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  • Until what age can a child be in the foster care program with Kid's Casa?
    How likely is a child of the age of 15 to be adopted by the foster parents or any parent?
    What is the highest degree that you need to work for kid's Casa?
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  1. 1. 83 East Shaw Suite 100 Fresno, Ca 93710
  2. 2.  Kids Kasa (KK) is a private nonprofit corporation that cares for children who have been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect.  KK is defined as a therapeutic foster care agency which delivers a higher level of care addressing a child’s emotional, physical and social development delays.  Based on the child’s needs, an appropriate placement will be found with our agency’s foster parents.
  3. 3.  Children at risk that have been removed from their biological families are referred by the county, such as the Department of Social Services are placed at Kids Kasa Foster Care  Kids Kasa is an organization that has spawned from the knowledge and experience of working in the foster care/social work field since 1992.  Kids Kasa have taken the very best from their experience and incorporated it into what they feel will best help children and families.
  4. 4.  Kids Kasa offers professional support to their foster families promoting a sense of teamwork and purpose.  They believe that professionalism and respect of everyone’s strengths and expertise is the key to success.
  5. 5.  Kids Kasa agency serves Fresno and Madera Counties.  Kids Kasa serves foster children that are between the ages of 0 to 18  The majority of the foster children are Hispanics and African Americans. (There are few Indians and Caucasian ) › Approximately about 65 foster children › Usually come from low- income families and families who use drugs.
  6. 6.  Kids Kasa also serves Foster Parents › Usually Foster Parents come from a middle class  Agency provides different types of trainings to Foster Parents › foster parents will have a better understanding of the children
  7. 7.  You live in a home or apartment which has enough room for children.  Both parents are 21 years old or older.  Must be financially self sufficient. Part time or full time employed.  Pass a basic medical physical to verify that you are in good health.  You can be married, single, live alone or with a partner.  You have never been convicted of a felony or child abuse.  Possess a valid California Driver License and auto insurance.  CPR and First Aid certificate (offered at Kids Kasa).
  8. 8.  Kids Kasa is a foster care agency that serves the needs of children at risk who have been removed from their homes because of abuse and neglect. › Children from ages 0- 18 › Any ethic background › Usually come from low-income families
  9. 9.  Kids Kasa's goal is to provide safe, structured, nurturing and therapeutic foster homes for at risk children from ages 0 to 18 who have been removed from their biological families due to abuse or neglect.  Kids Kasa believes that given a nurturing, structured environment, all children will thrive and grow up to be productive and responsible adults.
  10. 10.  A small agency  Personal attention  24-hour Staff Support  Complete training program  Substantial Financial Support  The most dedicated & help staff  Simple application and certification process
  11. 11.  Orientation  Teamwork  Attachment Disorders  Loss  Family and Relationships  Discipline  Mandatory Reporting  Concurrent and Permanency Planning  Forms & Documentation  House Study  CPR and First-Aid
  12. 12.  Kids Kasa will provide fully qualified social work staff in accordance with Title 22 regulations.  Social Workers have weekly contacts with the child to assess the social, emotional and therapeutic needs of the children.
  13. 13.  Upon completion of an initial assessment, the social worker will link the children to outside resources as deemed appropriate to meet their therapeutic needs.  Kids Kasa will provide Independent Living Skills Program to adequately prepare children for emancipation.
  14. 14.  Foster children (FC) are not subjected to physical punishment or mental abuse  FC are treated as part of the family  FC have their own clothing  FC’s room is decorated with personal items and is furnished  FC posses and controls their own cash resources
  15. 15.  FC have access to telephone and letter writing materials  FC are permitted to have visitors when cleared by Kids Kasa social work  There is communication in the home understandable to the foster child  FC have access to individual storage space for their personal use
  16. 16. 