Daily Secret: Getting Things Done (part 1)


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Daily Secret: Getting Things Done (part 1)

  1. 1. - makes life just that much more interesting 1 getting things done (i)
  2. 2. NEW REALITY “Rule your mind or it will rule you.” Horace
  3. 3. MIND, WATER “Mind like water”
  4. 4. “SWING”There is a frictionless state in rowing called “swing”, wherethe momentum comes from the swing itself.
  5. 5. HOW?1. Collect things that command our attention.2. Process what they mean and what to do about them.3. Organize the results, which we then...4. Review as options for what we choose to...5. Do.
  6. 6. WORK FLOW “stuff” Collection bucket What is it? Trash Is it actionable? no Someday/maybe Create project yes Reference plan multi-step What’s next step? Review project plan Less than 2 mins? yes no Delegate it Do it now Defer it (waiting)legend: Schedule it Dropbox Asana Calendar
  7. 7. COLLECT There is no reason even to have the same thought twice, unless you like having that thought. “stuff” Collection buckettips What is it? Trash• Identify all of your collection buckets Is it actionable? no Someday/maybe (try to have as few as possible) Create project yes Reference• Capture all things plan What’s next that need to get done Review project step? into a logical and plan Less than 2 mins? trusted system outside of your head (Asana) yes no• Empty collection Do it now Delegate it Defer it buckets regularly (waiting) Schedule it
  8. 8. PROCESS Dig yourself out of the pile of “stuff” that you’re buried under by always asking yourself, “is this actionable?”. “stuff” Collectiontips bucket What is it? Trash• By rigorous about trashing items that Is it actionable? no Someday/maybe are no longer needed• Keep a file of more Create project yes Reference long term ideas so plan What’s next that you don’t forget Review project step? them and they also plan Less than 2 mins? don’t distract you• File all potentially yes no useful info away for Delegate it you/others (Dropbox) Do it now (waiting) Defer it Schedule it
  9. 9. PROCESS If it is actionable, then clearly define next steps and make a plan to fulfill them. “stuff”tips Collection• People get stuck when bucket they don’t define next What is it? Trash steps clearly Is it actionable? no Someday/maybe• If it takes 2 minutes or less, do it now Create project yes Reference• If you’re not the right plan What’s next person for the job, Review project step? delegate via Asana plan Less than 2 mins?• If it’s time specific, schedule it on Google yes no calendar Delegate it• Anything else, defer it Do it now (waiting) Defer it on Asana list Schedule it
  10. 10. ORGANIZE If the item in your collection bucket has many steps, then break it down into actionable pieces (sum = project plan). “stuff”tips Collection bucket• Break multi-step items into a group of What is it? Trash discreet actions Is it actionable? no Someday/maybe• Each action must require only one yes Reference person Create project plan What’s next• Tag all items on Review project step? Asana with same tag plan Less than 2 mins? or quick find• Review with requester yes no @ end to make sure the project has be Do it now Delegate it Defer it (waiting) translated properly Schedule it
  11. 11. REVIEW Review your actions list often - whether it’s within a larger project plan, has been delegated, or deferred on your list “stuff”tips Collection• Conduct a review each bucket morning so that you What is it? Trash can plan out the next few days ahead Is it actionable? no Someday/maybe• Conduct an end of yes Reference week review of your Create project plan tasks to see what was What’s next accomplished, what Review project step? plan was not accomplished Less than 2 mins? and why• Follow up at the end yes no of each week with Delegate it Do it now Defer it items that have been (waiting) delegated Schedule it
  12. 12. DOIt’s Monday morning - what do you do first? Four criteria thatyou can apply, in this order. 1. CONTEXT 2. TIME AVAILABLE 3. ENERGY AVAILABLE 4. PRIORITY
  13. 13. thank you! ➹for any questions, please contact phaedra@dailysecret.com CONFIDENTIAL 14