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Synthesis power point

  1. 1. ITEC 299 David Hoang
  2. 2. Motivation  What motivated me to take this class for the first time would have to be because of the interesting course summary that showed in the ITEC 299 class summary. Because this class was an online class, it gave me the flexibility to work and learn. Before this class started, I was a tech person that had his gadgets to play games with, never thinking about using it to learn. Now I am able to use those gadgets to learn.
  3. 3. Personal Learning Preference  My personal learning preferences were a 3 in reflective, 7 in sensor, 1 in verbal, and a 1 in global. I believe that these learning preferences have changed throughout the semester because I have leaned more towards being more into a verbal learner, and a global learner. I like listening to professor speaking as opposed to seeing a graph or a seeing the professor.
  4. 4. Thoughts about Learning Preference  My views about learning preferences in general have changed because before I started attending this class, I would have never thought about the way that I actually learn. I would just go to class, listen to the professor speak, possibly take notes, and leave. Now that I know about the learning preferences, I can change myself to use them for learning.
  5. 5. Learning Pathway  In the beginning of the semester we chose different pathways for each student. The one that I chose was a Learning Sage, because I wanted to be able to learn about using technology in a broader perspective. Towards the end of the semester I was able to learn about using technology was a way to learn. No more shall schools be retro in terms of paper and notebook. Here comes the technology age of laptops and tablets.
  6. 6. Summarize how the activities you completed contributed or did not contribute to your ability to complete your learning pathway  The activities that I was able to complete during this class contributed to my ability to being a Learning Sage in a sense that it completed my learning of using technology as a table for learning.
  7. 7. Top 3 Technology  The top three technologies that definitely helped me would have to be my iPad because I was able to take notes on it, learn new topics, and use the search engine during class. The second next technology would be the Games/MMOG because it furthered my learning. Games were specifically made so that people are able to remember what happens. The next technology is the microblogs. Microblogs contain a lot of variety, ranging from memes to news. They also contain a lot of unfiltered opinions.
  8. 8. Experience investigating different technologies.  The experience that I had investigating different technologies was pretty interesting. I had really learned new ways to use the gadgets I already had to apply them into learning. I did not realize that I was able to use microblogs such as twitter or tumblr as a good source of information; I really thought that those sites were there just for fun. Overall, my experience was a positive one, I was able to learn plenty and was able to change the ways I think about learning forever.
  9. 9. Integrated knowledge of the physiological factors or aspects of learning into your personal learning practices  Before this semester started, my habits would be to sleep very little, eat loads of junk foods, and skip meals. Now, I was able to change all that; I was able to get a lot of sleep, eat fewer junk foods (They taste too good to ban from my life) and start to eat breakfast everyday. Just being able to know about what habits you can change to help your learning is a positive experience because you are able to decide whether or not you would like to change.
  10. 10. How you will use what you learned in this class after this semester  Over the next couple years at SFSU, I will use what I learned in ITEC 299 to do well in all my classes. For instance, the physiological factors such as sleeping well, and eating right will help me in my learning adventure. Another thing that I learned from this class, is the learning preferences that I had during the beginning of the class. Because I know now what I prefer in terms of learning, I am able to mold myself to become a better learner.
  11. 11. How I feel about being a Learning Sage.  Being a Learning Sage definitely changed my view upon learning in general. It really helped me learn how to use my gadgets that I currently own to learn. The experience as a whole was unique to me because I have never taken a class like this one before. I have never thought about using technology (besides the laptop) for learning; for me it was usually the old fashion pen and paper with the occasional book. I am really glad I took this class, it really helped me with the way I learn.