Online Travel Site Tips to Obtain the Best Travel Rates


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A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000 hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental prices.

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Online Travel Site Tips to Obtain the Best Travel Rates

  1. 1. ==== ====The Traveling Clown - Save on online travel, international travel, airlines and car share searchingtravel ====When you have simply had enough of the standard work-a-day routine, you are ready to visit theonline travel sites for a well-deserved break. Unfortunately, you may lack the insight and advancedunderstanding to obtain the best deal on your well-deserved vacation.While the airlines and the travel websites can usually frustrate most people with their widelyvarying prices from one moment to the next, there are some reasons for this type of operationbound up in a corporate profit-motive mentality to these heavy website variations.Firstly, as your father used to tell you, it is well-advised to plan ahead. In general, as is almostalways the case, the earlier ahead you make your bookings, the better the price. Booking a trip 4months ahead will almost always result in a much lower overall price than booking two weeks orless prior to the planned date of the trip.Of course there are emergency situations and last minute business travel that allows for littleadvanced booking considerations. In those situations, its even more important to apply the tips inthe remainder of this article.Making travel plans for your trip on the big bird on a weekend or holiday is a common mistake.These are the days the majority of the population is off work and able to get away. Due to supplyand demand economics; this is the most expensive time for a happy holiday. The day you departis very important to your ability to realize huge savings. Many times it even pays-off to sacrifice afew of your vacation days to reap the benefits. If you can travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday orSaturday, you will almost always get great discounts from the more preferred Monday, Friday orSunday travel dates.Did you know that simply the day of the week you purchase your tickets can have a dramaticaffect on the price? Most experienced travelers, travel executives and travel agents alike will tellyou that Tuesday and Wednesday are the most affordable days or the week to actually book yourtrip.You will find the discounted deals start to hit the travel sites on Monday night when discountedairline seats it seems can be reduced up to as much as 15% to 33% in some cases. One of the bigbudget airlines will typically offer a super discounted fare on Monday night with the othercompetitor airlines normally following the trend on Tuesday morning. As you pick up your trustylaptop on a Thursday or Friday to arrange your bookings, you will notice the price increasesignificantly.To see for yourself the variance of prices subjected to the day you actually book your travel, take a
  2. 2. look at travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz on different days of the week. Makesure you compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges though. Use the same onlinediscount travel service and the same airline as reference only go to the sites on different days ofthe week. For example, set one date a couple of months in the future as your travel date andcompare that same date on the three services mentioned above for the same airline, but ondifferent days of the week. Overall, you will probably see a twenty five to one-third decrease in theticket price in the early days of the week.The airline sites are very smart nowadays. Be aware that they also seem to track bookingpatterns. From minute to minute prices can change for a bargain seat. If the volume is high for aparticular travel destination/ seat, the price can go up unexpectedly for a given seat a few minuteslater. Sometimes it seems as though the searching and looking you are currently performing isinfluencing the price--and it very well may be. Technology nowadays is constantly monitoring andadjusting to market demands. Its the way of the 21 century. If you find a deal that seems muchbetter than expected, and your scrooge mentality kicks-in causing you to continue looking for aneven better deal on another travel site or airlines, you may be surprised that you lost your too-good-to-be-true deal when you come back to retrieve it again.A most overlooked method of obtaining additional discounts on travel and airline tickets is a visit tothe coupon and promotional code websites prior to booking. These sites will regularly featurediscounts in the form of coupon codes and clickable links that will save you additional money ongeneral and specific travel destinations and airlines. Try doing a few Google searches for phraseslike: "Miami airline ticket coupon" or "Delta air travel promotions." Doing so will return a list ofcoupon websites offering deals and coupon codes for these specific destinations or airlines. Getcreative with your searches and try a multitude of different phrases; you will be surprised at thenumber of websites offering discounts you will find that will help you save additional money onyour travel.Grab your laptop and start exploring the ever-changing world of online travel booking. If you areprudent and long-suffering, you may just end-up with a deal to brag about. But keep in mind thatits an ever-changing world out there with many variables.Joseph Nino Rudolph writes for the Coupon Blazer Website. Find great travel coupons codes andpromotional deals from your favorite travel portal at Coupon Blazer.Article Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====The Traveling Clown - Save on online travel, international travel, airlines and car share searchingtravel ====