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Online Travel Shopping 4.8 Million And Counting


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A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000 hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental prices.

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Online Travel Shopping 4.8 Million And Counting

  1. 1. ==== ====The Traveling Clown - Save on online travel, international travel, airlines and car share searchingtravel ====Click, Search, Book!!Sounds familiar? Online Travel, which was considered the domain of the Internet geeks a decadeback, is the new mantra for the Internet savvy generation of today. Logging on to the Internet andaccessing the vast pool of resources has become the norm of the day.Today, the fastest growing category for B2C e-commerce in India is Travel. From railways toairlines, hotels to travel packages- virtually every segment of the travel industry is seeing a surgein online bookings.With the global increase in popularity for Online Travel, Online Travel sales worldwide increasedby as much as 34% from 2004 to 2005 and reached $62 billion in the US markets and $31.1 billionin the European markets. Online travel in Asia too, is on a roll, estimated to reach $16 billion by2006 more than double that in 2003.The exploding globalisation in India has catalysed the rapid expansion of Internet connectivity ande-commerce activities throughout the country. Today, India boasts of an ever-increasing user basewhose understanding of the Internet is at par with that of any developed country, boosted by thefact that 68% of the users lie between the age group 15-30 years.The emergence of low-cost airlines and online ticket booking along with growth in online railwayreservation is the key in this Internet booking boom in India. With the increased trust in security ofcredit card transactions and online payment options, of the 90 percent of the Indians who plannedand researched travel options via the internet, 15-20 percent actually booked using the Internet.The travel industry is cashing on this growth with dedicated e-commerce portals that enablecustomers to make online bookings and payments for hotel rooms, air tickets, car rentals as wellas holiday packages.Interactive techniques like search tools targeting multiple airlines and variable airfares allowtravellers to zero in on the perfect flight, coupled with search engines for sifting through the largearray of hotels and booking options, are a perfect lure for the users, along with the last minutebargains and tempting discounts that have become an integral part of the internet shopping.The online travel today, brings together the best of technology and interactivity, and extensiveindustry network in a one-stop solution that drives down costs- all just a few clicks away.Of the 38.5 million people logged-on in India, the Travel industry accounts for over 23% of internet
  2. 2. shopping in India, which translates into a whopping 4.8 million Indian users who venture for theOnline Travel.This acceleration accentuates the travellers preference to directly involve themselves and controltheir travel choices, making Online Travel Shopping in India the most desired pre-departure tool ofthe day.Copyright (C) Manoj GursahaniManoj Gursahani is the Director of Indias first ecommerce travel portal- TravelMartIndia. Visit theblog for more travel tips and destinations.Article Source: ====The Traveling Clown - Save on online travel, international travel, airlines and car share searchingtravel ====