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  1. 1. OCR G324 Advanced Production<br />Clarke, Daisy<br />Candidate Number<br />Aquinas College: 33435<br />Your soap logo<br />
  2. 2. 1. In what ways does your media product USE, DEVELOP or CHALLENGE forms and conventions of existing media products?<br />MISE EN SCENE<br /><ul><li>Both use naturalistic lighting to create realism and show the time at which this scene takes place
  3. 3. the costume and props fitted in with the genre of the soap , this also added to realism </li></ul>EDITING<br /><ul><li> I chose to use different transitions to create the effect of a straight cut
  4. 4. I researched different titles and text layouts</li></li></ul><li>SUBVERSION<br />DIFFERENCE<br />DIFFERENCE<br />Waterloo Road<br />Close up shot is able to capture most of the actors expressions to create involvement from the audience..<br />Shearwater Road<br />A wide shot of the girls approaching , allowing to see there surroundings, expressing and body language<br />SOUND<br />Waterloo road<br />Uses the actual caters speech to establish setting and narrative and dieteticsound<br />Shearwater road <br />Pop soundtrack used to create meaning for audience and tell the story <br />TITLE CARDS<br />Waterloo road<br />Use the title cards to give the audience a idea of whets going to happen. Locations also established by external shotsand surroundings<br />Shearwater road <br />Title card isn't shown till the end of shot. Location established via external shots of the college and houses. <br />
  5. 5. ACCENTS<br />Waterloo road<br />Because waterloo road is set in a school a lot of slang and jargon is used witch createsrealism. <br />Shearwater road <br />. The students and the teacher speaks different, the students use more slang but the teacher speaks in formal language and doesn’t use any slang witch creates the characteristics.<br />REGIONS<br />CHALLENGE <br />Waterloo road<br />Waterloo road is set in a school located in Rochdale. <br />Shearwater road <br />. Shearwater road is set in a college in Stockport<br />We used lots of similar surroundings to waterloo road, such as college buildings, houses, <br />We decided to challenge ourselves when making this soap trailer by trying to interpret another soap trailer we saw. After attempting to do so we decide on making our own and just adding the same story line. I myself found this challenging because it was hard to convert their storyline into are own.<br />
  6. 6. SIMILARITIES<br />I decided to focus on same shot types and angles used in waterloo road and transfer them over to my soap. I did this buy deconstructing the trailer and spotting the different shot types. I decided to use close up shots, over the shoulder and medium shots. I knew this would grab the audiences attention and make my trailer look more interesting and appealing. I also used similar characters to increase the shot.<br />
  7. 7. GENDER and ETHNICITY<br />GENRE<br />Waterloo road<br />The main gender waterloo road aspires to attract is both male and female. I personally think this because they use a mixture of male and female characters with different stories. Ethnicity is very equal in waterloo road and they feature a very mixed society within the program witch effects the soap a lot by attracting different audiences.<br /> Shearwater road <br />The gender I tried to attract when making shearwater road was both male and female like waterloo road. This is because if you try and make the TV soap suitable for male and female people you will therefore attract more audience. The ethnicity used in my soap is very little, this is because I didn’t have enough time to think about it fully, but if I was to redo my TV soap I would defiantly try to improve on ethnicity and use a different mix of people to make my soap more culture.<br />Waterloo road<br />The genre of waterloo road is a TV soap. The main audience for this soap is young teenagers ageing between 10-16, this is because the actors in the soap are a similar age, so the audience feel they can connect with them.<br />Shearwater road <br />The genre of shearwater road is a also a TV soap. The main audience for this soap is older teenagers to young adults ageing from 16-21, similar to waterloo road this is because of the setting of the soap and the actors, therefore young adults feel they can connect with the soap itself. <br />
  8. 8. NARRATIVES<br />Waterloo road<br />Within a waterloo road trailer you see the different characters and names, this is because the soap wants the audience to connect with the characters so by telling the audience their names, the audience feel as if they know the characters already and will feel more comfortable watching their different stories play threw. As the trailer carries on switches into different stories about the 4 characters shown witch are actually teachers. This trailer is different to usual waterloo road trailers because normally they are all about the school kids. The camera shots used vary from extreme close ups,close ups,mid shots to wide shots.<br />NARRATIVES<br />Shearwater Road<br />When I created my trailer I decided to make my trailer different then waterloo roads, simply because I was only using one narrative. I chose only to use one narrative because I thought as it was the first trailer my TV soap would have, I wanted the story to be clear as it would be the main story for this soap. I used a similar pattern of shots as to water look road ranging from extreme close ups to wide shots. I did this simply because I wanted the TV trailer to be interesting and grab the audiences attention, one way I thought this would happen was by involving different camera shots.<br />
  9. 9. SOUND TRACK<br />Waterloo road<br />From watching different waterloo road trailers I noticed that they don’t have a soundtrack to go with the acting, they simply just let the actors speech be heard. I thought this was a bit odd because I think using a soundtrack tells the story of the trailer and is more effect because it appeals more to the audience.<br />Shearwater Road<br />I decided to put a soundtrack onto my trailer, I didn’t just want a soundtrack running threw my trailer so I decided to dip the soundtrack when an actor said something important, I think using this technique widen my audience and the effect my trailer would have on them. The song I chose to use was a song that actually told the story of my trailer, it was about a teacher having a affair with a student, witch is the identical to mine, therefore the soundtrack improved my trailer a lot.<br />LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE<br />Sound tracks I thought would suit the trailer<br />DON’T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME<br />This is the soundtrack I used.<br /><br /><br />CHOOSING A SOUNDTRACK<br />When choosing my soundtrack I had to listen to all different types of genre of song. This is simply because I wanted my soundtrack to tell the story of my trailer. I listened to songs such as ‘ I love the way you lie’ ‘ obsessed ‘ and ‘chasing cars’ I chose these songs because I knew they would fit the genre of my TV soap.<br />OBSESSED <br />Sound tracks I thought would suit the trailer<br /><br />CHASING CARS<br />Sound tracks I thought would suit the trailer<br /><br />
  10. 10. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?<br />SYNERGY<br />My TV magazine front cover, trailer and billboard all relegate to one another. From the tag lines to the characters. I decided to make my front cover as simple as possible. I did this because I wanted my TV soap ‘ shearwater road ‘ to stand out and be the main attraction. I took a different approach to my billboard, I decided not to use any characters face’s on it, I decided to set the genre of the soap and just use a piece of scarp paper and create a scene that looked like a teachers desk, to imply that a student had left a note, I also added text witch created a tense atmosphere . <br />
  11. 11. This is my TV Soap magazine cover. I decided to use a mixture of colors to fit with the genre of a ‘ TV magazine’. The characters and costume I decided to dress my cover star in was something that had been worn in the trailer, I did this because I thought it would benefit my magazine by catching the audiences eye because they will of recognized the characters easily. <br />From looking at my magazine front cover, I think you can automatically tell what the genre of the magazine is, because of the conventions used such as a cover mount, bar code, columns, cover star, price, mast head and banner.<br />
  12. 12. For my billboard I decided to take a different approach to it, I chose not to put a image in it and create a scene witch the viewer can relate to. My billboard is very similar to my other products because I used the same phrase ‘ secrets’ and similar colors.<br />My billboard is very similar to my title card on the end of my trailer, I used the same logo, font, and layout. I decided to do this because I wanted my ancillary's to look professional.<br />
  13. 13. My title card shows how I have used different conventions and different fonts/colors and logos, I did this because I wanted my title card to be similar to a e4 title card/ billboard I found on the e4 website of a TV drama called skins.<br />THESDE ARE BILBORADS AND TITLE CARDS I LOOKED AT<br />
  14. 14. I found a internet sight called ‘my fonts’ this sight had a font called ‘ICT AMERICAN TYPEWRITTER’ this font was identical to the e4 font, as I chose to use the e4 logo and publish my TV soap on e4 I found this sight helpful.<br />I went onto the channel 4 website and found the e4 style guide, this helped me found my logo and the right font to use and how to lay out my actual billboard.<br />
  15. 15. SIMILARITIES<br />Waterloo road<br />Because waterloo road is set in a school a lot of slang and jargon is used witch createsrealism. <br />Shearwater road <br />. The students and the teacher speaks different, the students use more slang but the teacher speaks in formal language and doesn’t use any slang witch creates the characteristics.<br />