Is the workplace a reflection of the leader?


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Is the workplace a reflection of the leader?

  1. 1. Is the workplace a reflection of the leader?
  2. 2. Is the workplace a reflection of the leader? In many ways, I believe and have found through personal experience that it is. One of many potential examples includes a leaders or an organizations leaderships ability to foster a true culture of calculated risk-taking with respect to new product and new business development.HP Amaral, JD MBAStrategic Marketing &Product Marketing Mgr.
  3. 3. Is the workplace a reflection of the leader? To some extent. It will depend on the qualities of the leader - everything from personal charisma to skill set, and what the followers are looking for in a leader. If there is a mismatch between what the leader brings and what the followers want, then the workplace may well be a reflection of the followers.Patricia Pitsel, Ph.D.Principal at Pitsel &Associates Ltd.
  4. 4. Is the workplace a reflection of the leader? Absolutely ... the leader sets the tone. However, 1) most of the time, there are multiple leaders, so the effect might be dissolved, you can get synergy or they can "cancel each other out" 2) some great teams are capable of functioning adequately despite bad leadership Great leaders can get even mediocre team to function well. By the same token, a toxic leader can such the life out of a team composed of great mindsIlona JerabekPresident & CEO atPsychTests AIM Inc.
  5. 5. Is the workplace a reflection of the leader? Most definitely! Everything from how accounts are handled to how well-kept the employee lunch room is, reflects on the management. Especially from the customers point of view. It doesnt mean that YOU as the leader has to do it all. Thats where having the mind to delegate comes in. But when you pick each co-leader make sure they have the same values as you do in their areas and then the reflection will be something you will WANT to shine on you. Put your best in, and your best allies in and you will get a reflection you are proud of!Tina CraigCertified Life Coach atLifeShift Coaching
  6. 6. Is the workplace a reflection of the leader? Not necessarily. I often see great leaders but the workplace is not a reflection of their true skills. In small set ups, YES- The leaders behaviors get reflected in the workplace. In larger organizations , the workplace is actually a set of multiple reflections. Each team is a reflection of its leader. As you go down the line, you will see that teams are actually a reflection of their manager. Good teams have great managers and ineffective teams have ineffective managers.Ankesh AminOD & OE at Aditya BirlaFinancial Services Group
  7. 7. Is the workplace a reflection of the leader? Yes! The leader definitely sets the tone and culture of the workplace. How they set the vision and inspire others to achieve top results is a symbol of their ability to motivate and empower others. An effective leader always celebrates the accomplishments and recognizes the contributions of their team which builds a positive work climate. In addition, they are responsible for hiring, training and retaining the best people in their pyramid so yes - it all goes back to leadership.Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIP,CPBSExecutive Coach | LeadershipConsultant | Development
  8. 8. Is the workplace a reflection of the leader? Absolutely. The leader of any group create a culture within the group. For example if the leader is angry, demanding and on edge all the time, the team members will tend to be fearful and on edge.Jim BrittCEO Jim Britt, International, Inc
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