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Presentation give at the BC DL Conference in Vancouver, BC, February 14-16 2013. The focus of the presentation was to embed the Content Connections flash-based Math lessons into the Blackboard Learn LMS.

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  • I am Dal. I have been involved with Distributed L for about 15 years. Currently I still teach a course or two, but I am main the Distributed and Blended Learning support person for staff and students at the WestShore Center for the Sooke School District. As the support person, I troubleshoot when online issues surface and when not putting out fires, I work with staff to help design and develop some made in Sooke templates and content. Sonya teaching for 25 yrs the last 7 years in DL. I teach all the math online courses from gr 10-12 and math DH
  • Onkar form Surrey Connect - 3:00 pm paekside
  • Complete CC but no management log, record and communicate Wanted Bb look and feel Able to link in a appropriate lessons areas Include all the tools
  • Once we did the process once, we were able to copy and paste much of the work, with only small change to esnure link grab right content Dreamweaver was handy to make global changes. Bb allows for WebDAV directly into the server which faster process Sonya knew the structure and how it worked. Respondus was used to convert some exams into the Bb friendly format
  • Show student how to collapse the Course Menu Embedding with iFrame html tags
  • Use comparison of Tools available in Bb and Standardized look-and-feel Access to teachers in Learning Support Room Combining of CC with Bb
  • Command, Shift, Tab to move to another app Great layout for a stand alone, but needed to Bb layout
  • Emphasizing how CC fits into a Bb frame with TOOLS available for students and teacher Select Course Materials, Unit 1 and this is what you see. We ran into trouble with Security Setting on IE , Firefox simplified access Username - Password same for both, case sensitive in CC
  • Module to Units to click on a Lesson Good navigation structure Great access to content, we need tools to help manage relationship with student
  • lesson page from CC is also what students now see in and work with
  • Show student how to collapse the Course Menu Click on Begin Lesson
  • Student can navigate using the Bb ToC Student still have full access to the CC course, just managed in Bb
  • Emphasize how the Bb design is different than CC
  • Respondus used to import as many as possible
  • Click on 12 coloured mark to see the submission All comment are visible
  • Content Connections Math in Blackboard Learn

    1. 1. Math Pre-Calculus 11Content Connections in Blackboard Learn Sonya Fern, Math Teacher Dal Little, DL Support Teacher
    2. 2. Agenda1. Describe the process of embedding a Content Connections (CC) math course into a Learning Management System - Blackboard Learn (Bb). a. Example course: Pre-Calculus 11 b. WestShore Centre currently has the following CC courses in Blackboard: AWM 10, AWM 11, FMP 10, FOM 11, PreC 11, PreC 121. Show file structure on the server and HTML code on the page2. Compare the user interface in both CC and Bb3. Describe the benefits of combining CC math courses in Bb LMS
    3. 3. Context of WestShore CentreWestShore staff agreed to a standard look and feel for all courses Students are accustomed to navigating between different courses with same structure and expectations, all within Blackboard LearnSchool-wide Orientation for How to use the Blackboard LMS
    4. 4. Why? Content Connections in Blackboard As Math curriculum changed over the last few years, WestShore needed interactive math courses that could be delivered in Blackboard Content Connections (CC) has developed flash-based lessons which are delivered from their server The courses are complete on their own, however, they do not include features and tools of LMS (Online Quizzing, Communication and Grade Book, Assignment Tool, Tracking .... Our decision was to use CC in Blackboard to keep the look-and-feel of a WestShore Centre course
    5. 5. Content Connections CoursesLook & Feel of a CC course Flashed based All inclusive Comprehensive By default no tracking, grade centre, messaging or other LMS features
    6. 6. Development StepsOverview: Process of embedding the content & tests into the course shellStep 1 - Empty course shellStep 2 - Created folders for units with lessons Generic in structure with sequentially numbered file names with corresponding sequence in html codeStep 3 - Interface: Build a Bb Interface i.e. Table of ContentsStep 4 - Import exams and assignmentsStep 5 - Build and configure Blackboard Grade Center
    7. 7. Step 2 - Folders of Units with LessonsServer - Directories for Unit, html pages for Lessons
    8. 8. Step 2 con’t - HTMLLesson 1<head><body><iframe src=""width="900" height="600"></iframe></body></html>Lesson 2<head><body><iframe src=""width="900" height="600"></iframe></body></html> hp
    9. 9. Step 3 - Blackboard InterfaceStudent’s InterfaceLog into Blackboard CourseStudent can manage theirinteractions: Check mail, Grades, Navigate to content...In comparison to CC: Main Page Table of Contents Lessons
    10. 10. Content Connections - Main Page As seen on their server
    11. 11. Bb - Table of ContentsBlackboard page has Content Connections embedded Course Materials > Unit 1 > Log into Content Connections
    12. 12. CC - Table of Contents
    13. 13. CC - Lesson Page
    14. 14. Bb - Lesson Page
    15. 15. Bb - Lesson Page Continued
    16. 16. Lesson LinksLesson links from the CC mathcourse are not directlyavailable to studentsThese lesson links from CCare replaced with lesson linksin the Blackboard Table ofContentStudents do not see Moduleand Lesson navigation thatare provided in CC. = Not seen by Students
    17. 17. Step 4 - Assignments in CCPDF versionStudent provided with print copyas arranged with teacher
    18. 18. Step 4 - Assignments in BbUse the Assignment Tool in LMSFlexibility for assignment submission Drop off in paper - 25% Scan and attach to assignment page - 50% Photograph with camera and submit - 5% Fax and snail-mail to school - 20%No excuse for not submitting.Options for all students who wish to proceed!Without an LMS student-teacher interactions are paper-based only
    19. 19. Step 4 - Assignment Tool - Bb
    20. 20. Step 4 - QuizzesCC provides a full written (paper-based)WestShore converted into an electronic format for inclusion intothe Quiz Tool in the LMSTest includes: a. Multiple Choice Questions marked by the Bb LMS, b. Written component marked by teacherFor both MC and Written, students arrange to write test undersupervision
    21. 21. Tests - Bb
    22. 22. Test - Bb
    23. 23. Gradebook
    24. 24. Assignment ReviewSubmitted assignmentAccess to marked and returned file
    25. 25. Review of AssignmentsStudent or Teacher can have access
    26. 26. MailUse LMS Mail messaging for 90% of communicationsKeeps ongoing record of who said what and when
    27. 27. Benefits of Blackboard useProvides a consistent look and feel for all coursesProvides a consistent tracking system throughout the schoolProvides a familiar set of online tools: Online Quizzing, Communication and Grade Book, Assignment Tool ....Consistent navigation allows students to easily work betweenall their courses.School-wide Orientation for “How to use the Blackboard LMS”and “How to work as an Online Student”
    28. 28. Thank youIf interested in a copy of a Bb course shell for the Math course using CC content, contact: Sonya Fern - or Dal Little -