Crop Wild Relatives Portal, user manual (2007)


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Search manual for the Crop Wild Relatives Portal, 30th August 2007

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Crop Wild Relatives Portal, user manual (2007)

  1. 1. Home page Search or browse indexed CWR data Links and Keyword related information search on CWR resources Information pages not directly part on the portal contents of this portal Return to the Portal Home page CWR Portal Search Manual Page 1
  2. 2. Search Page Search page for data objects. All portal data objects can be explored from the same generic search framework. CWR Portal Search Manual Page 2
  3. 3. Search Filter You may add a search filter for all the data descriptors of a portal data object. You have several alternatives for the search operator. You may select “case-insensitive contains”, “not case-insensitive contains”, “equal”, “not equal”, “larger than”, “less than”, … Your selected search filters are displayed on the search page as illustrated here. Add column You may add any descriptors of the data portal object to the list of search results. Simply select the column you want to add in the select list and it will automatically be added to the displayed list. CWR Portal Search Manual Page 3
  4. 4. Hits per page You may modify how many search result records should be displayed per page.v Navigation, previous, next When there are more search results than the number of hits you have selected to view per page; the previous next navigation controls are displayed. Navigation, letterbar With the “Letterbar” you have a quick filter to limit the displayed records by the first character. The “Letterbar” display filter follows the order by column – see further below for the order by feature. The “Letterbar” display filter also allows you to filter by the first two characters, three first characters, … etc. Order by The list of search results can be ordered by any of the displayed columns. Simply click the column head title to order by this column. Click again if you want to order by the reverse order. CWR Portal Search Manual Page 4
  5. 5. Column tool tip Most of the columns in the list of search results will have a tool tip description if you move the mouse over the column head title. Data value, link out Many of the columns in the list of search results will have a link out from the data values to the relevant detail page of the online source dataset. [] Detail pages, internal link You may select the “[Details]” internal link to display more details on each record. Some data objects describe or is linked to a taxonomy level object, a country level object, an image object, a person or institute object, …etc. These data objects will also have a link to the specific metadata detail page of these special portal data objects. CWR Portal Search Manual Page 5
  6. 6. Detail page The detail pages will show all the defined descriptors for the selected data object. CWR Portal Search Manual Page 6
  7. 7. Taxonomy level metadata page The specialized metadata detail pages show you summary metadata from indexed external datasets. You find here the Global Red List status from IUCN, the number of related records in the GBIF portal, the BGCI, SINGER and EURISCO. You also find direct links to other relevant online resources to search further for more information. CWR Portal Search Manual Page 7
  8. 8. Country level metadata page There are currently taxonomy level and country level metadata pages. Other similar metadata pages could perhaps be useful… CWR Portal Search Manual Page 8