePEOPLE POWER
  3. 3. Wake up You can have all the ideas and lean tools in the world, but without your People Power, it will be like a ticking bomb of failure.4
  4. 4. People Power Powerful People Continuously Improving People Power is quite simply providing the ability to the right individuals so they can control and lead your approach to Continuous Improvement. At the heart of any change, is people, and thus will take people to change those people. Just like you cannot expect people to 5S, as an example, on their own. You cannot expect anything special from just anyone. This is where you create Powerful People.5
  5. 5. CreationFrom kaizens to CulturesContinuous Improvement by definition surelymeans our focus, our approach has to becontinuous. It cannot be a project, an activity or aflavour of the month.Most people now know that a successful approachwill come from a change in culture – Your very ownContinuous Improvement Culture.A culture where everyday, everyone on everyprocess in every department are improving.Wowwww!And do you expect 1 CI team, 1 CI facilitator, 1 CIEngineer to do this for you…
  6. 6. Truth About sustainment Those that have been involved with Continuous These should be the ones you turn into your Improvement will have struggled at some point with Continuous Improvement leaders with People its sustainment. Power. And no sustainment, means no real success The truth is you need everyone to change a culture and your best chance is with a team of people, Power People! You have the foundation already there, with line leaders and supervisors, managers – after all it should come from the top.7
  7. 7. People Power What are they? Continuous Power Inspiring Empowering People Power Lead from the FrontImprovement Leaders Communicate Communicators Inspire People Empowerment People Appraisal Developers Autonomy Motivators
  8. 8. People Power What do they provide? Continuous Power Inspiring Empowering People PowerImprovement Leaders Communicators People People Developers Motivators
  9. 9. People Power Continuous Improvement LeadersLead from the Front“The ability to harness the potential of people in the The ability to lead people to make a total andchange process and Lead them through the voluntary commitment to accomplish or exceedadvance to your objectives with Continuous your organisation’s goals.Improvement, whatever they maybe. The journey isonly a successful one when everyone is involved.”Develop yourself on how to provide continuousimprovement leadership in achieving a culture ofevery person, every process, everyday - improving!
  10. 10. People Power Power CommunicatorsCommunicate“It’s not what you say that counts, it’s what they On this basis the ability to communicatehear!” effectively is crucial.The ability to Communicate is at the veryfoundation for Continuous Improvement.Develop your skills on how to engage yourpersonnel in your aims for change, and moreimportantly how to involve them – and thus startcultural change.
  11. 11. People Power Inspiring PeopleInspire“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to Inspire your people to change the face of yourbe what we know we could be” business forever Ralph Waldo EmersonPeople can do anything they put their mind to.Inspire them and find out.Develop yourself in the 4 fundamentals ofInspirement; Means, Excel, Mutual andConfidence.
  12. 12. People Power Empowering PeopleEmpowerment“We can achieve great things, we can make a With the realisation that there is a cause anddifference, and we can act on issues that are effect to our thoughts and actions, we canimportant!” acknowledge that we can provide our people with the power to affect change.There is no reason why it is not physically possible!Empowerment is the capacity, the alter ego, thesuper power – making the physical possible.Develop yourself with the 4 Power Habits and learnhow to Empower your people.
  13. 13. People Power People DevelopersAppraisal“Your company can only grow if your people are Together everyone achieves more throughallowed to do the same” people development.Understand whats most important about yourpeople development.Develop your education in the 7 focus areas ofPeople Development, and learn how to reallymotivate your people to continuously improve.
  14. 14. People Power Power MotivatorsAutonomy“Without autonomy people will never feel apart of Provide the control for people to make athe culture you are trying to create, only a difference.passenger”Provide the greatest engagement opportunity for allyour employees.Learn how to provide your people with the power tounearth the changes never to be seen in yourcompany.
  15. 15. People Power Leading the future of your Continuous Improvement! Continuous Power Inspiring Empowering People PowerImprovement Leaders Communicators People People Developers Motivators
  16. 16. Join the adventure