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DaKiRy_PMWeekend2016_Роман Павлюк "Product Management: Signs that You’re doing it wrong"


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DaKiRy_PMWeekend2016_Роман Павлюк "Product Management: Signs that You’re doing it wrong"

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DaKiRy_PMWeekend2016_Роман Павлюк "Product Management: Signs that You’re doing it wrong"

  1. 1. Product Management: Signs that You’re doing it wrong Roman Pavlyuk @ PM Weekend Lviv 2016
  2. 2. About me 13+ years in IT; 12+ years at SoftServe; 20+ successfully completed consulting projects; PMC-III Certified PdM … and 600 000+ km travelled by the airplane  @roman_pavlyuk
  3. 3. Sign #1: Talking about HOW? first instead of WHAT?
  4. 4. Sign #2: “… Do not know what to do – ask your developers!”
  5. 5. Sign #3: “… We must concentrate on making the product in the office! Everything we do outside the office is a waste of precious time and money!”
  6. 6. Sign #4: EXECUTION before POSITIONING
  7. 7. What is “Product Positioning”? 1. Overall Problem 2. Ideal solution 3. Positioning statement 4. Product/Service description 5. Problem-oriented features
  8. 8. Sign #5: “Starting driving blind on a busy highway”
  9. 9. “Fix cost” projects: How to start driving fast with eyes wide open?
  10. 10. Sign #6: Product Manager commits to hourly estimates
  11. 11. Did somebody say “T-Shirt Sizing”?
  12. 12. Sign #7: “… Writing requirements is not my goal!” Mr. Bad Prod Manager
  13. 13. Sign #8: Delivering 70% of everything instead of delivering 100% of something
  14. 14. MVP?
  15. 15. How to stay on track?
  16. 16. BUSINESSMARKET PROGRAMSPLANNING SUPPORTREADINESS STRATEGY EXECUTION FOCUS Pragmatic Marketing Framework Pricing Buy, Build or Partner Business Plan Product Profitability Win/Loss Analysis Distinctive Competencies Market Problems Marketing Plan Customer Acquisition Customer Retention Program Effectiveness Buying Process Buyer Personas User Personas Positioning Product Portfolio Market Definition Distribution Strategy Innovation Competitive Landscape Asset Assessment Lead Generation Thought Leadership Referrals & References Launch Plan Use Scenarios Requirements Stakeholder Communications Product Roadmap Presentations & Demos Event Support “Special” Calls Channel Support Channel Training Sales Process Collateral Sales Tools ©1993-2016 Pragmatic Marketing Framework™ 0915
  17. 17. Thank you! @roman_pavlyuk