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Laurel Fitts - The Power of Mixed Reality

  1. The Power of Mixed Reality
  2. Every once in while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. – Steve Jobs
  3. Mixed Reality or MR - which is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. The Power of Mixed Reality
  4. Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered holographic computer. It uses mixed reality, blending 3D holographic content into the physical world, allowing users to interact with both digital content and the world around them. HoloLens is completely self-contained. There are no wires, phones or PC connection required. The HoloLens
  5. The business applications of AR/MR have only just begun; moving beyond the ‘wow’ factor and into practical business and consumer applications. Only Just Begun
  6. Where we started Scenario 2: Using AirTap and Hold gestures the customer places the objects in position. Select
  7. Let’s take a look.
  8. Video
  9. Mixed Reality 2017
  10. Push the envelope of possibility. Work with Avanade’s Digital Studio to utilize the power of the HoloLens and create an MR experience for your customers. Changing Everything
  11. In the future, machines might just turn us back into humans.
  12. Avanade Digital Studio HoloLens Program

Editor's Notes

  1. The New Customer Experience in a Mixed Reality World
  2. We’ve heard it all week Companies are facing more pressure to differentiate the customer experience, delight and inspire with little effort, and successfully engage with customers at every micromoment Not even 10 years ago, Steve Jobs presented us with the iPhone Revolutionizing how we communicate, interact, and experience 2016 was dubbed the year of VR, which immersed us in new realities Stepped us into the unknown But What if we are no longer limited to the story we thought was in front of us? What if bringing our customers retail experiences wasn’t limited to inventory on hand? Mixed reality enhances how we experience everything…
  3. In comes the power of mixed reality Mixed Reality merges the physical and digital worlds It produces new environments and visualizations where real and virtual objects co-exist and interact in real time. By using Microsoft HoloLens we can leverage of the power of mixed reality
  4. The Microsoft hololens combines these real and virtual worlds to create a totally new immersive experience No wires, additional hardware are connected The user is in a sense free to play in their enhanced world Users aren’t transported to places they’ve never been, but they see the world in a completely different way; enterprises can collaborate and make decisions in a tangible context; marketers are able to create experiences for customers like never before
  5. It changes how we think about how people consume information How do customers interact? How do brands produce more impactful product experiences? If you’ve ever worked with an interior designer to re-do your house, you know a sketch or rendering can look amazing - but in reality is very different So as an interior design company, what happens when your customer is no longer satisfied with blueprints? They want to feel the space. Ordinarily, they have to come into the office, see a blueprint, see mockups , and imagine. Then not until the finished product can they really feel a true essence of the design that fits them. But what happens when we bring in technology?
  6. Avanade’s Digital Studio took on this challenges. Using a human centered design approach Asking the questions: What does the customer want to feel? How do we want to make this process simpler, but more impactful? What moments matter more?  the process of working with the designer OR moving into your new home? They needed a way to get closer to the customers, interact more often with designs, and help them to see what the future of their new space would feel like. Lets take a look …
  7. 90Bn dollar industry
  8. The Augmented and Mixed Reality market is a 90Bn dollar industry So you saw what happens with the customer experience when a the design consultant is able to interact remotely before the final space reveal… Then you incorporate to your eCommerce Engine and CRM It can be powerful This is a tech that cuts across industries, business functions, and customer experiences As a consumer working with a Retail Home Goods Store: I can redesign my closet to fit ALL my shoes, and not have the 2, 3, or 4 home visits with the associate before getting it wrong… In the B2B Space: visualizing the life of an order in your warehouse before making changes in your Warehouse or Inventory? Save time and money, decrease your cost to serve, improve your cycle time, and increase customer satisfaction
  9. Mixed Reality enables us to build transformative strategies that close the experience gap. Avanade is helping brands do just this, using the power of analytics, data, strategy, and human centered design to find innovative solutions for productivity, collaboration, and customer experience
  10. Helping us understand the customer journey, the micromoments, that shift their buying behavior, and the channels they use to engage.   Mixed Reality enhances our view, but give us an opportunity to get closer to ourselves as people Taking real data, to have real experiences, Getting back to what is most important. Mixed Reality pushes the possibility of the customer experience This is a new version of ‘art of the possible’ James Whittaker