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Jen Adamski-Torres - Empowering Retailers: Eliminating the Gap Between Physical and Digital

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Jen Adamski-Torres - Empowering Retailers: Eliminating the Gap Between Physical and Digital

  1. 1. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND WEB TRANSFORMATION SHEARMAN & STERLING LLP EMPOWERING RETAILERS Eliminate the Gap Between the Physical and Digital World November 16, 2016
  3. 3. ©2016 Tahzoo How Does Targeted In Store Communication Influence Customers? It has a direct impact on shopping behavior:  According to McKinsey, great customer insight analysis can increase sales by 43%  POPAI's research reveals that brands using digital signage are found to have sales increased by 30%  According to research by Accenture, customers spend an average of 13% more on brands who offer a great personalized experience 3
  4. 4. ©2016 Tahzoo This Big Idea
  5. 5. HOW WE DO IT
  6. 6. ©2016 Tahzoo The Methodology Create measurable magic Define & Design Deliver & Deploy Measure & Develop Opportunities & strategy Deep dive for Consumer Insights 1 2 3 4 5 EXPLOREIMMERSE DELIVERDESIGN CLOSED LOOP
  7. 7. ©2016 Tahzoo Targeted In-Store Promotions (TIP)
  8. 8. ©2016 Tahzoo Imagine... could promote, based on somebody’s profile Woman 24 years old Man 40 years old
  9. 9. ©2016 Tahzoo Provide insights in actual store traffic Serve products and promotions that match customer needs Improve the overall performance of stores No customer effort needed Customers’ personal data is not stored “With [this] approach we saw a 30% to 40% increase in sales within six weeks” L’Occitane en Provence The Benefits
  10. 10. ©2016 Tahzoo What Is TIP TIP (Targeted In-store Promotions) is the umbrella name for the in-store campaign solution of Tahzoo. The total solution consists of three parts: 1. The configuration of the software at HQ 2. The hardware and software in the store 3. The reports & analysis at HQ 10
  11. 11. ©2016 Tahzoo Behind The Scenes Configuration Player Profiling software Reporting & analysis
  12. 12. ©2016 Tahzoo The Configuration • In one central system: • Define the personas • Decide which experiences will be used for which persona • Decide which experiences will be used in which shop • Language based • Demographic differences • Geographic differences • At the start, this can be done based upon existing knowledge. • The TIP Report and Analysis tool provide concrete, actionable data.
  13. 13. ©2016 Tahzoo Set Globally – Differentiate Locally NetherlandsUS Singapore ShopShopShop Shop ShopShop ShopShopShop Shop ShopShop ShopShopShop Shop ShopShop Dutch French Village City French German Global Configuration
  14. 14. Let’s go be great!

Editor's Notes

  • Empowering Retailers: Eliminating the Gap Between Physical and Digital

    Create, manage and measure a more captivating in store experience for customers
  • Implications of consumerism
    We fell in love with buying new things, lots of things
    Sharing meant demonstrating conformity = same is better
    Shared experiences, one-way through mass media (Elvis, Beatles, Man on Moon) (Mad Men-era of marketing/advertising = more is better)
    We absorbed and adopted new communication technologies at a record pace (TV, LP/CD, VHS, PC, DVD, Cellphone, Streaming)
  • Emotionally Intelligent Spaces

    Bad, Humourous Example: Last week, Big Box Retailer ‘Treat Yourself’ email to Jen’s friends… for diapers.

    Let’s see an example of a unique, seamless experience…

  • Emotionally Intelligent Spaces
    “Show me what I like.”

    Connecting with customers: Not just online, but also in stores…

    Promote your product based on the anonymous passers by...

    No self registration, mobile apps or QR codes are needed…

    Matches this person to a predefined profile, content matched to you will be displayed on screen...

    Conversions increase enourmously...

    All this data is stored, highly relevant information about types of customers...
  • Through the Tahzoo Experience Design methodology, we create Experience platforms where employees, suppliers and customers continuously improve the shopping experience to attract, engage, convert, and retain shoppers…
  • Blend creativity with technology to deliver visibly transformational, multi-sensorial experiences that are both compelling for consumers and manageable & measurable for clients.
    From the moment they step in, technology is centered around the movements and moods of your customer.
    Reacting to your customers’ behavior and movements; interacting with their needs.
    Aligning imagery, sounds and experiences to create attractive and cohesive shopping experiences.

    Story: Intersection of online and physical world: Using sensor networks to understand patterns of behavior – ie Tahzoo DC website to show relationship between color and weather, etc – circles on Tahzoo website depicted colors worn while passing our HQ (Image of shirt, API to color, display on website) – most wore black  (Circles turned into unicorns with a konami cheat code)

  • Enliven the Shopping Experience
    How it’s done:
    Interactive experience design
    Expertise in different sensory elements (sounds, imagery, interactivity) and their effect
    Carefully constructed and scripted scenarios which create deep engagement with customers
    Continuous measuring and quantification of results so they are linked to your business goals
    Knowledge of what works and what doesn’t

    And Continuously Improve It…
    Our Tahzoo Software and technology expertise enables us to do this, over and over again
    We create and re-create the experience in a way that keeps it relevant and fresh
    Results can be achieved not only in flagship stores but duplicated across the entire chain
    We are unique because we offer experience creation, management and measurement in one package!

  • Highly immersive experiences; not a gimmick, not simple display ads
    These digital experiences are improving brick and mortar.
  • Collect more data about interactions, how their face responds…

    Establish a 2 way connection with in-store + online

    Where augmented reality and VR encumbers customers, with TIPS there is no QR code, no user intervention, no headset… it seamlessly responds to customers in a highly personalized way. As experience adds value, it creates the opportunity to become more engaged.

    Example 1: Example: What type of cup is customer holding? Clear plastic cup = recommend iced drink

    Base off inventory levels at local store, etc…

    Demo (guess your age) – testing Harvey the dog 
  • Future state: Microfacial recognition and microphones; automate human to human interaction

    A highly immersive experience…
    Viewing product in 3D (ie House on Zillow, Furniture online), quickly manage transaction and iris scan to pay

    Incorporating Sound: Ambient background convo to gain a composite of the conversation around a particular thing/product – i.e. long ling at coffee shop – operational feedback – usually takes 2 months to see if there’s a problem. If you gain real-time insight that your sales are off by 33%, you can more quickly identify operational inefficiencies and respond.

  • Central control, local flexibility
    Unify delivery of experience
    Consistent look, feel, experience with localization

    Increase in-store sales, tie to inventory and feature product accordingly – an optimization effect

    Example 2: What type of shirt? Imagine eventually a Siri/Echo/Cortina experience – display a blue gingham shirt, face lights up – then you interact in Human 2 Human (H2H) type experience – do you have this size? Is it on sale? – tied to back-end inventory/CRM. An extension of the content hub.
  • Create, manage and measure a more captivating shopping experience for customers.

    Tahzoo Examples:
    L’Occitane – France
    Aveda – US
    Luxotica – Belguim