Application store optimization


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Application store optimization factors and mobile application review factors

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Application store optimization

  1. 1. Boost up your application rank
  2. 2. What to do when you make you app? How to find users, followers, get positive reviews, stand out in relation to the others?
  3. 3.  There are 2 ways:  Application Store optimization  Marketing optimization (just pay someone to do it instead of you).
  4. 4. Two type of application users  Paid and  Real users.
  5. 5. Application store optimization (ASO)
  6. 6. What is ASO?  ASO is set of activities to get higher rank of your app in app store’s search results, whether is it APP store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  7. 7. To help users access and meet your application, you need to optimize some of its elements like:  application name,  description,  keywords, etc. ASO covers all elements.
  8. 8. Google Play vs App Store  Compared to the App store, Google Play market have considerably faster process of application update. Keywords in the description can help in Google Play optimization, while on APP store it is not taken into account.
  9. 9. App Downloads
  10. 10. Why is ASO important?  if your application is free, ASO will increase the download – 100 to 800 per day,  improves search discovery,  increase in revenues from downloads – If your application is payable on download (from 1$ to 500$).
  11. 11. If you are individual developer, then these figures are very good start. Number of available Android apps (this figure varies from day to day).
  12. 12. Keywords  This is very important.  The first step you need to do is to look what are people looking for in your area.  For that you can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool will show you which keywords people search - both on the Internet and on the application markets.
  13. 13.  For example, if you have application about abs exercises, you would like to know is more searched phrase “Abs exercises” or maybe “Exercises for abs”. In addition, Google’s Keyword Tool can be useful if you want to see what type of application users are typically looking for. If there is keyword that users are quite a lot looking for, and there is a little competition, there you can search your chance. Besides, what kind of keywords are searched, you can look at the market application.
  14. 14. Name of application Based on keyword search and results, you need to define your mobile application name. Relevance is very important.
  15. 15. Name of developer For better optimization it is recommended tying the name of developer to the name of application. If you have an application “Abs exercises”, and you put your publisher name as “Crunches Dev”, you will be ranked and for the “Abs” and for the “Crunches”.
  16. 16. Application icon  Icon does not affect the ranking of your application. But, icon is very important, because this is first visual thing that user see when they meet with your application. The first impression is very important, so make sure that if you know yourself to design a logo, do it, or you can hire someone to do that for you. You can use App icon Maker (for iOS) to make app icons.
  17. 17. Screenshots / Videos  This type of additional free promotion can only contribute to a better positioning of your application.  ASO is very important if you want to make you application stand out from competition, like in websites. You need just a little of your time and will, so do not let your quality product remain unnoticed in the market.
  18. 18. Mobile application review factors  Competition on every market is thick. Such a situation occurs on the mobile application market. Today, there are more than 2 millions mobile applications.  How to make you app stand out in relation to the others? You can do that by gaining many app reports – reviews from users.  But, It will furthermore take a lot more than simply just receiving app rating to help create a prosperous product in the marketplace.
  19. 19. Factors  There are usually 4 factors which must be taken into consideration, related to your application rating:  Star rating,  Extra positive ratings and reviews,  Advertising,  Brand.
  20. 20. Star rating  The higher rating you have (from 1 to 5) the greater is the chance that your application will be downloaded. In addition, the negative mobile appliaction reviews via users usually result in a important drop.
  21. 21. Extra positive ratings and reviews  Only from receiving extra positive form ratings and reviews, your app will probably increase it’s position on app store ranking and will contribute to your overall rating.
  22. 22. Advertising  Any advertising is good advertising .  App ratings along with reviews no matter whether they good or bad provide the beneficial insight at how app users watch, download, like or dislike your application.
  23. 23. Brand  As your mobile application benefits extra positive reports, it will help you to create a brand of their name on the market. You will gain many based on a good review of your app, and they will be more likely interested to download more application from you that other developer. 
  24. 24. Don’t give up  At the start, getting the review will be difficult. When your launch your app, you can find no stories and potential new users for you app.  You can try one of this two ways:  Submit you mobile app to review sites and blogs. It’s free but however, there may be not any guarantee.  Pay for application review. This way will cost you money.
  25. 25.  Remember, any advertising is good advertising. You will need to be persistent and patient to make you mobile application sucessfull, because competition is fierce.