Bureaucratic Reform Road Map


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National Policy Support Team for Good Governance-Bappenas Presented to the
Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Jakarta, 21 March 2007

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Bureaucratic Reform Road Map

  1. 1. Bureaucratic Reform Road Map Presented to the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Jakarta, 21 March 2007 Dadang Solihin National Policy Support Team for Good Governance-Bappenas
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  3. 3. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 3 Dadang holds a MA degree (Economics), University of Colorado, USA. His previous post is Head, Center for Research Data and Information at DPD Secretariat General as well as Deputy Director for Information of Spatial Planning and Land Use Management at Indonesian National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas).  Beside working as Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Asia- Pacific Studies, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, he also active as Associate Professor at University of Darma Persada, Jakarta, Indonesia.  He got various training around the globe, included Advanced International Training Programme of Information Technology Management, at Karlstad City, Sweden (2005); the Training Seminar on Land Use and Management, Taiwan (2004); Developing Multimedia Applications for Managers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2003); Applied Policy Development Training, Vancouver, Canada (2002); Local Government Administration Training Course, Hiroshima, Japan (2001); and Regional Development and Planning Training Course, Sapporo, Japan (1999). He published more than five books regarding local autonomous.  You can reach Dadang Solihin by email at dadangsol@yahoo.com or by his mobile at +62812 932 2202 Dadang Solihin’s Profile
  4. 4. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 4 Annyong-hi jumushyoss umnikka
  5. 5. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 5 State Institutions MPR : Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat People’s Consultative Assembly DPR : Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Lower House DPD : Dewan Perwakilan Daerah Upper House BPK : Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan Supreme Audit Board MA : Mahkamah Agung Supreme Court MK : Mahkamah Konstitusi Constitutional Court KPU : Komisi Pemilihan Umum General Election Commission KPK : Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi Corruption Eradication Commission KY : Komisi Yudisial Judicial Commission MPR Legislative Executive Judiciary DPD DPR BPK KPU President KPK MA MK KY
  6. 6. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com Source: Law No. 27/2009 re MD3 DPR 550 DPD 4 x Provinces DPRD Province 35 s.d 100 DPRD Kab/Kota 20 s.d 45 General Election The People Political Parties BPK President MA MK MPR
  7. 7. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 7 Political Institutions DPR membership is divided into the following factions: No Faction Seats % 1. The Golkar Party 127 23.22 2. The Indonesia Democratic-Struggle Party (PDI-P) 109 19.93 3. The United Development Party (PPP) 57 10.42 4. The Democratic Party (PD) 57 10.42 5. The National Mandate Party (PAN) 53 9.69 6. The National Awakening Party (PKB) 52 9.51 7. The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) 45 8.23 8. The Democratic Pioneer Star (BPD) 20 3.66 9. The Reform Star Party (PBR) 14 2.56 10. The Prosperous Peace Party (PDS) 13 2.38 Total 547
  8. 8. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 8 Local Government Political Institutions Sources: Law No. 22/2003 on Arrangement and Position of MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD Law No. 32/2004 on Local Government DPRD Province 35 - 100 DPRD Kabupaten/Kota 20 - 45 General Election The People Political Parties Political Parties President Governor Bupati/ Walikota Village
  9. 9. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 9 Government Condition  Increased demands for  application of principles of good governance.  delegation of authority, responsibility and decision making.  Abuse of power and still proliferation of practices of corruption, collusion and nepotism.  Low performance of human resources and institutions of apparatus.  Institutional (organizational) system and governmental management that are still not yet adequate.  Low efficiency and effectiveness of work.  Low quality of public services.  Low welfare of civil servants.  Many laws and regulations that are no longer appropriate to current situation and to demands of developments.  Increased uncertainty of account of very rapid changes in political, economic and social environment.  Increasingly rapid flow of information from or countries, that can lead to cultural infiltration and emergence of information gaps in society (digital divide).
  10. 10. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 10 “Creation of A Clean and Credible Governance” (Chapter 14 National Medium Term Development Plan 2004-2009). National Agenda  applying principles of good governance,  reforms of institutions and public management,  increasing capacity of human resources of apparatus,  increase of quality of public services. How? Purpose  to overcome abuse of power in form of corruption, collusion and nepotism,  improving quality of state administration,  increasing empowerment of people in implementation of development activities.
  11. 11. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 11 Targets  Effective reduction in corrupt practices in bureaucracy, and is to be started from top official.  Created institutional system and government administration that are clean, efficient, effective, transparent, professional and accountable.  Eliminated regulations and practices that are discriminatory to citizens and social groups.  Enhanced participation of general public in public policy decision making.  Ensured consistency of all central and regional regulations, and that are not in contravention to higher regulation and laws.
  12. 12. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 12 Development Programs 1. Applying Good Governance. 2. Enhancing supervision and accountability of state apparatus. 3. Reforming institutions and management. 4. Management of Human Resources of Apparatus. 5. Enhancing quality of public services. 6. Increasing facilities and infrastructure of state apparatus. 7. Facilitating Tasks of state and Governmental Leadership.
  13. 13. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 13 Internalizing the Agenda into Planning Documents  National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJM)  “Creation of A Clean and Credible Governance” is one of National agendas (Chapter XIV RPJM) RPJM  Government’s annual development plan (RKP)  The Government sets development priorities each year.  The priorities provide guidance to ministries’ work plans and subsequently expenditure budgets RKP 1.Prosperous Indonesia 2.Just and Democratic Indonesia 3.Safe and Peaceful Indonesia Elected President Vision/Mission These development priorities are binding on both central and regional governments
  14. 14. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 14 National Policy Support Team for Good Governance Background  Consultative Group Indonesia Meeting in 2000 recognized importance of establishment of a Secretariat for Good Public Governance Promotion in Bappenas.  Decree of Chairperson Bappenas No.009/K/02/2000 concerning Establishment of Secretariat for Developing Good Public Governance:  Chairperson: Inspector General of Bappenas  Secretary : Head of Bureau for Multilateral Foreign Cooperation  Members: Several related Echelon II in Bappenas  In 2007, the Decree was reinvigorated by Decree of Minister of State for National Development Planning/Chairmen of Bappenas No.Kep.021/M.PPN/02/2007.
  15. 15. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 15 Activities 2000 – 2007 Activities Partner Results • Routine Discussion • UNSFIR (United Nations Support Facility for Indonesian Recovery) • Bappenas (Bureau Regional Capacity Building, Bureau for Development Financing Administration, Bureau for Analysis of System and Procedure of Financing, Bureau Analysis and • Formulation of Financing, Member of Parliament from PPP Faction • Indonesia University • Etc. • Proceeding Document
  16. 16. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 16 Activities Partner Results • Develop of Secretariat Good Governance web-site www.goodgovernance-bappenas.go.id • Seminars & Workshop • CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) • UNSFIR • Survei of Understanding of Government Apparatus on Good Governance Principles Final Report • Publishing and distributing Booklet “ Public Good Governance: A Brief Presentation” Distributed to LPND, Bappeda, CSO, participants of seminar and or parties • Formulation Policy Alternatives for Bureaucratic Reform Bureaucratic Problem Identification
  17. 17. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 17 Activities Partner Results • National Policy Formulation of Good Governance Document arrangement of Plan Act of Transparency, Participation and Accountability • Socialization and Advocation of Work Plan for Implementation of Transparency, Participation and Accountability Principles • Public Interest Research and Advocacy Center (PIRAC) • Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia • BAPPEDA Jawa Tengah • DPRD Kabupaten Bone • Kabupaten Lombok Barat • Kabupaten Lombok Tengah • Kabupaten Lombok Timur • Draft of public campaign have arranged • Socialization Society Service Advertisement in mass media • Interactive Dialogued in RRI Pro-4
  18. 18. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 18 Activities Partner Results • Socialization and Dissemination of Good Governance Concept: 1. Socialization of Leaflet Secretariat Team 2. Socialization Leaflet Good Governance Principles 3. Indicator Brochure of Good Governance Principles 4. Renew Web-Site design 5. Socialization Society Service Advertisement : - Electronic Media  TVRI - Mass Media  Nasional Newspaper 6. Variety show Partnership Distributed to 64 ministries and LPND, 33 governor, 441 regent/mayor in Indonesia, participants of seminar and or parties
  19. 19. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 19 Activities Partner Results • Publishing and Distributing of Manual Book and Indicators of Good Governance Application Distributed to 64 ministries and LPND, 33 governors, 441 regents/mayors in Indonesia, 99 top high schools, participants of seminar and or parties • Publishing Module for Good Governance Application Printing process • Monitoring of Good Governance Implementation On going process • Formulation of Good Governance Index On going process
  20. 20. dadang-solihin.blogspot.com 20 Strategic Partnership Program  Korean Expert  Advisory in developing concepts of good governance and formulation of grand strategy,  Bureaucratic and public service reform.  Technical Training in Korea 1. Internal Audit System. 2. Administrative Reform, Management & Policies. 3. Policy Formulation. 4. Strategy of Combating Corruption. 5. Civil Service Reform. 6. Bureaucracy & Public Service Management Reform. 7. Administrative Reform. 8. Good Governance Implementation in Public. 9. Improving Good Governance. 10. Public Service Management & Reform.  Workshop  Evaluation of Special Training Program Workshop  Workshop on Indonesia – Korea in Country Training Program.
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