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Mobile devices

  1. 1. Mobile devices &Tablets PresentationBy: Daiwana CrumedyFor: F.W.DSunday, June 2, 13
  2. 2. Mobile usage has grown quiet a bitSunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: Over the years technology has really changed and evolved. mobile devices along with other thingshave made there way back into the “Cool category” once again. As we look at mobile devices as a whole we canclearly tell that there is a future for it in todays ever changing world. the uses for mobile devices just likeeverything else now a days is endless and almost nothing is impossible, and at this growing rate there is nothingthat they won’t come up or out with next.
  3. 3. Sunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: I think that mobile device usage has cause most designers to step outside the box and createsomething that will look just as good as it does on a computer if not better. things like this help designers staysharp and even though it may add to the work load I think that it reminds them that there job is never done andthe there is always something just around the corner.
  4. 4. Sunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: Wire note is a greate tool that helps with making your website mobile. the website is veryinformational.
  5. 5. Sunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: Winksite is another mobile site maker. I like the slogan for the site. it helps you with the processof customization and it has easy step by step instructions that teach you and it doesn’t make it feel like it’s a hardthing to do. this is also something that is needed when trying to convert over to mobile site make.
  6. 6. Bad Site #1Sunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: Attractiveness, and great design are just some of the things that engage users to stay on yourwebsite. I believe that when people finally get the message of just how important that is then maybe, just maybewe can begin to make more progress.
  7. 7. Bad Site!#2Sunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: Site like these clearly don’t have a sense of direction and or good design they lack alot of muchneed improvements.
  8. 8. Good Site #1Sunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: This is a great looking site! it some things need to be made more clearer but overall it’s very eyepopping and I like the feel of the mobile site.
  9. 9. Good Site #2Sunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: this is by far the BEST! mobile site that I have every seen. it has color, great pictures and it’snavigation is flawless. other sites could learn a lesson or two from Victoria secret!
  10. 10. My Recommendation!Sunday, June 2, 13Speakers notes: I recommend that the company take a chance and update all pages of there site to HTML5 andmake it accessible to mobile devices as we. If you don’t know how to update the pages your self that you take thetime necessary to learn, or you can entrust that responsibility to someone that has the knowledge and experienceto do so. I also recommend that you test it out on your mobile device just to make sure that it is working properlywithout any issues and or bugs to work out later.
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