Booking From an Online Travel Company May Actually Cost You More


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A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000 hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental prices.

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Booking From an Online Travel Company May Actually Cost You More

  1. 1. ==== ====The Traveling Clown - Save on online travel, international travel, airlines and car share searchingtravel ====You probably never thought you would be reading this right now, that booking your travel onlinewould be actually costing you more money, but in many cases it is true, and I can prove it.But first let me explain that theres no question in my mind that using the Internet to find greatdeals is convenient and growing rapidly, and jumping on that last minute vacation package onlineis exciting and good for your pocket book. The only problem is that you never hear about theaftermath, the disasters, or the irreversible mistakes that arise from those great online deals.However, I do!I hear about it from past travel clients, I hear it from new clients that swear they will not bookanother flight or package online, even if their life depended on it! Why, because unlike the majoritythat enjoy reserving their travel online, and have not had a major issue yet, the ones that do feelthe pinch quickly see the true reality.Now You May Be Thinking That Im Telling You This Because Im A Travel Agent!That may be partly correct, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. As a travel agent I believeits my responsibility to educate you on the pros and cons. I get asked on many occasions bypotential clients why they should book through a travel agent versus booking their travel online. Inresponse to that question, all I can do is give a few examples of why you should deal with anagent, and normally the message gets through loud and clear. If at that point it doesnt, I wish thatperson all the best, and tell them that my door is always open if they need my services in thefuture.A Man Walked In to My Wifes Travel Office At The Airport, Claiming He Missed His Flight!Ok, you probably think theres a joke to transpire here, but this issue my wife experienced that daywas no laughing matter. This upset and confused man walked into her office located at the airportone day and claimed he missed his flight, and didnt understand why. My wife asked him where hebooked his flight, and he said online through one of those travel websites.When Maria proceeded to take a look at the print out copy of his flight itinerary, she quickly askedhim, what time did you check in for his flight? He said 1pm, the exact time that states on hisitinerary. Unfortunately at that time, Maria needed to give him the bad news. The bad news wasthat the print out had said 0100, which if you know military time is 1:00 am in the morning. Thisclient assumed it was 1:00 pm and proceeded to take his flight.Imagine his eyes popping out of his head when the person at the airline counter just told him his
  2. 2. flight left this morning, and guess what? Hes not on it!I can picture what youre thinking now, but contrary to what you believe, this man is one of manyvictims of online travel bookings. You see, at one time he may have booked all his flights andvacations through a travel agent, and when he did, the travel agent took the liberty to explain allthe rules and conditions, and go over the Itinerary with him to make sure he fully understood whathe booked.When this gentleman booked his flight online through the travel website, he assumed that he wasbooking the 1pm flight. However, because he didnt understand military time, he booked the 1amflight.Mistakes happen, and trust me I have made my fair share of them. But the one huge and majordifference between someone booking with me versus over the Internet, is that if I make the error Inormally catch it quickly and fix it, or while Im talking with the client and going over the itineraryprior to booking the flight, we go over all the details, and at that time can avoid any errors alltogether if caught in time.When this fellow booked his flight online, he had no one to go over the booking with him, or toreassure him that all was okay. Even if this guy was a veteran traveller and booked all his flightsonline, this could have been a simple oversight that he missed, but without a little bit of checkingand consulting, this man was destine to pay the price.He Paid The Price For Booking Online, Alright!Because the moment he sat down at my wifes desk, he knew that he needed to book anotherflight to where he was going, and that it was not going to be cheap!Maria asked this upset man if he called the online travel company, and he said he did not, and thisis where he received more valuable advice that more than likely saved this man thousands ofdollars.You see the fact that he did not show up for his flight in the morning, constitutes a "No Show" inthe airlines systems, Maria explained to him. What that means is that if he had a return flightbooked as well, and he didnt contact the airlines to notify that he missed his departure flight, theairlines would cancel his entire itinerary.So Maria advised him that he needed to contact the airline he was supposed to be flying with andadvise them not to cancel the return portion of his flight. This yet again was something this guywas not aware of, and thankfully consulting a professional travel agent, he was given the properinformation to avoid additional financial loss.The moral of this unfortunate story is that even though you think youre getting the best dealbooking your travel online, if you dont fully understand the fine print, or may be slightly confusedon the details listed on many of the online travel companies, we always recommend that you callor visit a travel professional to assist you. You will truly have peace-of-mind, and you cant put aticket price on that!
  3. 3. Bill Parise (ACC) has a passion for travel, and one of his greatest joys is traveling to many excitingdestinations and talking about his adventures. Bill currently runs a travel agency from his homewith his partner and wife in Winnipeg, MB. Canada, and is always available to assist their clients intheir trip and vacation needs. If you happen to have any travel related questions, or youre justlooking for additional information thats hard to find, Bill encourages you to visit their website, where you will find many of your answers. Its also a convenient way tocontact Bill directly if you need answers right away. Youre encouraged to sign up for the travelagency Newsletter, where you can keep up to date of whats going on in the travel industry, findsome great travel tips, and so much more.Article Source: ====The Traveling Clown - Save on online travel, international travel, airlines and car share searchingtravel ====