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A Tale of Two (Semantic) APIs - Daedalus - API Days Mediterranea


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Presentation delivered by Daedalus at API Days Mediterranea (Madrid, 1 June 2013).
The Textalytics product has been rebranded to MeaningCloud

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A Tale of Two (Semantic) APIs - Daedalus - API Days Mediterranea

  1. 1. A Tale of Two(Semantic) APIsAntonio MatarranzDaedalusMadrid, 1 June 2013API-based BusinessDevelopment forSemantic Technologies
  2. 2. API-based Business Development forSemantic Technologies(Semantic)APIs
  3. 3. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesSome experiments in marketingSemantic Technologies… andhow APIs can add to ourbusiness model
  4. 4. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesSemantic Technologies:What are they and why they matterNon-structuredContent is HUGESemantic Technologies extract MEANING from non-structured content
  5. 5. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesSemantic Processing: automatic extraction of knowledge itemsfrom non-structured, multimedia contentSentimentTopicsFactsConceptsOrganizationsPeopleSemanticProcessingMake Content morediscoverable, findable, manageable, informative… more USEFULSemantic Technologies extract meaningfrom multimedia content
  6. 6. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesFuture looks bright for Semantic Technologies….Text analytics market > $1.2 billion in 2012 But ~10% of total BI & analytics marketAnalysts endorse it!
  7. 7. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesSemantic Technologies: High-value applications Social-media analysis Media & publishing Targeted advertising Voice of the Customer: CRM,product management &marketing Competitive intelligence Homeland security, intelligence& law enforcement Life sciences Legal, tax & regulatory (LTR)including compliance RecruitingSemanticProcessing
  8. 8. API-based Business Development forSemantic Technologies
  9. 9. API-based Business Development forSemantic Technologies… But some dark clouds lie ahead for small vendors Typically, semantic technology delivered in on-premises mode Big vendors entrenched in the data (and text) analytics space: IBM, SAS… Not so fast adoption: Technical risk? Lack of killer application?Are we in the (in)famous Chasm?
  10. 10. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesExperimentswith SemanticAPIs
  11. 11. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesAPI business models to the rescue! Instead of selling semantic software, publish an API Widely used business model in this industry Not the same business model as providing complete solutions for end customers:• New customers (developers, integrators)• New value proposition• New channel• New customer relationships• New revenue streams• New costs• …API = BusinessDevelopment 2.0
  12. 12. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesBenefits for customer Benefits for vendorAPI business models to the rescue! Open innovation - let them do theinventing! Access to more markets (endcustomers, applications, industries)…even unexpected ones Low cost (Marketing & Sales) Scalable “Semantic enabler” - add semantics toyour system/process Low risk Low costs, pay-per-use Flexibility
  13. 13. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesLimitations for vendor Slow revenue The “Cash Flow Trough” Churn riskLimitations for customer At this stage of the semantictechnology maturity cycle Talent scarcity Learning curve Difficult to capture benefitsBut APIs business models are not perfect!
  14. 14. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesA day in the life of the user of a low-level semantic APIDavid is a DeveloperHe is the user of our APIHe is proficient in Java, PHP, etc.He wants to develop a cool Social media analysis tool Content tagging and enrichmentsystem Financial information analysis tool Etc.… he hasn’t got a Ph.D. inComputational Linguistics
  15. 15. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesA day in the life of the user of a low-level semantic APITypical NLP / Semantic APIs provides non-obvious functionalityLemmatization, NER, categorization, clustering, POS…When/how to use them?How to combine all this functionality in anoptimized way, depending on the application? Twitter vs. News? Intelligence vs. brand monitoring?How to inject domain-specific knowledge?How do a get started?How to REALLY LEVERAGE THIS?
  16. 16. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesA new value proposition is neededTypical Approach New ApproachFor Whom Developers - with a highknowledge of NLP, etc.All Developers (we work thetechnical details out for you)What Plain Linguistic API:POS, NER…High-level, application specificSemantic APIs:• Media Analysis• Semantic Publishing…Preconfigured pipelines, linguisticresourcesSDK, plug-insCommunity …Value Do It Yourself Plug-and-Play, productivityWe “productize” our know-how
  17. 17. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesOur brand new Semantic APIs: TextalyticsRegister at
  18. 18. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesOur new brand for Semantic APIs Not your typical Semantic API High-level Semantic APIs, optimized for application scenarios Core API (building blocks) Launching soon! TopicsSentimentClassif.ClusterPOSConfiguration andLinguistic ResourcesConfiguration andLinguistic ResourcesConfiguration andLinguistic ResourcesMediaAnalysis APISemanticPublishing API…
  19. 19. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesAPIs targeted tospecific applications+ Core API
  20. 20. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesWell documentedAPIs, featuring pre-configuredprocessing pipelines
  21. 21. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesTest consoleshelp understanduse withoutprogramming
  22. 22. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesSDKs andplug-ins fostertrial and use
  23. 23. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesLessons LearnedAPIs can be a successful business model for horizontal /platform software technologiesBut beware: your API may be “too horizontal”70% good for everyone, 100% good for nobodyPackaged APIs, optimized for specific needs, can fosteradoption in high priority scenarios
  24. 24. API-based Business Development forSemantic TechnologiesThank you for your attention!Questions, suggestions, etc.Antonio MatarranzDirector, Marketing & Salesamatarranz@daedalus.esDaedalus, S.A.Tel: +34 913324301info@daedalus.es