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Dry leaf litter composting


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A presentation by Dr Meenakshi Bharath of the Solid Waste Management Round Table Bangalore - that describes how she has composted large volumes of dry leaves in Malleswaram.

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Dry leaf litter composting

  1. 1. Leaf litter compostingSweep all thedry leaves intoa pile with outany papertoand Click edit Master subtitle styleplastic
  2. 2. The leaves are crushed a bit bystamping on them to break them up for quicker composting
  3. 3. Building a platform to stack the leaves on
  4. 4. Place it above the ground for better aerationPut the longerpole below sothat cross poleswill not fall down
  5. 5. Cover the platform with some of the dry ‘coconut gari’Or plated gariwith the rightside up so thatwater filtersdown
  6. 6. Make some dilute cow dung slurry
  7. 7. Soak the leaves in cow dung and then drain the water outspread the soakedleaves evenly onthe platform
  8. 8. Pile it up to 3-4 feet
  9. 9. Cover it with jute cloth
  10. 10. Leave it for 45 days, watering it once a day to maintain moisture for composting April 15th 2010
  11. 11. Height of the leaf pile reduced from 48 inches to 30 inches in 2 months. May 28th 20105/28/10
  12. 12. The leaf mulch hasbecome powder Healthy Earthworms living in the compost5/28/10