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Macau Cheap Hotels - How to Get More For Your Money in China's Vegas


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A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000 hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental prices.

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Macau Cheap Hotels - How to Get More For Your Money in China's Vegas

  1. 1. ==== ====A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental ====Macaus recent economic renaissance has resulted in the building of more than a few swankyhotels and casinos, and the city is increasingly seen as an expensive place where budget travelerscant find a cheap hotel to suit their budget...The reality, however, is very different, and while it is generally true to say that Macau tourismindustry is aiming at the well heeled casino crowd, the city boasts a decent choice of cheap hotelsthat are better than what you can find in other large cities around the region for that money.This article will introduce you to the best of Macau cheap hotels:oHotel Ko wahWith its great location on nostalgic Rua da Felicidade, merely a short walk to attractions likeSenado Square, St. Augustines Church and other historical sites, the popular Ko Wah looks likean inbreed between a decent cheap hotel and an upgraded guesthouse, and although it is knownmainly as a backpackers oriented accommodation, it offers some very nice rooms that are evenbetter than what you can get in most of Macaus cheap hotels.Recently renovated, the Ko Wahs 28 guestrooms are all in fairly good condition, and boast mostof the amenities you would expect to find in a hotel of such level (or even a bit better), includingair-condition, ensuite bathroom and the likes...More importantly, Hotel Ko wah has a friendly staff who make you feel welcome and try to helpwith whatever they can... No wonder it became one of Macaus most popular cheap hotels.oEast Asia HotelThe two main pros for staying at the East Asia Hotel are, first, its excellent location on a side streetin the town centre, a short stroll from many of Macaus attractions and heritage sites and, second,its extremely reasonable rates which have made it one of the most popular among Macau cheaphotels.As expected from a Macau cheap hotel, theres nothing in the way of glitz and glamour and thestaff doesnt speak much English (to say the least), but guestrooms are fairly decent, both in termsof size and appearance, and come with most of the stuff you need , like air-condition, mini fridge,TV, phone and the likes, as well as a reasonable ensuite bathroomAll in all, if you are planning to spend much of your time outside the hotel, and your expectations
  2. 2. are not higher than your budget, than staying at this Macau cheap hotel is certainly one of yourbest options.oHotel SanVaThis almost historic accommodation has a lot to offer in terms of character and charisma, butrather little in terms of comfort and facilities...Strategically located at the bottom end of historic Rua da Felicidade, just a spit away from many ofMacaus historic attractions and night spots, this hundred years old property prides itself for beingMacaus oldest existing guesthouse, and although most of the rooms are only ceiling fanned anddo not even have private baths, the guesthouse has plenty of ambience (and relatively low rates)so you might want to consider it after all (Moreover, there are rumors about renovations, as Imwriting these lines... but dont hold me for it)oOle London HotelStanding at the top end of the range of low-cost hotels, this lately renovated property is possiblythe most popular among Macaus cheap hotels, and whilst it may be just a bit too expensive forbackpackers, it makes a very good choice for budget-minded tourists who are in search of adecent accommodation at a fair price (Especially if you are going to spend more time exploring thecity then hanging around the hotel...).Located in the old area of Porto Interior, just a few minutes walk from the citys historic attractions,restaurants and shopping, and not to far from Hotel Lisboa and "the casinos belt", this Macaucheap hotel has sixty well-decked air-conditioned guestrooms that are both comfortable andproperly equipped with the whole shebang of amenities you can expect to find in a hotel of suchstandardoHotel SintraThe Sintra is definitely a notch above the average cheap hotel in Macau, but the special discountsit offers on a regular basis make it affordable even for those budget-minded tourists who wouldotherwise opt for a simpler hotel...In terms of location, Hotel Sintra sits on one of Macaus most central corners: A stones throw fromHotel Lisboa and the other glitzy casinos, and a short stroll from Senado Square and the heritagesites around it.Hotel facilities are quite limited, but the guestrooms are particularly spacious and come with all thecomfort you would expect from a semi-luxurious or even luxurious hotel, and as long as your ideaof a holiday in Macau does not include lazing around the pool, the Sintra might be the right choicefor you.For more information about Macau, its hotels and its tourist attractions, you can visit this MacausCheap Hotels Guide at: which is
  3. 3. a part of - An online-travel-guide to Macau, Hong Kong andSingapore where all the information you need is compiled in one easy-to-use website!Roni Shwartz is a certified travel consultant and writes for Metropolasia.comArticle Source: ====A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental ====