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La maison hotel – petra, invites dakkak tours


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Dakkak Tours International DMC : We are highly inspired to render our most personalized services to all our valued clientele at very reasonable competitive prices. We provide a variety of tours, holiday’s packages, other than the different Events-related services.

The mentioned below options elaborate some basic tourism aspects we put forward:

Cultural Tours.
Biblical Tours.
Beauty, Wellness, health, relaxation holidays and Honeymoon trips.
Medical holidays.
Responsible and sustainable holidays
Sun ,Beach and Sea holidays
Guaranteed departure.
Adventure Tours.
Eco-Tours / Bird watching tours.
Educational Trips.
Photography fans holidays.
Cycling and Sports Tours.

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La maison hotel – petra, invites dakkak tours

  1. 1. Dakkak Group Press Room Dakkak Group Press Room Dakkak Tours International 22nd.March 2011 La Maison Hotel – Petra, invites Dakkak Tours International Staff for an inspection trip and overnight. Dakkakers activities never stop to promote Jordan a safe and yet a unique destination , their trips around the kingdom in their free times are dedicated for both building and enhancing their team’s spirit , yet for working to give a brighter view about this great country of Jordan . Dakkak Tours International team’s visit to the red rose city of Petra was hosted by the new luxury hotel, the La Maison; which is only a 5 minutes’ walk from the sight of Petra. Dakkak Staff enjoyed the marvelous hostage and was enchanted by the charm of the rosary city. The friendly extra ordinary service they received in the La Maison was a bright indicator for a bright and a fruitful upcoming cooperation.Dakkak Tours International DMC Tel: +962 6 5601076 Fax: +962 6 5687972 E-mail:
  2. 2. Dakkak Group Press RoomDakkak Tours International DMC Tel: +962 6 5601076 Fax: +962 6 5687972 E-mail: