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5 Steps To Getting Started On Pinterest


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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a the hot new website for people to collect images of things from all across the web, because text is so ‘last year’. In simple terms, it’s a vision board-styled photo sharing website that is social in culture where users can create and manage theme-based collections of photos, videos and links.

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5 Steps To Getting Started On Pinterest

  1. 1. PinterestJoin to Stay Ahead of Your Competition
  2. 2. Pinterest 5 Simple Steps To Get StartedNext Social Media Game Changer
  3. 3. IntroductionWhat is Pinterest? Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other users and follow their boards. Browsing thousands ofPinterest is a the hot new website for people to collect pinboards is a fun way to explore new things and getimages of things from all across the web, because text is inspiration from other people who share your interests orso ‗last year‘. In simple terms, it‘s a vision board-styled business sharing website that is social in culture where userscan create and manage theme-based collections of Though Pinterest has been around for approximately twophotos, videos and links. years now, it‘s only recently that it has been getting an avalanche of media attention. Currently, Pinterest is stillPinterest is the brain child of two young geeks Ben in beta mode and requires an invite to join their growingSilbermann and Evan Sharp. It was launched in 2010 and community. Early settlers of Pinterest could join withoutis managed by Cold Brew Labs, a team based in Palo an invite however, due to the massive growth they areAlto, California, USA. currently experiencing, you need an invite to join their growing community.Pinterest‘s mission statement is to "connect everyonein the world through the things they find I see Pinterest as one of the most powerful platforms, asinteresting.“ If you have been spending time clipping it allows businesses an ability to market their productsarticles from various magazines or bookmarking links and services on user-generated pinboards with a linkfrom Google search results, Pinterest is todays‘ going directly back to their business website or blog.sophisticated answer. People can use pinboards tomarket their products and for creating brand awareness. Pinterest‘s user base exploded from 1 million users inFor example, users leverage Pinterest to plan weddings, September, 2011 to 7 million in December, 2011 andshare home decoration ideas, share pictures of their currently in February, 2012, their user base is 13 millionfavorite destination and much more. and still growing by the minute at an exponential rate, according to a report posted by Mashable. This is a growth of 450% from September 2011 to December 2011.
  4. 4. Quick Facts about PinterestPinterest is driving more referral traffic thanLinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Google+combined.Pinterest‘s audience and demographics arepredominantly females between the ages of 25 to54, and they share content that appeals to themwith other females.As per a recent study conducted by Ignite SocialMedia, the average income of users are between$25,000 to $75,000 a year. is driving more traffic to onlineAccording to Wikipedia, on August 16, 2011, Time retailers, company websites and blogs thanmagazine listed Pinterest in its ‗50 Best Websites of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Linkedin combined according to‘.
  5. 5. 1. Getting Started: Road to SuccessPinterest is an extreme visual social network. Itoffers sharp resolution and beautiful images withshare-worthy content displayed with total socialintelligence.Content from all over the web is ‗pinned‘ to yourvirtual pinboards, which can be categorised byusers based on their area of interest or profession.For example, I have created 17 dynamic boards ondifferent segments of social media and digitalmedia marketing where my specific aim is to sharetargeted social media content with my audience.Pinterest has also rolled out a variety of interactivetools for its 10 million users to pin their selectedcontent. These include on-site buttons and abrowser bookmark. Click to see examples of PinboardsQuick Tip #1: Make sure your Pinboards are visually appealing to your network andyour target audience. Always put yourself in your network‟s shoes.
  6. 6. 2. Pinterest Sign Up How to Create Your Account on Pinterest Step 1 Pinterest is by invite only, so request an invitation by clicking the box. On the landing page enter Step 2 your primary email address and request an invitation. If you are already on Pinterest Step 3 then log in with your Facebook or Twitter Account.Quick Tip #2: A great idea is to set up your account with your Facebook andTwitter email addresses, so you can receive all „social‟ notifications in one inbox.
  7. 7. 3. Make Yourself “Like”-ableIf you have been active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn andGoogle+, you must have established your personal brand and online reputation bynow. You have accomplished a loyal following by sharing your Tweets, FacebookStatus Updates, Blogs, YouTube Videos and other social content with your friends,fans and followers to build an ongoing ‗like-ability‘ across the social web.On Pinterest you carry forward the same personality style to keep your personalbrand consistent and to increase your ‗like-ability‘. Engage and share content withyour unique style and inner brand voice. You decide whether you want to be noticedas a go-to expert in your industry or simply someone who is there to be ‗social‘ andshare useful tips, innovative ideas and cool pictures from all around the web.You can measure your ‗like-ability‘ by the volume of Re-pins, Likes andComments you receive from your Pinterest network. You can enhance this bycreating dynamic boards and pins. Engage with the community by being social andposting social content that is targeted to your audience and highlights yourexpertise.Once you‘ve established your presence on Pinterest, start viewing other user-generated Pinboards and start Liking, Re-pinning and Commenting. In simplewords, be social to be “like”-able.Quick tip #3: Friends first, leads second. Create a well-definedprofile on Pinterest and keep it in synergy with Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn and Google+. Connect with everyone you know and joinrelevant conversations on pinboards.
  8. 8. 4. Selling On Pinterest: With Social IntelligencePinterest is already generating a massive amount of free referral traffic tocompany websites. In the last six months some websites have explodedtheir referral traffic coming from Pinterest.This has resulted in a large number of newly acquired customers andincreased sales for users. Retailers and marketers are now beginning to seePinterest as a growing resource to better understand their social mediacustomers and how all this fits into their larger social commercelandscape.3 Quick Selling Tips on Pinterest Make sure you categorise your pinboards synergistically with your business blog or website, with a well-defined board description. Explain your products, services and check if the links are directing back to your company website. Engage and acknowledge when someone Likes, Re-pins or makes a Comment on your product.Quick Tip #4: To sell with social intelligence on Pinterest, makesure you are participatory. Also, make sure your boards and pins Source: a detailed product description and have „clickable‟ links thatgo to your blog or landing pages.
  9. 9. 5. Understanding Pinterest’s Social Culture and EtiquetteLike Twitter, Pinterest is an open network, so followers don‘t require anypermission and you are not required to follow anyone in return. However,pinning can be real fun when you do it together with other pinners. Whenyou see an interesting pin, try to leave a Comment, Like it or Repin it toone of your boards. Repining is like retweeting tweets.If you find a pinner‘s board that‘s interesting, follow updates, or go to thepinner‘s profile and follow all the boards. Remember, Pinterest is a visuallyextensive social network and its culture is open and friendly. Users arelooking to form new relationships and connections. You may also connectwith your fellow Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn networkers.Acknowledge them and build deeper relationship with them on Pinterest.When you start your membership on Pinterest, focus on engaging with yournetwork and getting to know who‘s who by being participatory. Pinterestusers try to pin images that are visually appealing to their social network andare share worthy. http://my3boybarians.comShow your unique style by posting amazing pictures, videos and links fromthe web or your company website. Do not Re-pin your pins repeatedly, as itcan be annoying for your network. Make sure you assign your Pins to therelevant boards. Quick Tip #5: Frequently „Like‟ „Re-pin‟ and „Comment‟ on other users‟ pins so the Pinterest community and your social network can get to know your style and areas of interest.
  10. 10. How to be the Leader on Pinterest?Below are five simple tips on how you canestablish yourself as a leader and a rock star ofyour industry on Pinterest.1. First post as a ‗friend‘, and secondly as a ‗brand‘.2. Be quick in sharing your content on Pinterest.3. Keep an eye on what‘s happening in your network and timeline.4. Don‘t think ‗Campaigns‘, think ‗Relationships‘, think ‗Conversations‘.5. Remember Engagement + Emotions = Personal BrandingQuick Tip #6: Provide the best possible content to inspire and connect with your targetaudience on Pinterest by sharing industry related links on your boards. Leverage your socialreach to establish authority in a specific topic or your niche.
  11. 11. How to Install Pin It in Internet ExplorerWatch the YouTube video by are 3 simple steps on how you caninstall the Pin It bookmarklet on InternetExplorers 7 and 8.1. Click Tools – Toolbars – and Display Favourites bar.2. ‗Add to Favourites‘ by right-clicking the Pin It button.3. On the pop-up window, simply select Create in-Favourites bar‘Your Pin It bookmarklet should now bevisible on your Favourites Bar. Wheneveryou are browsing, click Pin It to pinimages you want to save and then sharewith your Pinterest community.
  12. 12. ConclusionThe effectiveness of marketing methods have waxed and waned over the years as consumers andtechnologies advanced at a more and more rapid pace. As professionals and marketers we haveto constantly change our game. Pinterest — a website which focuses on connecting people in ourworld through shared interests and visuals — has indeed changed the social media game onceagain. 2012 is definitely the year of Pinterest and as a marketer you need to consider including Step 1Pinterest in your marketing mix.There‘s no doubt that the future of business belongs to social sites like Pinterest. For people who Join the Pinterestare willing to embrace social commerce and emerging technologies to engage with their customers community and createand provide them with unique customer experiences, leveraging social tools will definitely have an your profile.added advantage in their industry and niche. Pinterest is surely a website that will offer a uniqueexperience to their customers.People, including professionals, are time-poor in our society and want to share content on the webwithout having to write and create text, and that is another reason why Pinterest will clearlybecome first choice as a social network tool. It is highly visual. Whether you want to join for Step 2professional or personal reasons, the best strategy is to post images and share social content thatinspires engagement and attracts the most attention from your pinboard followers. Create at least 2-3More online retailers and businesses will find Pinterest valuable in 2012 and beyond to expand boards of your interest,their brand awareness, find new customers and build their loyal followings. The best way to start pinning anddiscover is to set up an account on Pinterest and start engaging and attracting followers to your engaging.pinboards. Start pinning things that are relevant to your business and industry, but are not toopromotional.Review your followership every 30 days to see if you are getting increased sales or referral trafficto your company website or blog. Keep tweaking your pinboards by adding relevant images anddescriptions of your pins to encourage member engagement. Happy Pinning!
  13. 13. Pinterest GoodiesAs a Pinterest user, you can collect the following goodies anddisplay them on your website, blog or use on your iPhone. „Pin It‟ button Pinterest for iPhone „Follow‟ button for websites „Pin It‟ button for websites Pinterest logo
  14. 14. Pinterest Infographics Here is a collection of Pinterest tips, infographics and tips I‘ve created on Pinterest . Simply click to access all the information and you can follow the board. Feel free to ‗Repin‘ on your boards and share the pins with your Pinterest network.
  15. 15. Pinterest About the Author:Dainaz is a widely recognised social media strategist,trainer, consultant, author and keynote speaker.Dainaz has an extensive background in internationalcross-cultural marketing and B2B relationship-building skills. Her passion for social media andemerging technologies inspires her to educate andtrain market place and business professionalsglobally.Dainaz develops strategies and brand positioning forbusinesses to go ‗Social‘ and expand their onlinereach, influence and reputation, leveraging the powerof social media technologies and tools. She helps , togrow their sales, grow customers and explode theirbusiness.If you have any questions, connect with Dainaz SIllava on your preferred social network by clicking thesocial icons on the right.You can also follow her Social Media Boards onPinterest. Copyright ©2012 All rights reserved.
  16. 16. View Social Testimonials about Dainaz―Dainaz is soon to be a well-known superstar. I have been so pleased ―It is a great pleasure to work with Dainaz. She is the perfect blend ofto publish her in my because she offers a unique professionalism, modernism and traditions, enabling her to extend herperspective and expertise that is already gaining her quite a following best. She is full of extraordinary working skills and bubbling energy; aamongst our readers.‖ December 17, 2011 person worth associating with.‖Larry Genkin, CEO, GSG WorldMedia Sanjeev Bhatt. CEO, Radico Fashions Pvt Ltd.―It has been an honour and a privilege to count Dainaz amongst my ―Dainaz is a highly qualified Social Media Strategist who is extremelySocial Networking friends and colleagues. Her professional skills in the passionate and knowledgeable about her field of expertise. Herrealm of Social Networking are plain for all to see and well diversity and continual growth in this area makes her a valuable assetdemonstrated. However, it is eclipsed by Dainaz‘s actual personality to have as part of any business.‖and interaction with people. Her thirst for knowledge and the Sonja Falvo, Professional Speaker, Author & Director, Real Bodypassionate and gracious sharing of that knowledge is remarkable, as is Enterprises Pty Ltdher willingness to serve others. I have no hesitation in recommendingDainaz to the closest and most valued of my friends and contacts. She ―Ive attended several of Dainazs social media workshops and myepitomises what good Social Networking should be about. A experience of her is that she creates a really fun atmosphere to learn.tremendous Ambassador.‖CEO Simon Treselyan. Managing Director Starfire, International Author, Her knowledge of social media is outstanding and shes always at theSuccess Peak Performance Coach forefront of whats happening in the social media world. Not only are her workshops fun, professionally run and provide real hands-on learning, but I have always found Dainaz to be patient and extremely―It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation regarding warm and generous in her sharing. Thanks Dainaz for what you areDainaz Illava. She is a remarkable woman, who has knowledge and doing to change Social Media. You are a true champion! Amazing focusknow-how in the social media arena which is outstanding and and passion. Loved your information. Cheers.extensive. Her international cross-cultural marketing expertise and solid Myrna Widlend,B2B relationship building puts her out in front in the marketplace. As asocial media strategist, Dainaz has the passion to educate andempower entrepreneurs both locally and globally, to develop and ―I had the privilege to work with Dainaz at social media mastery and Iexpand their business and brand using social media for profits and learned so much from her. She is one of the most dynamic andphilanthropy. Her presentations and workshops in all areas of social resourceful social divas out there! I highly suggest you get to know herSMM are delivered with ease. The feedback from anyone who and you will benefit from it! if you get the chance to work with her orexperiences her in this forum has been exceptional. I welcome any learn social media, take her up on the offer and you will be impressedrequest for information on Dainaz.‖ with the amount of value and information she delivers! Thanks so muchJennie Gorman. Owner, Connexions Unlimited for all your help Dainaz!‖ David King