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The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner


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This is my report AND mini review of The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner, which is the story of the events leading up to the fight with the Cullens in (Twilight) Eclipse

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The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner

  1. 1. Presentation by Chloe Shayler
  2. 2. After reading Eclipse, I decided to check out The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.Who is Bree Tanner?We are introduced to Bree in Eclipse. She is a newborn vampire created by Victoria (right) and made to fight against the Cullens.Why is she such a big character?Instead of fighting, she hides behind a tree and, when caught, surrenders.
  3. 3. This is Bree. She is a member of the Super Secret She surrenders to the Ninja Club! Cullens and instead of fighting, hides.She is one of thesmart Newborns She is quite youngand does well to (she was about 15 survive. when she was changed, and at the time this is going on, she is about 3 months).
  4. 4. Diego.After being put together to hunt(along with another knuckleheador two), Bree and Diego quicklybecome friends.Together they invent the SuperSecret Ninja Club but can’timmediately think of ahandshake.They rob a store together,knowing they won’t be caught ifthey go in via the roof. Bree getssome books; Diego music.Diego and Bree are obviously socomfortable with each other thatthey kiss after only about a dayof knowing each other.Diego is older: 11 months as avampire, roughly 18 as a human.
  5. 5. (Freaky) Fred. Fred is another vampire with the ability to repulse people. Over time he masters the talent enough to make himself completley invisble whenever he wants. Bree avoids fighting and getting into arguments with the other vampires by hiding behind Fred, where she knows no one will see her. Over time Fred and Bree get quite close, and when they both catch on that they’re going to be fighting, plan to run away together, but unfortunately Bree doesn’t live long enough to go with him.
  6. 6. Intro. In the intro, Meyer says:‘I wonder how you will feel about Bree. She’s such a small,seemingly trivial character in Eclipse. She lives for onlyfive minutes of Bella’s perspective. And yet her story is soimportant to an understanding of the novel. When you readthe Eclipse scene in which Bella stares at Bree, assessingher as a possible future, did you ever think about what hasbrought Bree to that point in time? As Bree glares back,did you wonder what Bella and the Cullens look like to her?Probably not. But even if you did, I’ll bet you neverguessed her secrets.’
  7. 7. Please note, I do not own this interview! All credit Jodelle Ferland Interview. goes to Boomtron. What did it feel like to get a part in a storySo, were you a fan of the Twilight series you like so much?before you got cast as Bree? AMAZING! I mean, it was completely I had read the books, and I’d seen the unreal, when you see people pretty muchmovie, and I definitely loved the books. I every day and then suddenly they’remean, I’m a major book horse, and I also ACTUALLY in front of you. It’s insane, Ireally liked the movie too. So I was a fan mean it feels so unreal!of it before I got the part.How did you end up getting cast? Was itsomething you had reached out on, like Did it make you nervous going intohave your agent let them know you were it, knowing that this was a project youinterested, or did they just happen to were going to really want to do, or did itthrow the audition at you? help?Well, it was the same as any other I tried to think of it like any otheraudition process. I got a call from my show, because (giggles) if I started to thinkagent that I had an audition for Eclipse, of it like, “Oh, my gosh, this is Eclipse, if Iand I went and I did my audition, and then fail at this audition it’s going to beI got a call back, and after that I found out horrible,” it’s just too much pressure onI got the part. me. So I tried to stay calm and act like it was any other show.
  8. 8. Please note, I do not own this interview! All credit Jodelle Ferland Interview. goes to Boomtron.Who is your favorite vampire? How different do you think your experienceWell, my favorite Cullen is Alice— has been, coming into Eclipse after theshe’s so cute. I love her! franchise was already a national phenomenon, as opposed to the cast members who went into Twilight thinkingHave you been the recipient of it was going to be a nothing movie?much of the crazy fandom (Laughs.) Well, definitely everybodyattention yet, other than you already knew each other really well. Theknow, people like me randomly whole cast was already established. Butshowing up at your other movies? they made me feel really welcome, and II definitely don’t get it as bad as was so happy to be a part of it. It’s a lotthe main stars, who have been similar to when I do a guest star on adoing it since the first movie— series, because everybody already knowsKristin, Rob, Taylor (laughs). They each other really well. They’ve beenhave it a lot worse than I do. But working with each other for a long time,I’m sure that when I go to the and then I come on just for a littlepremiere it’s going to be crazy! while. But I still had a really good time.
  9. 9. Please note, I do not own Jodelle Ferland Interview. this interview! All credit goes to Boomtron. When Stephenie Meyer announced The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, she said you were one of theHow much have you gotten to work with the cast members who’d gotten to readthree of them, and the rest of the principles— that.the rest of the Cullen family? Mm-hm.I was filming for around two weeks, most of What did you think about thethat was with the Cullen family. I also worked story? Did it help you, or did itwith Xavier Samuel, he plays Riley. I actually surprise you?didn’t have any scenes with Taylor Lautner. It absolutely helped me with playingNot even during the big fight scene? Bree, because I knew almost nothingNaw. I didn’t get to work with him, which about her, other than she was asucked, but I did get to meet him. So I was newborn and not quite as evil ashappy about that (laughs). everybody else. So it was very helpful for me to be able to read that. I got to know her whole story, her history, how she became a vampire.
  10. 10. Please note, I do not own Jodelle Ferland Interview. this interview! All credit goes to Boomtron.What did it feel like to be able to read that storybefore pretty much anyone but her editor did?I definitely felt very special to be able to read it(laughs)! Before I even started filming. Thinkingthat nobody else has read this, only a few people,and I’m one of them! That’s prettyamazing. “This is one of Stephenie Meyer’sbooks, and I’m reading it! and nobody knows itexists!”Before I go, is there anything you want to addabout this movie, or the Eclipse experience?(Thinks for a moment.) I don’t know—I thinkwe’ve about covered everything! Jodelle Ferland, who plays Bree.
  11. 11. My Personal Review.
  12. 12. How does life turn out for Bree? Not very well. The Volturi kill her at the end.
  13. 13. DON’T read until you’ve read Eclipse!
  14. 14. Thank you for watching! This has been . . .