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What happens when the fire burns out (2)


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A slideshow about how to keep your motivation up for FIRE.

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What happens when the fire burns out (2)

  1. 1. What happens when the FIRE burns out? Personal finance gurus offer predictions for the future
  2. 2. The FIRE movement The first decade... The FIRE movement is hitting the end of its first decade, which seems like a perfect time to assess where it might be headed. But first, looking back at the lesser-known origin may signify more about the path the FIRE movement is headed on.
  3. 3. Where the FIRE movement started In 2010, Danish astrophysicist and blogger Jacob Lund Fisker wrote the book “Early Retirement Extreme,” which many FIRE proponents point to as the basis for the movement. Fisker retired at 30 years old upon accumulating 25 to 33 years’ worth of annual expenses. “When I started my blog in 2007, there were fewer than a handful of FIRE websites in the world,” Fisker said in a 2018 story from The Edge Markets. Some of the earliest reviewers called Fisker’s ideas around extreme savings and extreme frugality ground-breaking and thought provoking. Numerous readers felt that if they’d read his ideas earlier, they might have lived their lives differently.Since Fisker’s book, many people who have learned about financial independence and early retirement are taking their lives in directions beyond the 9 to 5 paradigm. Today, hundreds of bloggers are writing about FIRE for thousands of followers.
  4. 4. Where is FIRE headed? We asked seven FIRE gurus. Here's what they had to say... 1. Are you thinking about the longevity of FIRE? 2. Are you seeing FIRE as something that is going to gain momentum? 3. What other movements do you foresee on the horizon?
  5. 5. Chris Hutchins1. Are you thinking about the longevity of FIRE? I don't think the movement is going anywhere and as future generations start saving and investing, they'll be curious about what options they have for their money and new people will get involved. 2. Is FIRE something that will gain momentum in our culture? With respect to the FIRE movement, one major challenge the movement faces to becoming mainstream is the “RE” part of FIRE – the earlier you want to retire, the more upfront work and sacrifices it requires for a benefit you won't see for years to come. On the other hand, the "FI" or Financial Independence part of this movement is something that I think closely relates to the American Dream and is something we all strive for. 3. What other movements do you foresee on the horizon? A big movement on the horizon is the automation of finances. We'll soon see the day where software can seamlessly move and optimize your money and keep you on track to reach your goals. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and senior director of product and head of self-driving money at Wealthfront, a banking and financial services firm with proprietary automated financial planning tools.
  6. 6. 1. Are you thinking about the longevity of FIRE? I believe there are still so many more areas for FIRE to grow! Looking deeper into mindfulness, stoicism, psychology, growing personal relationships and so many more.  I think it's inevitable it'll expand to include more topics as people from other backgrounds join the movement and share their own life experiences with others pursuing FIRE. 2. Is FIRE something that will gain momentum in our culture? More than anything, hearing about FIRE causes people to pause and think "Wait, could I really retire early?". There's something thrilling when you learn about a topic that can shift your entire life view! I think as long as people connect with that idea and it makes them pause and reflect on their lifestyles, then the FIRE movement will continue to grow. 3. What other movements do you foresee on the horizon? The topics that make up FIRE are timeless. Budgeting, frugality and personal finance. Minimalism, do-it- yourself and personal responsibility. Investing, real estate and career hacking. I think there will always be movements – both new and old – that seek to combine these. Whether that's mindfulness, stoicism or whatever the next movement is, one difficulty remains the same: finding a community. FIRE has the community that spans all of these, and it will be difficult for another movement to grow while the FIRE rages. Adam Fortuna From Minafi, Adam is a techie who came to love financial minimalism in his 20’s and helps millennials “reach financial independence sooner than they ever thought possible
  7. 7. Chris Mamula 1. Are you thinking about the longevity of FIRE? I think there will always be people who are super savers. Books like "Your Money or Your Life" and the "Millionaire Next Door" were popular long before the acronym FIRE. For many people saving brings security and comfort. Others just haven't bought into the idea that consumerism is the path to happiness or have environmental motivations. I don't think any of that is going away. 2. Is FIRE something that will gain momentum in our culture? I think it is gaining momentum because at its core it is based on simple math and it works. I wrote the book "Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence" to show a variety of paths and stories of people who have achieved financial independence, giving people both the inspiration and tools to create their own path. That said, it is not a get rich quick scheme and it does involve effort and intentionality, so I don't see it as something that everyone, or even a large minority of people will do. I would describe the principles as simple, but not easy. Chris retired at 41 and is a contributing editor at Can I Retire Yet. His book "Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence" launched in October
  8. 8. Catherine Alford 1. Are you thinking about the longevity of FIRE? In a sense, FIRE has always been around in one form or another, but it’s prominence right now is definitely further reaching. The longevity of FIRE as a movement will be ongoing, however how long it lasts in the media as the "new thing” will likely be a little more temporary. There will always be people looking to escape their 9-5. Whether we hear about them or not as time goes on is a different debate. 2. Is FIRE something that will gain momentum in our culture? I see it gaining more and more momentum over time. I believe there will always be a certain part of the population that will be motivated to retire early and find financial independence simply because a lot of people are in jobs that they would prefer to not be doing. It’s with these people that the idea of FIRE is most appealing. I think there will always be a certain part of the population that is trying to achieve their FIRE. 3. What other movements do you foresee on the horizon? I see the debt freedom movement catching on over time. When lending tightens up and inflation starts to show, it will be harder for families to buy more, and they will have to make do with what they have. That will mean freeing up cash flow and reducing debt. Another movement I see is the lifestyle design movement, where people don’t look to escape their jobs or retire early, rather they create a life they enjoy. These people will have built themselves a life they enjoy by doing work that is meaningful both financially and non-financially. If everyone was doing what they loved to do, there would be no need for FIRE, because why would you ever want to leave work that you enjoy and are passionate about? Catherine began blogging about her quest to earn a living with only a computer and an internet connection. Within two years, she had an audience in the tens of thousands. Cat also co-founded Millennial Homeowner.
  9. 9. Steve Adcock1. Are you thinking about the longevity of FIRE? With the Internet reaching virtually all corners of the world, it may seem like it's exploding. The "FIRE" movement is much more encompassing of a variety of different lifestyles than just early retirement. And, I think the concept of a non- traditional lifestyle is building the greatest momentum, enabled in large part by bigger salaries, WiFi virtually everywhere and more employers embracing the idea of remote workers. 2. Is FIRE something that will gain momentum in our culture? I think to some degree the fire community is a bit of a fad. My feeling is the fire community will continue to grow for a while, but ultimately I do believe it'll fizzle. In my experience, things like this absolutely go full circle. They ramp up, people soak it for as much as they can, and then they move on. If we don't really want it, then most of us won't achieve it. Regardless of how many finance bloggers write about these basic concepts, ultimately we have to want it. 3. What other movements do you foresee on the horizon? I think millennials in general are rejecting the status quo of working typical jobs and retiring at 65. Their options are nearly limitless these days with the number of remote jobs available, WiFi virtually everywhere and so much of our world accessible via a plane. It's actually pretty incredible what we can do these days as a society, and millennials are definitely giving a lot of those options a try. Steve is a FIRE digital nomad and a founding member of Money Mix. He travels the country with his wife in their Airstream. He also documents his various and prolific endeavors at SAADigital.
  10. 10. Melissa Blevins1. Are you thinking about the longevity of FIRE? I do wonder if this is simply a fad. I see a trend of people who’ve retired early and started side hustles. I never heard of FIRE until I became a blogger, and it seems to me that many bloggers (who actively work online) are preaching FIRE but haven’t completely retired. 2. Is FIRE something that will gain momentum in our culture? I believe it may encourage people to take control of their finances and look at the future much earlier, which is a great thing! Whether or not it is a fad or sticks doesn’t matter as long as people are actively pursuing financial freedom. 3. What other movements do you foresee on the horizon? Save 10 is a new movement started by a group of women in Arkansas to encourage women to commit to start saving 10% of their income towards retirement. Oftentimes people neglect saving for retirement, and I love that this movement is inspiring women to take control of their individual financial situation. It’s very empowering! Melissa blogs about personal finance, how to be debt free blogger, finding your side hustle and other topics on her site, Perfection Hangover.
  11. 11. Brian Brandow 1. Are you thinking about the longevity of FIRE? I've never really thought of it as a short term type of idea. The concept of FIRE is a relatively new way of thinking about a career, work, and life. I believe it will continue to evolve. 2. Is FIRE something that will gain momentum in our culture? FIRE is not a passing fad. Consider the way work and the corporate world has changed over the last 20 years. We have more freelancers than ever, and employees change jobs more frequently, the days of working a single company and collect a pension are all but dead. FIRE will continue to evolve and make more people consider how they trade their time for money. 3. What other movements do you foresee on the horizon? I'm not sure if any new movement will be created, but I do believe the definition of work will continue to evolve. Over time more and more people will seek non-traditional employment. Freelancing, working from home, etc. As more people become aware of the impact of saving, and generally being wise with their money has on their free time, I can only think FIRE will grow. Brian is a techie who started his blog, Debt Discipline, to document his family's journey out of $109,000 in debt and has since become a consultant for people and communities seeking support and resources in financial literacy.
  12. 12. Who is Think Save Retire? We are a blog about getting personal and thinking about money in a goal-oriented way. We share stories about how to achieve that juicy sweet spot between financial independence and undying happiness. Our purpose is to provide tools to help you gain freedom and control to live the lifestyle you design.
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