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Two Social Timelines


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With Facebook changing all brand Pages to Timelines, what do you need to know and what are your opportunities?

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Two Social Timelines

  1. 1. Facebook Timelines
  2. 2. Facebook Timelines Facebook has been rolling out Timelines for personal Profiles for the past few months From 31 March ‘12 they will be mandatory for business Pages
  3. 3. Coca-Cola sample Facebook Timeline Page
  4. 4. Lexus sample Facebook Timeline Page
  5. 5. TWO Social sample Facebook Timeline Page
  6. 6. Some key changes to Facebook TimelinesCover and Profile photos• 851 x 315 pixels with 399 pixels wide as a minimum• 180 x 180 squareContent• Pages can pin key posts to the top of the page to highlight key content• Recreate the brand’s history by backdating posts/key moments• Opportunity to highlight posts to wall, making them display across the width of the two page columns - standard posts display in a single column widthTabs• 12 tabs in total: 4 always displayed and Photos is mandatory• Wider tabs at 810 pixels wide• All tabs need an app icon at 111 x 74 pixels• No default landing page can be set
  7. 7. The opportunity• Your Page will change automatically on 31 March• You can change your Page to Timelines before the deadline• To maximise the change over process you should proactively create: • A Cover photo, actively integrated with a new Profile photo • Re design Tab Pages by adding additional imagery to fit the new screens • Create new Tab icons for the Timeline home page • Create key milestones in the organisations history on the Timeline function • Pin new content explaining to changes made
  8. 8. Maximise use of the new Timeline home PageTimeline Cover photo Create Timeline Integrated Profile image Tab Page icons (up to 12) Pinned Timeline content
  9. 9. Maximise use of new wider Tab PagesTab Pages now 810 wide Coca Cola Your Stories example