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Daisy's christmas 2011


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Lilith's gift to DaisyCrazy

Daisy's christmas 2011

  1. 1. This is a story about a little girl called Daisy.
  2. 2. Daisy used to hate Christmas...
  3. 3. But not any more!
  4. 4. Daisy now loves Christmas!
  5. 5. And that is, truly, a miracle! But...
  6. 6. ... now Daisy has a problem.
  7. 7. She is looking for an angel.
  8. 8. Yes... Daisy is looking for an angel ... ... to make her Christmas complete.
  9. 9. Days and days has Daisy been searching for that special angel!
  10. 10. But it’s difficult...
  11. 11. Daisy can’t find the angel and she is sad... But, I know a secret...
  12. 12. And if you promise not to tell... I will share it with you.
  13. 13. Daisy is going to find her angel.
  14. 14. In fact, her angel is very near, but she can’t see him because she is looking too hard
  15. 15. But... on Christmas Eve when the star of Bethlehem will shine upon her...
  16. 16. Daisy will see her angel And she will have the most beautiful Christmas!
  17. 17. And from then on... Daisy will never spend a Christmas without her angel!
  18. 18. And she will live happily ever after! THE END! Story by Lilith