According to you, what is the barometer of success age or experience


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According to you, what is the barometer of success age or experience

  1. 1.  Success in todays economy is what work for the individual and the company I am a retiree working on a volunteer basis with foundations like SCORE and Micro Mentor in support of many small enterprises in the evolution of business plans, many on complex government contracting programs with dictated benefit requirements. The management challenge, regardless of ethics, laws against discrimination and similar ethically related factors, is to balance the resource mix for success in the company. It is an astute company that allows for the experienced worker by comparing the value that resource represents to more inexperienced help, marketing factors or other intrinsic contributions. The weighing factor of course is cost - salary, benefits and tenure expectations.
  2. 2.  If the above equation yields a positive answer the senior resource will be pursued. If not the company will attempt to find a way to manage with a lower cost, less efficient resource until it can afford the more expensive one. The astute senior will take his talent to where the market can pay for it. The astute company will hire the senior when the resource/cost equation fits. As an aside, I am amazed at the number of older workers who are beginning their own enterprises so they can have some control of the situation. Kenneth Larson Retired Aerospace Contracts Manager
  3. 3. Youth is the currency you spend to get experience. Your job is to getthe most for your money. Lance Thompson Writer and Script Doctor at Bagpipe Luau Adaptability at any age. David Velasquez Staff Manufacturing Tech. with BioNano Genomics Inc. Experience. Wallace Jackson 2nd Multimedia Producer
  4. 4. With age come experience, but it doesnt mean that you will learn fromthat experience and use the learning to become a successful individualin your personal and/or professional life. Also, age doesnt guaranteethat you will gain the right experience to achieve success!According to me:First you need to understand and identify how to measure the successtrying to be achieved;Then identify the personal key attributes that are required to achieve thissuccess including skills, experience and qualifications;Then find a suitable person/team that matches the key attributes who candeliver and achieve the success you are aiming for.I personally would never consider age as a factor!!!! Dawn Powell HR Consultant at Right Hand HR
  5. 5. Neither age or experience are true indicators of success to me. As othershave mentioned, it is more about what has been achieved andaccomplished during that time, how many people have been helped, howmany personal goals have been met, how many challenges have beenovercome.Im not a big fan of judging other peoples success. Everyone is successfulin some way and if we only use the standard measures, we might not seethe truly great things the person has achieved, regardless of their age orexperience. Judy Hojel *Exp. CEO & Speaker
  6. 6.  Clearly, age nor experience has much to do with it on an extrinsic level (some achieve wealth in their youth) nor instrinsic level (many people never find true fulfillment and live long lives). If it were age or experience then all people that are reach a certain level of age and experience would be the most successful... The reason for the success of some young and some old ... some with experience and others without as much experience) is that success comes from thinking in a certain way. Those that learn to think smarter will work smarter and find both intrinsic and extrinsic success... they think smarter by having clarity of vision, a specific purpose, a passion for what they do in service of others and strong core values. Check-out Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to begin with... Crystal Davis 2nd Visionary Mentor, Coach, & Speaker
  7. 7.  I believe everyone has a different barometer (a tool for measuring) when it comes to success. Some are in pursuit of money, others measure according to key relationship success, and still others measure by the amount of education. All these things can come at an early age so it eliminates that criteria. Experience doesnt always teach success...sometimes its the same ol fool on the receiving end of experience. First, one has to define what success looks like and then go after it with all his might. One has to also prepare his heart to receive the success hes asked for. Michelle Hill Fitness content writer for current/retired pro athletes
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