How do you stay organized at work


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How do you stay organized at work

  1. 1. 1. To-do lists 2. Calendars 3. My internal ability to prioritize Lisa A. Nofzinger Writer - Blogger1. Use available tools 2. Minimize printing 3. Organize documents in a folder structure withlogical labels to facilitate finding them later Most importantly - prioritize. Do the importantstuff first and do it on time. Jean Sica-Lieber Legal Analyst/Writer/Paralegal
  2. 2. The good old fashioned filofax... and Galileo Queues...(thats a liveGDS system used in the travel trade) I print NOTHING because it serves no purpose and just seems to makeeveryone else less organized... Aside from that I do all of my work in a strict order. Claire Wesley
  3. 3. Organize your to-do list first by importance and then by due date. Use this order (1= mostimportant) 1) Important and due soon 2) Important and not due soon 3) Not important and due soon 4) Not important and not due soon Use a Calendar to track appointments, meetings, deadlines, projects, etc. Keeping a time diary for a couple of days will tell you how you spend your time. You canthen analyze your diary and find ways to improve efficiency. Touch every piece of work only once (or at most twice). This means if you see an e-mailwith a request from a colleague, you can either address it right away, or place it onto yourto-do list. No procrastination allowed. Keep current with your e-mails by keeping your inbox clear. If you are placing somethingonto your to-do list and the person e-mailing you needs a response, let them know thatyou have seen their e-mail and will respond by a certain date and time. This will bothacknowledge them and keep you "honest" in following up on time.  Denis Smirnov Pharmacy Supervisor at Enclara Health
  4. 4. Time management is the key; I always ensure I have one half hour freein the morning and another in the afternoon because I know there arealways those little problems you were not counting on that will make adifference so I am prepared with time for those. Of course, emailfiltering is also one major key but I have managed to do that withseveral procedures including different accounts according with thepriority of emails. Cristina Falcão Pharmaceutical Consultant - Lawyer
  5. 5. To Do list and calendars. At the end of each week I create a To Do listfor the following week. Then at the end of each day I review it to see if Ihave accomplished what I should have. Also, get todays work out of theway. Dont let it spill over into the next day. Eventually, the glass willoverflow. I also keep a legal pad handy to record any notes throughoutthe day to add to any upcoming To Do list. And lastly, make sure youhave goals written down and constantly monitor these. Larry Shepard Lending & Collections Executive
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