Eclipse ~ Stephenie Meyer ~ Book Review


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My book report of Eclipse, the best-selling third novel of the Twilight Saga. Enjoy. :)

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Eclipse ~ Stephenie Meyer ~ Book Review

  1. 1. EclipseBy Stephenie Meyer
  2. 2. Plot of the book.Victoria, an angry red-head from the first book (Twilight) comes back to get her revenge on Bella and Edward with a vampire army to help her. The only problem is that the numbers are dangerously unmatched. Then help comes to hand – or rather, paw . . .
  3. 3. Bella.Bella is the main character and narrator of the book. She is a mere human with no powers or talents.In the movie, she is played by Kristen Stewart.
  4. 4. Edward.Edward is a vampire, and appears to be 17, although he is really 108 or so. He is in love with Bella and has the ability to read minds; however, Bella is the only one immune to his powers.In the movie, he is played by Robert Pattinson.
  5. 5. Jacob.Jacob can transform into a werewolf, and is Bella’s best friend. In werewolf form he is completely in touch with the rest of the pack as they can hear each other’s thoughts.In the movie he is played by Taylor Lautner.
  6. 6. The Short Second Life Of Bree TannerThe Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner is an Eclipse novella, created by Stephenie Meyer as a little insight to life as a newborn from a newborn!
  7. 7. What does the ribbon symbolise?
  8. 8. One end of the ribbon The ribbon symbolises choice;symbolises Edward, and the Bella’s struggle to decideother side symbolises Jacob. whether to become a vampireThe ribbon itself symbolises and spend eternity with Bella having to choose Edward or stay human and between them. spend her life with Jacob. Bella doesn’t know who to It symbolises Bella not beingchoose; she drastically desires able to say goodbye to her a life with Jacob, but she has human life and the people shealready lost Edward once and is going to leave behind; the does not want to lose him ribbon is broken, torn – much again. like Bella.
  9. 9. What Comes Next??Continue the adventure in Breaking Dawn – the fourth and FINAL novel in the bestselling saga.
  10. 10. Photo Gallery!
  11. 11. The Twilight Boys(Front: James, Edward, Emmett. Back: Jasper, Jacob)
  12. 12. Twilight #1(Front: Jacob. Behind: Edward, Bella, James)
  13. 13. Twilight Cast
  14. 14. Rob & Kris
  15. 15. Troublesome Trio(Left to right: Jacob (Taylor Lautner), Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson)
  16. 16. Promo Photo(Left to right: Jacob (Taylor Lautner), Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson)
  17. 17. Temper Tantrum (Centre: Edward. Left: Riley. Right: Victoria)
  18. 18. The Meadow (Edward, Bella)
  19. 19. Thank You For Watching!This has been . . .