Jordan Earth Hour 2011                                                 3122 ‫ساعة األرض – األردن‬                Official ...
Jordan Earth Hour 2011                                                         3122 ‫ساعة األرض – األردن‬ What we will do...
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2011 03-02 concept paper (طفي الضو )


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Dakkak Group - Dakkak Tours International DMC will be participating in the " Earth Our Campaign and turn off the lights "

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2011 03-02 concept paper (طفي الضو )

  1. 1. Jordan Earth Hour 2011 3122 ‫ساعة األرض – األردن‬ Official Jordan Earth Hour Event: Concept Paper “Turn off the light…” campaign "...‫الضو‬ ‫حملة "طفّي‬ Our Objective “Turn off the light…” campaign "...‫ حملة " طفّي الضو‬main objective is to increase awareness and include Jordan in the official Earth Hour global event. We aim to recruit, urge and communicate with people, entities, and public places around Jordan to spread public awareness on the importance of saving energy by minimizing their electricity consumption and changing their behaviors to protect earth. Why "‫?"طفي الضو‬ Jordanians are not familiar with Earth Hour concept! So this Campaign will hold an easy to remember slogan to make it close to people, and to reflect on their day to day behavior. Who is involved “Target Group”?  Government & Public Sector: Ministry of environment, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and the Greater Amman Municipality.  Corporate & Private Sector: Hotels, Tourism Sector, Banks, Telecommunication companies, restaurants & Coffee Shops, Big Super Stores.  NGOs: environmental and tourism related NGOs  Students and youth  Public , Families, and Earth Hour audience JORDAN OFFICIAL EARTH HOUR CELEBRATION 2011
  2. 2. Jordan Earth Hour 2011 3122 ‫ساعة األرض – األردن‬ What we will do?We will call people to make a commitment to earth beyond the hour by encouragingenvironmental friendly practices. We will invite people to “Turn off the light” for one hour incelebration of the global Earth Hour event on the 26 of March from 8:30 Pm to 9:30 pm.  Online Public Campaign: via social Media Facebook, Twitter, Don’t mess with nature network and JITOA website.  PR & Media campaign: Radio stations, Newspapers, TV’s, and mobile applications also we will ask Businesses and community groups to take the initiative and speak to their audience about their support for Earth Hour to guarantee the maximum exposure.  Direct Communication: Staff and volunteers will spread the word by communicating with public places owners and promote for "‫ "طفي الضو‬event by turning off the lights and posting the flyers of the event.  Coverage on the day of the event: Media partners, reporters and volunteers will take pictures of the main buildings that confirmed their participation in the day of the event. JORDAN OFFICIAL EARTH HOUR CELEBRATION 2011