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Data Services at the American University of Beirut: Challenges and Opportunities.


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This is a description of the work I do at AUB as a data services librarian.

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Data Services at the American University of Beirut: Challenges and Opportunities.

  1. 1. DataServicesatthe AmericanUniversity ofBeirutLibraries Dalal Rahme Data Services Librarian Presented at the Lebanese Library Association (LLA) 4th Conference
  2. 2. Outline 1. Research Data Lifecycle 2. Why Data Management 3. Our Services 4. Opportunities 5. Challenges
  3. 3. American University of Beirut What are Research Data? “Recorded factual material commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to validate research findings.” (NIH, 2003)
  4. 4. American University of Beirut Data Management in the Research Lifecycle
  5. 5. Why Data Services?
  6. 6. American University of Beirut Which types of digital content do you create when generating research data? Text 55% Spreadsheets 42% Images and graphics 30 Source code 12% Structured text 11%
  7. 7. American University of Beirut 38% 54% 8% DATA DOCUMENTATION yes no no answer They all do Self-Archiving 23%
  8. 8. American University of Beirut What happens to your research data when you leave the institution? The data remain at the institution 5% The data are taken 40% The data are deleted 6.15% I don’t know 40%
  9. 9. American University of Beirut 54% 23% 23% SENSITIVE DATA Never Sometimes Don't Know 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Interested Person by request No one Selected Members of my Institution Scientific Community Public WHO HAS ACCESS TO YOUR DATA
  10. 10. American University of Beirut Research Data Reusability 60% YES 30% NO 10% No Answer
  11. 11. American University of Beirut Motivation to share data 49.18 % 53% 40.98 % 34.43 % 27.87 % Increased visibility and impact of your own research Recognition in the scientific community New contacts and/or opportunities for cooperation with other scientists Support in the process of making the data accessible Establishment of standards for accountability and appropriate use (Fair Use) of the data
  12. 12. American University of Beirut What supportive options for handling research data would you use at your institution? Legal Advise Training Courses Specific Support of Data Management First Level Support (front Desk) 90% 72% 45% 45%
  13. 13. What further action do you expect from your institution? Employ qualified personnel for research data management tasks Guidelines or policies for dealing with research data Include research data management in the job responsibilities Include research data management in the curriculum 80% 72% 7% 7%
  14. 14. How we started at AUB
  15. 15. American University of Beirut Influence Sphere
  16. 16. American University of Beirut Our services
  17. 17. Data Acquisition
  18. 18. American University of Beirut AUB Data Bank
  19. 19. American University of Beirut Data Management Plan Data Formats Data Processing Data Acquisition Digital Humanities Projects Data Visualization One-on-One Consultation
  20. 20. American University of Beirut Monthly LibrarySessions
  21. 21. American University of Beirut 1- Introduction to data management 2- Data organization 3- Sensitive data 4- Data management plan
  22. 22. American University of Beirut Mini-Workshops
  23. 23. “Bad Libraries build Collections, Good Libraries build Services and Great Libraries build Communities.” (R. Lankes)
  24. 24. American University of Beirut Mini-workshops
  25. 25. American University of Beirut Opportunities
  26. 26. American University of Beirut Working with students This is a slide from a presentation for a group of Graduate Students at Olayan School of Business at AUB in fall 2017.
  27. 27. American University of Beirut Working with Faculty
  28. 28. American University of Beirut Interdisciplinary Collaborations Panel during the 11th Conference on Teaching and Learning at AUB Panel during the 11th conference on Teaching and Learning at AUB
  29. 29. American University of Beirut Challenges  Administrative support  Funding Agencies  Collaboration between faculty and librarian  Good data management is time consuming  Infrastructure: Human and Technical
  30. 30. American University of Beirut Thank you
  31. 31. American University of Beirut References Lankes, R. D. (2012). Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries For Today's Complex World. CreateSpace. Rahme, D. (2017). Research Data Management at AUB: questionnaire. Ramaker, S., & Borulko, S. (2018, February 08). Influence sphere. Retrieved April 14, 2018, from Saade G., Rahme D. (2018) Research Data Reshaping Cultural Society: Case of the Lebanese University. In: Kurbanoğlu S., Boustany J., Špiranec S., Grassian E., Mizrachi D., Roy L. (eds) Information Literacy in the Workplace. ECIL 2017. Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 810. Springer, Cham