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Dade moeller consulting services


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Dade Moeller offers envionmenental consulting services that address a wide variety of concerns. Occuptional Safety and Health, Radiation Safety Services and Radiation Protection, Industrial Safety, Medical Physics Services and Safety Culture Services.

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Dade moeller consulting services

  2. 2. Dade Moeller Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) Consulting Services Although Dade Moeller started as a health physics consulting company based on the radiation protection expertise of its founders, today we offer much more. Our ES&H consulting services can address your needs in the areas of radiation protection, occupational safety, industrial hygiene, environmental protection, and quality assurance. Program Audits and Assessments Dade Moeller brings extensive practical experience to every assignment, and our clients have come to depend on our ability to identify significant issues and recommend innovative improvements. Our observations and opinions are always honest and forthright when discussing potential concerns. We present information on uncertainties, risks, and costs, and recommend proactive solutions for our customers. Dade Moeller has established a record of quality, integrity, and candor in our audits and assessments. Dade Moeller has performed comprehensive annual audits of medical and industrial radiation safety programs involving licensed radioactive materials and other sources of ionizing radiation. The audits help our clients ensure that their radiation safety programs meet all regulatory and license requirements, and they identify and correct program weaknesses prior to an official federal or state regulatory inspection. Our audits follow the guidelines established by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in NUREG publications, as well as guidelines for sources of ionizing radiation regulated solely by the individual states. We are thoroughly familiar with health, safety, and environmental regulations and know how they apply in real-world circumstances. And following our audits and assessments, we have developed and implemented critical system controls tools including contract and needs assessments, audit programs, requirements analysis, interface controls, and life-cycle cost analyses. Types of Assessments and Audits Include: • Radiation Safety Program Audits • Pathway and Risk Assessments • Leadership Safety Assessments • Exposure Assessments • Life Safety Code Audits • Occupational Safety Subject • OSHA Program Audits Matter Expert Assessments • OSHA Record Keeping Audits • Readiness Assessment Planning • Incident and Accident • Root Cause Analysis Investigations • Effectiveness Reviews • Compliance Assessments • Corrective Action Recovery2
  3. 3. Emergency ResponseDade Moeller has provided emergency response services for several clients, includingresponses to major disasters such as the Gulf oil spill in 2010 and the Fukushima nuclearaccident in 2011. On a smaller scale, our staff has been instrumental in helping clients respondto spills of radioactive liquids and hazardous chemicals, lost radioactive materials, improperdisposal of radioactive and hazardous materials, and incidents involving contamination ofworkers. We conduct surveys of contaminated personnel, facilities, and equipment to ensureproper remedial actions. Regarding radioactive materials, we are licensed by the States ofMaryland, Washington, and Tennessee to provide emergency response activities to:• Isolate, identify, and package for transport licensed materials found in trash• Perform decontamination and decommissioning activities• Package and prepare for transport licensed materials, sealed sources, and devices containing licensed material• Possess equipment contaminated with residual amounts of radioactivity incidental to the services described aboveWe can provide a 24-hour emergency response phone number for our clients to requestconsultation and on-site emergency response services. Our radioactive material licenses areaccepted in all other states under reciprocity agreements with the NRC and Agreement Stateagencies.Litigation SupportDade Moeller has received acclaim for our work on radiation litigation cases. Unlikemost consulting firms who lend their expertise in the litigation arena, Dade Moellerdoes not focus exclusively on plaintiffs or defense – we focus on good science. Wehave had the privilege of illuminating and clarifying the boundaries where goodscience and the public interest meet. Notably, we can:• Develop expert reports on radiation sources, exposures, doses, and risks• Provide technical analyses of reports by opposing experts using the principles of good science• Identify and, if necessary, reconstruct historical radiation and exposure risk• Provide respected expert witnesses• Interpret the technical basis of laws and statutes defining requirements for radiation protection• Evaluate historical compliance with standards, requirements, and license conditions• Identify and coordinate the support of nationally recognized experts in medicine, engineering, chemistry, hydrogeology, risk analysis, and other fieldsWe serve clients throughout the litigation process on all matters involving exposure toradioactive and hazardous materials. Our efforts help our clients ensure positive representationin court; understand allegations, laws, and scientific principles; develop their best caseconsistent with the principles of good science; and emerge with their reputations intact. 3
  4. 4. Dade Moeller Radiation Protection Services Consistent with our roots in the health physics profession, we are proud to offer a full range of radiation protection services. With over 17 years in business and a staff that includes more Certified Health Physicists (CHPs) than any other private entity in the United States, if you have a need or problem involving radioactive materials, radiation generating machines, or radiation exposures to personnel, we have the expertise to help. Radioactive Material License Applications Applying for and maintaining a radioactive materials license can be technically daunting and expensive. We can streamline and expedite the licensing effort by helping you: • Prepare new license applications • Develop written radiation safety programs • Communicate with regulators on your behalf • Qualify or provide your radiation safety officer • Implement and maintain license conditions • Specify required equipment and services • Train personnel to fulfill license requirements Dade Moeller secured the license for a radioactive material disposal site in nine months, an unparalleled schedule accomplishment. For a new analytical laboratory, we developed the radiation safety program and obtained a specific license in approximately two months. Dade Moeller experts can ensure success in securing and maintaining a license for your business in a cost-effective and timely manner.4
  5. 5. Instrument CalibrationDade Moeller has performed more than 15,000 calibrationsof radiation detection instruments. We offer exposure andcontamination calibrations as well as on-site calibrations of fixedmonitoring equipment. Our calibration procedures follow ANSIStandard N323A-1997, “Instrument Test and Calibration, PortableSurvey Instruments.” On completion of calibration, we issue a detailedcalibration certificate for each instrument. In addition, we labeleach instrument to document applicable calibration data for quickreference in the field.Radioactive Sample AnalysisDade Moeller analyzes thousands of samples annually forgovernment and commercial institutions. Using liquidscintillation and gamma counting technology, our well-trainedtechnical staff can provide defensible analysis for many differenttypes of samples including:• Filter or Swab Testing• Contamination Swipe Samples • Leak Tests• Urine Bioassays• Water SamplesOur staff understands the importance of rapid turnaroundof results that are required to manage a radiation safety program. Analysis is generallycompleted the same day samples arrive. On completion, we will provide a complete reportthat details the analytical results.Our lab adheres to a rigorous Quality Assurance program that meets and follows the standardsprovided under ISO/IEC 17025, ASME/NQA-1, and the NELAC Standard. Our laboratorycapabilities enable us to achieve detection limits and make isotopic determinations consistentwith nationally recognized standards.Final Status SurveysDade Moeller has been highly successful in defining final status radiation limits for closureand environmental restoration, advancing public understanding, and moving restorationforward based on valid assessments. We have performed numerous final status surveys (FSS)for biomedical research, pharmaceutical, and academic institutions in support of licenseamendments and request for termination. Our FSS projects are based on the guidanceprovided in the Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM) andhave produced technical reports that have been consistently accepted by regulatory agencies. 5
  6. 6. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medical Physics Our staff is ready to assist you in ensuring your operations minimize radiation doses to workers and patients and comply with federal and state regulations. Dade Moeller provides physics coverage and clinical support for therapy departments including chart checks, brachytherapy, and routine quality assurance. We also provide support during busy clinical times, either due to increased workload, installation of new equipment, or vacation coverage. In addition, we have licensed inspectors who can perform the required state inspections for linear accelerators, tomotherapy, simulators, and diagnostic units, including C-arm fluoroscopic, radiographic, CT, MRI, and other machines. Our medical facility services also include supporting your radiation safety program, nuclear medicine, and radiation safety committee through on-site inspections, training, meeting assistance, and serving as the Radiation Safety Officer. We assist with licensing and accreditations of the American College of Radiology (ACR), the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC), and other accreditation bodies. Additionally, we can design or provide reviews of quality management programs and provide clinical reviews of your department to suggest methods for increased patient safety and efficiency. X-ray Machine and Service Registration State regulations require the registration of x-ray producing machines. Dade Moeller can assist you in the registration of your equipment and the preparation of documents and reports required by your state. In addition, states require the registration of any person who engages in the business of installing or servicing radiation generating machines. Services requiring registration can include, but are not limited to: • Installation and servicing of radiation machines and associated components • Calibration of radiation machines or radiation measurement instruments or devices • Radiation protection or health physics consultations or surveys • Personnel dosimetry services6
  7. 7. Dade Moeller Occupational Safetyand Health ServicesFor years, Dade Moeller has been helping clients develop and implement OccupationalSafety and Health (OSH) and Industrial Hygiene (IH) programs that effectively preventand control health and safety hazards in the workplace. Clients rely on our expertisefor implementing cost-effective worker protection measures that enhance productivitywhile ensuring regulatory compliance. Our company has more than 40 safety andhealth professionals, many of them certified [e.g., Occupational Health and SafetyTechnologist (OHST), Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST), CertifiedLoss Control Specialist (CLCS), Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), and Certified SafetyProfessional (CSP)]. Hiring Dade Moeller provides your company with access to ourdepth and breadth of staff.Our services include: • Assessing and controlling hazards • Optimizing employee protection and health • Providing project start up and turnkey services to develop, implement, or upgrade safety or industrial hygiene programs in response to customer needs or changes in regulatory guidelines • Evaluating impacts and providing support for new or changing regulations or standards (e.g., 29 CFR 1910, 29 CFR 1926)Staff specialized safety focus areas include: • General Industry • Construction • Chemical Weapons • Oil and Gas • Commercial and Government Nuclear • Food Production Facilities • Wind Farm Construction and Maintenance • Litigation including Workers’ Compensation • Specialized or Tailored Safety and Health TrainingOur staff is skilled in IH sampling and field analysis, from sampling technicians to CIHswith 30 or more years of experience. IH sampling includes, but is not limited to, air,bulk, surface and direct reading instrument sampling, using OSHA, NIOSH, and EPAsampling methodologies. 7
  8. 8. Safety and Health Program Development Dade Moeller is an industry leader in developing, assessing, and implementing OSH and IH programs in both commercial and government sectors. Our corporate expertise has been developed through work performed for commercial clients, the Department of Energy, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the Department of Defense, and nuclear power utilities. We have in-depth knowledge of the types of issues that have proven to be critical to safe operations, including Job Hazard Analysis/Job Safety Analysis; rigging; scaffolding; confined space entries; ergonomics; asbestos, beryllium, and lead; organic vapors; and proper use of personal protection equipment. Areas of expertise include: • Regulatory Compliance • Hearing Conservation • Construction Safety • Ergonomics • Industrial Safety • Program Audits • Chemical Exposure Assessment and • Employee Training Monitoring • Decontamination and Demolition Safety • Hazard Assessment • Emergency Preparedness • Respiratory Protection Programs Incident and Accident Investigation Dade Moeller’s safety staff includes subject matter experts in industrial hygiene, occupational safety, safety engineering, process safety, laser safety, and consequence assessment. Our staff members have led or participated in a number of incident or accident investigations including near-misses, personnel overexposure investigations, OSHA investigations, and investigation of accidents involving fatalities. We offer staff members trained in root cause analysis and corrective action development, and we provide an independent and disciplined approach to incident and accident investigations. Services include: • Incident Investigation • Accident Investigation • Occupational Safety Subject Matter Experts • Program Reviews • Bargaining Unit Interface • Report Preparation • Root Cause Analysis • Development of Corrective Actions • Effectiveness Reviews8
  9. 9. Dade Moeller Environmental ServicesDade Moeller understands that complying with environmental statutory andregulatory requirements is essential for any business. Our knowledge andexperience with environmental programs enables us to anticipate environmentalrequirements for a program or project lifecycle, helping our clients avoid surprisesand maintain compliance.Dade Moeller has extensive experience in planning environmental projects,managing sampling activities, and evaluating the resulting data. We havefacilitated over 40 Systematic Planning Processes encompassing all types ofdecisions for waste treatment and disposition, contaminated facility remediation,natural resource management, and environmental restoration. The systematicplanning approach is central to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’senvironmental characterization programs and requires mediation skills, technicalexpertise, and knowledge of environmental regulations. Dade Moeller personnelregularly assess environmental testing laboratories located around the countryfor performance adequacy based on the National Environmental LaboratoryAccreditation Conference (NELAC) components, the 2009 criteria from The NELAC Institute (TNI), and requirements of Deep Water Horizon Response the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Dade Moeller works Provided rapid-response to NOAA through Industrial Economics, Incorporated (IEc) to provide Sample Quality Management services. with clients to Established Sample Intake and Logistical Centers strategically plan in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida (2 centers), covering more than 1600 miles of coastline. environmental data Manages the quality of information & environmental samples. collection, sampling, Provides Procurement, Storage and Rapid- Response Supply for NOAA intake teams. and analysis for Performs On-site Processing (Accessioning) of environmental environmental samples & data. Trains Environmental Sampling Teams and Lead projects. We guide Sample Techs, in data handling, nomenclature of samples, chain of custody, and timing of data. clients in determining Places properly trained technicians for sample and data intake on boats in the Gulf Region. the type, quantity, Mobilized over 125 specialized personnel (with over 65 full-time) over a 4 month period since and quality of May 24, 2010 . environmental data Processed over 30,000 environmental samples. Provided more than $500K in environmental needed to balance sampling supplies. risk and cost, and to Assisted in the collection of over 5000 environmental samples at sea. support technically Manages Over $300K in fixed facilities and equipment. defensible decisions. Coordinated over 1500 intakes of environmental samples, observation data and embarked on rapid- This process can response supply runs. ensure our clients Headquartered in Richland, WA, Dade Moeller ( is a nationally recognized professional consulting firm with offices in 12 states and over 200 ESH&Q professionals. 9
  10. 10. meet, and in some cases, exceed project budgets and schedules. Dade Moeller provides Systematic Planning for environmental projects involving: • Soil/Groundwater Characterization and Remediation • Integrated Environmental Monitoring • Risk Assessments • Decontamination and Decommissioning As an example of our capabilities, Dade Moeller provides rapid/emergent sample quality management services in support of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) for the British Petroleum Deep Water Horizon oil spill. We operate a team with more than 70 environmental scientists and data quality management personnel, establishing operations across all 1,600 miles of the Gulf Coast. In less than a year, our environmental specialists successfully processed more than 60,000 samples in a multitude of matrices and environmental media with less than 1% loss of sample integrity. We are helping our clients reduce their regulatory compliance burdens and maintain their corporate image through environmental stewardship by helping them establish, upgrade, or maintain compliant environmental programs. We can: • Assess emission control programs for compliance with license requirements and environmental regulations • Design environmental monitoring programs in support of license application and implementation efforts10
  11. 11. Founded in 1994, our Company proudly bears the name of Dr. Dade W. Moeller, CHP, PE, a premier scientist and educator in the fields of health physics and environmental health. From the Company’s inception, we have been dedicated to establishing and maintaining high standards for professional integrity, work commitment, and technical excellence, the hallmarks embodied by DadeMoeller throughout his distinguished career of more than 60 years.Today, our Company provides the full range of professional and technician services inenvironment, safety, health and quality assurance to commercial and public sector clients.We have superior capabilities and exceptional depth in radiation protection, health physicsand worker safety. With office locations nationwide, our staff is recognized for expertise andproven performance in:• Radiological and Nuclear Safety• Occupational Safety and Health• Public and Environmental Health Protection• Training AcademyDade Moeller helps our clients protect human health and the environment from potentialexposures to radiation and hazardous substances and ensure compliance with stateand federal regulations governing the safety and health of workers, the public, and theenvironment. We employ more than 200 experienced professionals including Certified HealthPhysicists, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, and ProfessionalEngineers, many of whom have contributed to national and international policies, regulations,and industrial standards in their fields of expertise. Dade Moeller has more Certified HealthPhysicists than any other private entity in the nation, and our staff is further distinguished byrenowned leaders in virtually every area of radiation protection and health physics. Corporate Headquarters 1835 Terminal Drive, Suite 200 • Richland, WA 99354 • (509) 946-0410 •