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Sumo paint

  1. 1. Done by:Amal KhalifaEman Abduljabbar
  2. 2. • Introduction• What is• What is SUMO Paint application?• Who is using it and why?• What can you use the SUMO Paint for?• How does the web SUMO Paint look, and feel to use?• How to use it? And do we need to install it, and how?•
  3. 3. Video
  4. 4.  Definition is a thriving online art community of over a 15 million unique users. The primary purpose of the community is to create, share, remix, explore, comment, rate and fave the artwork of its members.
  5. 5.  List of tools: Drawing Shapes Selection Brush Tool Bulky Star Tool Clear Layer Curve Tool Crop Tool Eraser Tool Circle Tool Lasso Tool Eyedropper Tool Custom Shape Tool Magic Wand T Gradient Fill Tool Ink Tool Pie Tool Move Tool Line Tool Polygon Tool Pan Tool Paint Bucket Tool Rectangle Tool Select Tool Pencil Tool Zoom Tool Blur Tool Rounded Rectangle Tool Free Transform Clone Stamp Tool Smudge Tool Rounded Star Tool Swatches Tool Text Tool Star Tool
  6. 6.  Feature: Users can access SUMO Paint online for free or buy the desktop version Numerous brush strokes gives users more editing options Basic editing tools are included, such as eraser and paintbrush Users can return to previous images to continue editing Public comments let users discuss images
  7. 7.  Feature:V Pro Filter ( Fractal Designer - Page Turn )8. Filters & Effects (Cube Designer Filter - Perspec Tiling Filter )14.Photo Editing (Unsharp Mask Filter - Clone Stamp Gradient Map Adjustment)
  8. 8.  People who like to make their pictures like an artiest piece on their life.
  9. 9. 1. Go to: www.sumopaint.com3. We will show how to edit on a picture Be focus for the quiz
  10. 10. Compare Adobebetween: SUMO Paint Photoshop
  11. 11. How to edit photo with Sumo Paint? Do the same editing that we did using this picture.
  12. 12. SUMO PAINT
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