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The Divine Dance


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What they don't teach you at school... why they can't teach you at school. (A presentation especially for new graduates, for those who dare to contemplate life and for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Life.)

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The Divine Dance

  1. 1. THE DIVINE DANCE What they don’t teach you at school!!!
  2. 2. THE DIVINE DANCE What they don’t teach you at school!!!
  3. 3. • You’ve Graduated? • You’ve Started a New Job? • +17Years of doing something that was all figured out • NowYou’re expected to fly on your own (no one thought you for you)
  5. 5. LIFE What is Life? How to Live it?
  6. 6. • +17 Years of Knowing
  7. 7. PAJERO
  8. 8. TheIllusionofWisdomgap TruthisalwaysRelative Assumption Reality Learning Understanding The Liberator Addict  The Passive Activist  The Ignorant Politician
  9. 9. Don’t Confuse Education with Learning. Education is Manmade, Learning is Natural.
  10. 10. • Acquire Tools Primary Edu. • Asking Questions? Secondary Edu. • Finding Answers Graduate Edu.  We bit the System!  We lost the Game!
  11. 11. You ThinkYou Know… ButYou Know Nothing!!! What’s Even Worse is the Community, the Government has acknowledged your ignorance.
  12. 12. Flower Lotus Flower It Grows on Dirt Unknowable/Devine
  13. 13.  Science was Invented  Wall, Car
  14. 14. LIFE Everything else is a Noise or an Expression!!! It is all about Wellbeing (Well Being, Life LivedWell)!!!
  15. 15. Everything = f(Life) Everything is understood as a function of Life
  16. 16. WhatYou Think I Know  Education/Information/History  Memorization,Thinking…  Communication  Branding, Events, Marketing…  Health  Biology, Keep people Alive?  Business  Addition, How to make money  Engineering  Build  Administration  Power, Customer Satisfaction  Art/Design/Creativity  Expression  History  Identification, Alienation  Theology  Ritual,Who God is? What I should Have Really Known  Education  Understanding  Communication  Know Thyself (Self – Whole)  Health  What Does it Mean to Live, are you Alive?  Business  What is Value,What isYour Worth?  Engineering  Create  Administration  Service  Art/Design/Creativity  What’s Your Design… Love  History  Understanding  Theology  Who You Are, WhyYou are Here
  17. 17. Singularity Identity Body Conscious Thought Conscious Thought Surfer Thought Maker Singularity
  18. 18. Think • Knowledge Do • Learning BE • Experiencing
  19. 19. I Haven’t Thought About This I Think I Know This I Know Not (It‘s OK)
  20. 20. Intellect Ego Memory Awareness  Pointing to the Moon is Not the Moon  EGO
  21. 21.  150$$$  How Much AreYouWorth?
  22. 22. HOW MUCH ARE YOU WORTH? Priceless Free but Of  Value 0 Of No Value set by Demand OfValue Relative Value set by Demand  Insignificant
  23. 23. FAITH  The Unknown (ማን ነው እርሱ)  The Delusion of Significance  Madness in Solitude  Join a Community
  24. 24.  To DO!!!  Everything was Given  Power vs Service  Opportunity???
  25. 25. Look for a left over pie vs Making a pie  Someone is always interested in Everything
  26. 26. YOU DON’T KNOW WHATYOU WANT TO DO??? • Then Who Knows?
  27. 27. THE THREE WAYS TO LIVE??? • You can do what you don’t like to do, get paid well and do what you love with the money • You can do what you love to do but be ok with living a less the standard way of living • You can do whatever is there to be done and find the maker in it.
  28. 28. • In Everything You Do?? • I Wish you a Glimps of the Maker in all that you do!!!
  29. 29. TheDeadlyTriads
  30. 30. THE THREE TYPES OF PEOPLE??? • ThoseWho Run Away? • ThoseWho Join In? • ThoseWho Flower?  Who benefits (The Trustor or the Trustee)  In a time of Trust  In a time of Distrust
  31. 31. Self & WHOLE, EGO & Awareness,To Be Served – To Serve To Have Value - To Create Value, To Think – To Feel – To Do To Earn – To Spend, Creation – Inquisition Avoid looking at the world as EVIL vs GOOD #GrowthMindset
  32. 32. Time is an Illusion (Life is Brief, #DontBlink) • Momentary Purpose (You are where you are to do what you have to) • ‘I Have Nothing to Do’ is a fallacy. • No time for future/past, passivity, ignorance…
  33. 33.  We Know Nothing! (If there is one we know is that is Life, Our Life)  The Purpose of Living is to Let Life Dance You, Dance withYou.  To Know is to Understand and to Understand is to Be  Don’t Seek for Answerers, Seek for Experiences (Understanding). There are No Need for Answers, Even if there was, you would not find it Outside.  To Live,You need to Understand…  Self  Value  Service  The Maker  Do NOT seek Righteousness. Stop seeing Life as Good vs Evil. If you must seek Kindness  Time is an Illusion and only the Now exists  Avoid Ignorance, Passivity and Scarcity  Know Thyself… Not Knowing… Experience… DOING