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Schools adv

  1. 1. Dakkak Group – Travel and Tourism Jordan Greetings from Dakkak Group Jordan Comprehensive Travel Service Corporation. As its summer and memories are just waiting to happen , we are pleased to invite you to our customized and pre-made educational and team building travel programs dedicated to Jordan’s top notch educational entities , universities and schools . For those seeking to engage their students into some special proactive and innovative ideas and programs to unleash potentials through inciting youth to get involved into our special international and national tour programs (Travel Jordan and the World)Travel AboardIn the harvest of more than 50 years of experience ; our professional outbound travel consultants and quality assurance experts will dedicate their experience to insure that your students will have a successful , useful and a very safe trip abroad.
  2. 2. However; we selected the most experienced network of partners around the globe specialized in arranging the various kinds of ( School Trips- Study Tours – Sport Tours – Group Tours ) We insure the best accommodations and the safest flights.Travel Domestic  Adventure Programs :Dakkak Group is very considerate to fulfill allstudents’ eager ambitions thus wecustomized special trips for those wishing toexplore the beauty and the daring wild life ofJordanian natureDakkak Group has selected a top- notch ofexperienced and professional adventuresuppliers in Jordan. Because we care most forour students safety and comfort during theirtrips we designed the safest and mostcomprehensive adventure trails for schooland university students, with various difficulty levels available to schools’ oruniversities’ administration to choose for their students according to age and abilityof categories enrolled to join the trips .We offer : 1. Hiking Tours 2. Hiking and Scrambling “ using robes to go down natural falls and cliffs” 3. Canyoning and caves exploiting tours 4. Aqua Trips including water activities such as : ( Speed boating, Scuba diving, snorkeling, Sailing, Fishing, Swimming, Water skiing, Wind surfing and other ) 5. Wild Camping “ including sleeping in sleeping bags in nature “ 6. Private Camps in Desert. 7. Cycling Tours . 8. Rock Climbing “ we offer an easy level rock climbs for non experienced individual , tutored by the most professional adventure guides in Jordan , we also offer some dedicated lessons for those who desire to learn professional rock climbing. ps : our adventure trips require no experience and are assured with professional and experiences adventure guides .  Discover Jordan „Past and Present‟.
  3. 3. Our inbound Tourism division ; Dakkak Tours International DMC is dedicated to offerthe most comprehensive programs to utilized and enhance awareness of theJordanian heritage, culture and historical treasures. and such programs are one ofthe recommended ones for our students. Each tour will include student’s safeaccommodation in the best Jordanian hotels around the country and the companyof professional multi languages guides required to put forward the most usefulinformation and facts about the visited sites for students where ever the step. Your Students‟ wellbeing and itellectual health are our superior mission .***Prior to any Program , a professional guide or travel consultant will meet studentsmeant to enroll under any of the programs and put ahead the important guide linesand recommendations required to be taken into consideration throughout the tripClick Here for more about Dakkak AdventuresClick Here for Dakkak Adventure blogClick Here to Contact us