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An examination of the application scenarios of enterprise wikis.


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An examination of the application scenarios of enterprise wikis.

  1. 1. An examination of the application scenarios of enterprise wikis.Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Dada Lin, TU Dresden, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbHDipl.-Ing. f. Tech. Inform. Stefan Ehrlich, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbHKMAP Shanghai, October 2013
  2. 2. ABOUT ME Dada Lin T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH TU Dresden  diploma thesis on Knowledge Management using social software tools  PhD student (Technical University Dresden, Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsinformatik insb. Informationsmanagement (Prof. Dr. Eric Schoop)) 24.10.2012 2
  3. 3. Agenda1. Enterprise Wikis & Knowledge Management2. Research Questions3. Data Acquisition4. Finding 1: Typology of wiki application scenarios5. Finding 2: Theoretical model of user motivation in enterprise wikis6. Conclusion and next steps 24.10.2012 3
  4. 4. WikisWhat is a Wiki?• simple content management system• facilitate collaborative text editing – user generated content• structured as hypertext• comment- & discussion function 24.10.2012 4
  5. 5. Enterprise WikisENTERPRISE WIKI – CORPORATE WIKI – INTRANET WIKIWhy are Enterprise Wikis relevant for KM research?• 88 % of companys are using Enterprise Wikis1• preferred method of internal communications by 20132• support different aspects of knowledge work 1. Back, A., Friedel, D. & Weigand, A. (2011). Enterprise 2.0 – Nutzung & Handlungsbedarf im innerbetrieblichen, B2B und B2C Kontext. T-Systems Schweiz AG. 2. Gartner Inc. 24.10.2012 5
  6. 6. TeamWeb – Enterprise Wiki@T-Systems MMS 24.10.2012 6
  7. 7. Research Questions1. How are Enterprise Wikis used?2. How is user motivation associated with the way in which wikis are used? 24.10.2012 7
  8. 8. Methodology:Grounded Theory Approach• Grounded Theory by Glaser/Strauss (1967)• qualitative social research method• for development of theories from collected data 24.10.2012 8
  9. 9. Data Acquisition 1/21. qualitative content analysis of the wiki spaces (12 / 2011) – 170 wiki spaces were analysed manually – 27 usage scenarios could be identified 24.10.2012 9
  10. 10. Data Acquisition 2/21. semi-structured interviews with employees – iterative selection of 10 interviewees on the basis of previous space analysis – Focus on: usage scenarios, user motivation, perceived problems 24.10.2012 10
  11. 11. Finding 1: Typology of application scenarios 24.10.2012 11
  12. 12. Presentation & Communication 24.10.2012 12
  13. 13. Encyclopaedia 24.10.2012 13
  14. 14. Project Organization 24.10.2012 14
  15. 15. Collaborative Design 24.10.2012 15
  16. 16. Finding 2: Egoistical Motivation for useExcerpt from 6th interview: […]#00:06:15-4# Interviewee: There are also a few other aspects, for which I don’t takecredit, thus the subject of transparency is surely another point, you can see that you’redoing something and you can see what you’re doing. Other people can benefit from ittoo, but that’s not the main motivation for doing anything. I also know that themotivation of "others can benefit from it" is one which is frequently desired but veryrarely applies. The way I see it. I use the tool MAINLY because it helps me. And thatfact that other people can benefit from this is an amazing side effect and one which Iwouldn’t deny. But my MAIN REASON for doing it is NOT because others can benefitfrom it, but / […] 24.10.2012 16
  17. 17. Finding 2: Theoretical model of user motivation 24.10.2012 17
  18. 18. Conclusion and next stepsFindings: 4 main application modes: Enterprise Wikis are versatile tools for knowledge workers user motivation is mainly egoistic to facilitate user motivation, enterprise wikis have to create a perceived benefit for the knowledge workerNext steps: further exploration of usage motivation on basis of existing concepts of work psychology comparative case studys of other companys with enterprise wikis 24.10.2012 18
  19. 19. Dada Lin TU Dresden / T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH PhD student Riesaer Straße 5, 01129 Dresden +49 351 2820-2768 (Tel.) +49 171 6240997 (Mobil) E-Mail: dada.lin@t-systems.comTHANK YOU!24.10.2012 19