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Wood compositesconference


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Wood compositesconference

  1. 1. International Coating Wood & Wood Composites Conference September 13-14, 2011 Charlotte, NC UV-Curable Powder Coatings for MDF Substrates Michael Knoblauch DVUV Holdings, LLC
  2. 2. Discussion Overview  Market & Applications  Why UV Powder?  UV Curing Process  Advantages  Value of Powder Coating  Environmental Benefits  Questions
  3. 3. Coatings Market  Paints and coatings market North America paints and coatings market is valued at $21.2 billion. In 2008, powder coating was a $6.5 billion industry. Powder manufacturing is a $5 billion industry worldwide.  UV-cured coating market UV-curable coatings will grow at a 7.5% rate to $2.41 billion by 2014.
  4. 4. Industrial Coatings Market
  5. 5. Powder Coating MDF  MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard Hardboard made from wood fibers which are glued under heat and pressure.  Excellent substrate for UV powder coating Dense & flat Low porosity Homogenous
  6. 6. Powder Coating MDF  Heating the board draws moisture to the surface, making it conductive for electrostatic powder application.  2 Types of Application Corona Spray Powder passes through highly charged & ionized corona field, powder picks up negative charge High transfer efficiency and applies quickly Tribo Charging Powder develops a static charge due to friction Provides better penetration into recesses Slower application and lower transfer efficiency
  7. 7. UV Powder Applications for MDF  Markets Retail displays, fixtures and P-O-P Healthcare and medical equipment Storage and cabinetry Specialty furniture  Excellent Finish and Process Superior wear characteristics Visual appeal and design innovation Fast, efficient manufacturing Environmentally safe production and end-products
  8. 8. Why Powder Coat MDF?  Increased design flexibility No edge banding Seamless 360° coverage  Demand for environmentally friendly products and processes. No VOCs, HAPs, or solvents  Superior wear characteristics Strong cross-linked finish Withstands high traffic environments
  9. 9. Why Powder Coat MDF?  Fast and efficient production 20 minute process 1 coat finish  Ease of material handling No messy liquids Ability to reclaim waste powder  Fast color changes
  10. 10. Productivity & Innovation Melamine - 1 0 +1 +1 0 - 1 Productivity Waterborne UV High Pressure HPL Solvent Based Vinyl (membrane press.) Vinyl Flat Paper Thermoset UV Powder Liquid Lamination Powder coating
  11. 11. UV Curing Ultraviolet curing (commonly known as UV curing) is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or “dry” inks, coatings or adhesives.
  12. 12. Cross-Linked UV Curing  Separates gel/flow stage from cure Ensures complete cure for extended finish life Expands potential gloss range Enables smoother textures Eliminates cracking  Creates cross-linked and bonded molecular finish Produces superior surface that resists damage and maintains ideal appearance
  13. 13. UV-Cured Powder Coating Process Melt & Flow 1 min UV Cure seconds Powder Deposition Finished ProductSubstrate Pretreatment Raw Component to Finished Product: 20 Minutes
  14. 14. 14Windy City Coatings Conference April 27 & 28th , 2011 UV Powder Application System • A UV powder application system Parts are loaded and prepared Pretreatment Electrostatic powder application Flow/Melt oven UV Cure oven Powder Coating Application Environmental Room Unload Area Load Area Pretreatment Melt Oven UV Cure Oven Prep 200 feet line – cycle 20 minutes
  15. 15. UV Powder System Video
  16. 16. UV Finishing Advantages  Increases production speed & productivity Liquid finishing requires flash off Thermal curing requires 30 minutes or more Thermoset higher temperatures require extra cooling time  Requires less energy and plant footprint
  17. 17. Reduced Manufacturing Footprint Typical thermal powder plant size >15,000 sqft Typical UV powder plant size 2,050 sqft
  18. 18. UV Finishing Advantages  Reduces reject rates Shorter line –– faster response time to fix issues Reduced number of parts on line  Improved product performance Less thermal exposure Reduces outgassing
  19. 19. Speed Wins! 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Finish Time (min) Liquid Coatings Thermoset Powder UV Powder Part Cycle Time Anaylsis Thermal Cure Coating Systems (Powder & Liquid) vs. UV Powder Coatings Coating Application Melt & Flow UV cure Solvent Flash Thermal Cure Cooling
  20. 20. The Value of Powder Coating  Applied material cost advantage No solvents or liquids Up to a 95% material utilization  Shorter process time Increased finishing capacity, faster ROI Lower energy consumption Shorter set-up times, less down time  Efficient Requires less energy and plant space
  21. 21. The Value of Powder Coating  Energy Productivity Requires 1/4 to 1/8 less oven capacity than a solvent borne system Utilizes gas to power ovens and electricity to power the UV lamp system  Solvent - Free Savings associated to solvent incineration Reduced waste disposal cost  Less energy per part
  22. 22. ROI Example System Productive Capacity 3,000,000 Sq/ft/shift Selling Price $4.00 Per/sq ft Total Revenue $12,000,000 1 shift Operating Margin 10% Net Operating Margin $1,200,000 Net Investment $1,000,000 ROI Year 1 20%
  23. 23. Environmental Benefits  Green Finish Formulation: No VOCs (volatile organic compounds) No HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) No PVC (polyvinyl chloride) No Solvents  Powder overspray can be reclaimed up to 95%  MDF components can be recycled into mulch
  24. 24. Environmental Benefits Environmentally Sustainable Process: UV curing is extremely energy efficient  Fast, single-step process 20 minutes from raw MDF to finished parts  Smaller manufacturing footprint ¼ - ⅓ the size required for other finishing processes  Reduced energy consumption 40-60% energy savings compared to other finishes
  25. 25. MDF and CARB Compliance CARB (California Air Resources Board) In 2007, the California Environmental Protection Agency implemented limits on the formaldehyde emitted from composite wood panels. UV powder coating for MDF meets all CARB phase I and II compliances. Phase I limits emitted urea-formaldehyde to <.21 ppm and <.11 for phase II. UV-cured powder coating seals in remaining formaldehyde.
  26. 26. 26 Breadth of Pallet - Color & Effect Metallic Multi- Component Full Color Pallet Opaque
  27. 27. Custom Color Matching  Excellent scratch resistance hardness and chemical resistance are all possible; together with a wide range of colors.  UV powder can be matched to meet any color standard RAL Pantone Matching System (PMS) Laminate Finishes Liquid Paints Any Supplied Sample
  28. 28. Examples Interactive Retail Display Healthcare Component POP Display Educational Lectern Architectural Element
  29. 29. Conclusion UV-cured powder coating for MDF provides:  High speed finishing and increased productivity  Greater ROI  Energy and space savings  Environmentally friendly finishing option  Durable and high quality product
  30. 30. Thank You! Questions?Michael Knoblauch President DVUV Holdings, LLC 4641 Hinckley Ind. Pkwy. Cleveland, OH 44109 216-741-5511